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Zoe Zak and the Tiger Temple (Zoe Zak Adventures, #3) Free download Û 0 ☆ I am a big fan of the Zoe and Zak series I think it's the perfect action adventure series to hand to kids who have read every word that Rick Riordan has ever written PragmaticMom 5 star reviewZoe and Zak have learned some things since tOarding school high in the Himalayan mountains where magical things happen on a regular basisSchool kicks off with the Activity Week Challenge in the tiny mountain kingdom of Bhutan where the students must deliver medical supplies Things take a turn for the worse when Zak becomes deathly ill after an encounter with a strange floating bubble On returning to Moonstock Zoe and Zak discover that a creature has come through the lava hole far below their dormitory When Zoe and Zak follow the creature they learn that they have been tasked with finding the second lost Noble Truth the Tiger Eye of JusticeFinding the Tiger Eye seems like an impossible mission. I am a picky reader and while I read a lot of middle grade novels my tastes are indeed different from others The Zoe Zak series is not in my usual circle however surprises wait for everyone and this was my surprise By the end of this third book I found myself hoping that Lars won't take too long to bring us the next book about the Third Noble TruthI had a good handle on Zoe's character after the first book but couldn't figure out Zak's role in the story Zak comes into his own in the Tiger Temple His character grows and he realizes that with gifts come great responsibilities He emerges albeit slowly out of that 'me only' stage in the Tiger Temple and steps up to complement ZoeOnce again the setting in the Himalayas in India are beautifully done and it is easy to imagine yourself there If you haven't picked up book 1 I encourage you to do so soon

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I am a big fan of the Zoe and Zak series I think it's the perfect action adventure series to hand to kids who have read every word that Rick Riordan has ever written PragmaticMom 5 star reviewZoe and Zak have learned some things since their first semester at Moonstock Himalayan Academy in India #1 Don't trust the parrots#2 Don't eat the food#3 Don't stick around if something crawls out of the lava hole beneath your school And most important of all#4 Don't make a rule you can't breakLast semester Zoe and Zak returned the first lost Noble Truth to its rightful home Now the seventh graders are back in India for their second semester at Moonstock their b. Even if you have not been to India or the Himalayas I’m sure you will be transported by Mr Guignard’s delightful and vivid descriptions of the scenery the mountains the animals the people – and the school Zoe narrates the story but Zak is rarely far away and makes his own notes on his mobile giving us his take on the situation Zak is the sort of irritating boy that makes a great foil for a girl like Zoe I speak from a girl’s perspective and although often exasperating he has a generous helping of all the best ualities He certainly grows during this episodeThe pace of the story is excellent and it interweaves legends and stories that might just be genuine into a fantastic piece of fiction I loved the little touches like the depressed flying carpet and the water shoes with gears The trip up the side of the mountain transferring from bus to truck to get past the landslides reminds me of some of my own long forgotten adventures in mountainous areasThis is a wonderful third trip with Zoe Zak and their friends Tuk and Jill It is full of excitement and spreads out a rich tapestry for our enjoyment Fortunately it was only the Second Noble Truth that was being sought in this adventure – there are yet to be found I can’t wait5 stars from me although I could do without the 4 chapter filler from the first book at the end

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Zoe Zak and the Tiger Temple Zoe Zak Adventures #3And it's only made complicated when Zak discovers that he has been given a powerful gift to help with the task But Zak's new gift is a double edged sword and if Zoe and Zak don't find the Tiger Eye uickly Zak's time will run outThe Tiger Temple takes Zoe and Zak deep into an exotic world of magical enchantment and heart pounding action It promises to be the most thrilling Zoe Zak adventure yetIf The Tiger Temple is your first Zoe Zak book don't forget to check out where it all started with the first book in the series Zoe Zak and the Ghost Leopard After that you can read Book Two Zoe Zak and the Yogi's Curse And yes don't worry Book Four is coming so. Last year I traveled to both Bhutan and India so I was very excited to read this book which takes place in both countries And I was not disappointed Not only is Zoe Zack and The Tiger Temple well written and fast paced even for a longer middle grade book I felt like I was back in those countries as I readI hadn't read the previous books but even so was able to pick right up and follow along Zoe and Zack and all the characters in this book are well developed and the adventures and perils they find themselves in will spellbind any reader kids as well as grown ups The kids in the story face challenges anyone can relate to school bullies humiliation triumphs even breaking the rules a bit But they also have to deal with flying carpets vengeful monsters and ancient myths that have suddenly intertwined with realityThe great thing about this book besides the fun adventure is the exposure kids will get to different cultures mythologies and ways of life Reading books like this compels youngsters to think beyond their horizons to dream of faraway places to develop an interest in the world around them Even as an adult this book made me want to pack my bags and head back to India maybe to discover a lost temple in the jungle or simply to learn about the amazing culture and mythologies so wonderfully told in this bookNowoff to buy the other books I need to read 'em allNikki BennettNik's Picks Book Reviewswwwnikki bennettcomThe author provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review