CHARACTERS ✓ The Man of Property

CHARACTERS The Man of Property

CHARACTERS ✓ The Man of Property ☆ The vicissitudes of the leading members of the newly propertied Forsyte family are followed in this captivating series set at the turn of the century London of the 1880s The Forsyte family is gathered—gloves waistcoats feathers and frocks—to celebrate the engagement of young June Forstye to an architect PSt those present are Soames Forsyte and his beautiful wife Irene his most prized possession With that meeting a chain of heartbreaking and tragic events is set in motion that will split the family to the very cor. It's not a book I'd recommend to everybody whether you enjoy it or not is simply dependent on whether you like this style of story or not One in which not a person but a family is the protagonist And one in which everything progresses uite slowly That being said it's still an excellent book and one the message of which is still valid and important today I was particularly struck by Galsworthy's surprisingly progressive attitude It's obvious that while he satirises the Forsytes not very subtly he does so with a sharp and very critical eye I enjoyed it even though it often made me nervous and anxious as events unfolded in inevitable but sometimes disturbing ways


Tcoats feathers and frocks to celebrate the engagement of young June Forstye to an architect Philip Bosinney The family is intrigued but wary of this stranger in their midst who they nickname the Buccaneer Among. Justice there is no justice for men for they are forever in the darkIn some novels the author's admiration for their creations is obvious; in varying degrees a novelist will let you in on who is their favorite sometimes annoyingly so as much as I liked the Harry Potter books the refrain of Harry Ron and Hermonie that constantly began chapters became dare I say tiresomeHere the reader doesn't get the sense that Galsworthy really admires any of his subjects expect perhaps for Old Jolyon and Young Jolyon It was at times reminiscent of Trollope's The way we live now; like that wonderful novel it constructed a story that uestioned ideas of principle at the basis of the upper class Here Galsworthy euates it all with property; indeed a redemptive moment in the novel when a character comes to a realization about his behavior and and a scope broader than himself it is couched as behavior that it unpractical and hence in the Forsyte parlance uselessHere we see the notion of property as principle taken to its extreme and it is disuieting For all the television shows on now that rely on some shock and persistent violence it is the uiet novels that come to a fore that in my mind are the most awakening and powerful JM Coetze's novel Disgrace does the same in almost the same manner ideas of property and possession that seem sound but taken to their extreme are seen as the source of so much grief We have that here and its hard to see the character in the same way hard to forgive him even if he has that unpractical redemptive realizationMust we always live forever in the dark thus having any true sense of justice allude us This seems to be the uestion of the novel and it hinges on our susceptibility to rigid ways of living to purely self interested pursuit I'd intended to read the others in this series with books 2 and 3 ready for me in audio book during my commute The Forsyte's so far though have proved to be like a side of your family or in laws you are eager to hear about and perhaps gossip about and visit briefly but also feel a bit relieved when you board the airplane to go home The I see of people young Jolyon uips the I am convinced that they are never good or bad – merely comic or pathetic Dickens believed in the good souls as lights of the world in the midsts of the comic or pathetic; and as much as I may agree with Young Jolyon's sentiments if pressed for an absolute answer I feel better under the illusion that the world is a bit Dickensian sometimes against all evidence to the contraryA

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The Man of PropertyThe vicissitudes of the leading members of the newly propertied Forsyte family are followed in this captivating series set at the turn of the century London of the 1880s The Forsyte family is gathered gloves wais. The first couple of chapters overwhelm the humble reader with Too Many Damn Characters all of whom appear to be 75 years old To get this pack of Forsytes into your head then you may consult the family tree helpfully printed at the front of the book where you will see that the original Jolyon Forsyte had TEN childrenAnn Aunt AnnJolyon Old JolyonJamesSwithinRogerJulia Aunt JuleyHester Aunt HesterNicholasTimothySusanSome of whom have seven or eight of their own and so on But my advice is however helpful this family tree seems to be DON’T LOOK AT IT Because of course it’s stuffed with spoilers – this person marries that person that one divorces this one and marries her instead So really you can only look at the family tree when you’ve read all nine novels in the saga Not that useful thenJohn Galsworthy our ever affable ultra clubbable narrator gradually at a leisurely strolling pace this is not a hard boiled crime story unfolds with the use of many many commas clauses and even a stumbling block for the modern reader a free hand with the semi colon the situation of this nobby gang of Forsytes Not for one moment are we in any doubt about what this novel is interested in 1 The upper middle class not the middle middle and not the lower upper And certainly not the poor their part in this saga is to set the table and bring in the soup and a bottle of the best champers and be brisk about it 2 The centrality of property Everything is property – houses stocks and shares mortgages manufactories and yes wives – the main tale of woe here is the decline and fall of Soames’ marriage to Irene and how the wife is the property of the husband Or perhaps not Galsworthy plays a game with the reader He is happy to let us into the workings of the minds of many characters but not Irene So if we want to know why exactly she began to loathe her husband we will have to guess Soames claims not to know why It’s a maddening but very deliberate withholding of information in a novel that is otherwise happy chucking great balefuls of information out of the back of the broughamIn very truth this is a droll satirical high toned soap opera and nothing essentially wrong with that Though Galsworthy at the drop of an opera hat loves suddenly to shift into overblown fancypants rhetorical wibbling mode The rest of the gardens they the gardeners swept bare enough removing every morning Nature’s rain of leaves; piling them in heaps whence from slow fires rose the sweet acrid smoke that like the cuckoo’s note for spring the scent of lime trees for the summer is the true emblem of the fall The gardeners’ tidy souls could not abide the gold and green russet pattern on the grass The gravel paths must lie unstained ordered methodical without knowledge of the realities of life nor of that slow and beautiful decay that flings crowns underfoot to star the earth with fallen glories whence as the cycle rolls will leap again wild springSurely you aren’t allowed to use “whence” twice on one page unless you are writing a young adult fantasy trilogySometimes it can be hard to know if JG is having a pop at the prevailing attitudes or is promoting an attitude himself Dressing tightly and well she belonged to a Women’s Club but was by no means the neurotic and dismal type of member who was always thinking of her rightsAt first I thought I would never get on with this nasty crew of stuffed shirts but Galsworthy is good his voice is seductive he knows his onions and he’s not afraid of a tough issue marital rape The critics appear to have finally consigned worthy Mr Galsworthy to the upper half of Division B and that’s probably right But the air in Division A can get awfully thin at times and you can wait forever for an omnibus