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Go Diaper Free (for babies 0-18 months) Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð “We at DiaperFreeBaby are proud to support Go Diaper Free We expect that everything that falls under its umbrella will help make EC approachable for a wider audience Andrea’s approach is consistent with the philosophy of DiaperFrN videos downloadable forms and a private forum making the process a visual hands on experiencewhich is how Elimination Communication is best learned About Elimination Communication Elimination Communication also known as infant potty training or having a diaper free baby is the natural alternative to diapers and toilet training Ever wonder why the US's average age for potty independence is now 3 years old but it's only 1 year old in over half the rest of the world These cultures know that babies are born communicating their hygiene needs EC is an eco friendly practice that translates this ancient knowledge for use in the modern world Know that 'diaper free' really means free from dependence upon diapers It can be practiced part time or full time with or without a diaper as back up About the Author Andrea Olson MA is a DiaperFreeBaby Mentor and resident EC expert at which features the annual international awareness week Go Diaper Free Week and her EC podcast the first of its kind Andrea's Masters degree in Counseling Psychology has enabled her to professionally support 1000s of parents worldwide practice EC with their babies in a balanced psychologically sound mann. I finished the book and it's easy to follow My little one is a late starter as far as how early you could start elimination communication so I probably should have started with the Tiny Potty Training Book Only starting phase 2 at the moments but we'll see if my rating changes by really how effective the methods are

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“We at DiaperFreeBaby are proud to support Go Diaper Free We expect that everything that falls under its umbrella will help make EC approachable for a wider audience Andrea’s approach is consistent with the philosophy of DiaperFreeBaby and makes it clear that EC is foremost about gentle communication Further the material is organized in a manner that prevents the reader from becoming overwhelmed – a strangely freuent phenomenon given the simplicity and naturalness of EC itself In short this project is a real tour de force and a great resource that EC advocates everywhere should not hesitate to recommend” From the Directors of DiaperFreeBabyorg the international non profit dedicated to advocating Elimination Communication I highly recommend this beautiful and excellent resource for EC families It is the first multimedia version bravo and thus enables readers to uickly find things in the book Go Diaper Free is richly illustrated and is an invaluable compilation of information Laurie Boucke author of Infant Potty Training A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living In this practical handbook learn the steps to starting and maintaining an Elimination. This is the best of the EC guides bc she actually gives you tipshowever it is way geared to new babes and I really struggled to figure out how to do EC w my very mobile 9 month old This book did not help me at all Read this before they start crawlingstarting to stand

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Go Diaper Free for babies 0 18 monthsCommunication practice with your 0 18 month baby Go Diaper Free is a filtered and simplified collection of all the existing EC research plus the newest findings in the field organized in a dummy proof format If you wish to avoid years of diaper dependence and potty training struggles diaper rash and unexplained fussiness filling the landfills and misunderstanding your baby's criesthen EC can work for you and this book is the perfect guide If you are simply considering EC in the middle of a horrid potty pause or are already on board with EC but confused about how to begin this book is the only resource you need What you'll find inside The exact steps of how to begin EC separated into three age ranges illustrated with photos and flowcharts; the only existing guides for starting EC older 5 18 months working towards graduation and completion; preventingcorrecting dozens of common challenges from potty pauses to peeing on the floor to general troubleshooting; over 100 photos of correct pottying positions; nighttime part time travel and on the go pottying; how to use cloth diapers with EC; and A readers' support webpage is also available which includes private instructio. Pros Thorough Includes diagrams and visuals not just text Includes an extensive photo gallery of different EC positions Supplemental resources available online like a feeding and waking logCons for me Organized backwards how to first why last Written in a too conversational style Refers to different parts of the book without giving page numbers