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Free download A Walk in the Rain ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Alison Barnard’s A Walk in the Rain is the story of two women who meet when each is on the brink of world wide fame and trying not to face her dissatisfaction with the life she has made for herself It is a love story but it is also about a journeEnge assumptions and prejudices in society and in themselvesActress Shara travels and lives with Jessa while researching her new role – that of Jessa Hanson – in the film about the conductor’s life and they fall in love Shara’s boyfriend Derek intervenes helped by Shara’s belief that she has caught Jessa in a. 35I wanted to rate this higher but I just couldn't when all was said and done First let me say that I did enjoy this book and the topic of famous celebrties and toaster ovens and all that Nowhere's where I had issuesThe way it was written did not flow well The author tries to inject past memories and scenes to help the reader better understand the characters This is a normal thing but I had trouble figuring out when I was in the past and when I was returned to the present It seemed to happen whenever and there was not italics or border to indicate it That ruined the flow I'll be honest that was my main gripeI also felt that for as much communication and silent communication that the main characters had they actually had no communication which led to unnecessary miscommunication which at times feltwrong to me I love angst and I love miscommunication when it fits the charactersWhich leads me to lack of depth to a degree of Shara I mean at one point the story really becomes about hernot JessaAnd thenit kinda just ended The book really breezed over the best part and just sorta ended the book I mean come onthere needed to be dang itAnywaysI enjoyed the read but I felt a bit cheated in the actual telling A good 35 and I really wish I could put a half star cause its not uite a 4 to me

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Compromising position with a former lover They separate“Maestra” is filmed and Jessa records a musical poem that is a tribute to the love she has lost When Shara hears that musical piece goes to see her They consummate their relationship but is Shara ready for the kind of publicity a lesbian relationship will attrac. Everyone will have to take my four stars with a grain of salt because I have a special fondness for this story that makes me overlook some of the clunkier aspects of the writing Even after reading this story so many times that I've lost count the last chunk always makes me smile and feel good102317 it's been a few years since I've read this story but I had the urge I still love it in all of its head hopping insta love gloriousness FROM THE ROOFTOPS Sigh I miss my Helen and Nikki

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A Walk in the RainAlison Barnard’s A Walk in the Rain is the story of two women who meet when each is on the brink of world wide fame and trying not to face her dissatisfaction with the life she has made for herself It is a love story but it is also about a journey to self acceptance By the end of it both major characters have to chall. Jessa has just been appointed as the first lady conductor of a major orchestra Her life is a whirlwind of activity made even complicated by the fact that a movie is also being made of her life and the actress who portrays her has decided to tag along everyday while she is on tour Sparks ignite Jessa is an out lesbian but Shara didn't even know she was one until she fell in love with Jessa Complications and angst guaranteed After reading the first few chapters of this book something niggled at the back of my mind The initial plot development was rather predictable and Jessa the composerconductorvirtuoso was a bit too Mary Sue ish Was this a fanfic in a previous life a Xena uber perhaps Doens't matter though Things get way better once our characters find their spark Jessa and Shara have incredible chemistry The best scenes in the book are all about their encounters the walk in the rain the first kiss the tender bathroom scene the day after are all very beautifully written Jessa may come off initially as a pushy entitled enfant terrible who can't take rejection while Shara seemed just a little too acuiescent But the author managed to dig deeper into their respective pasts and psyches and deliver to us a perfectly matched couple albeit a somewaht Ds one And the music You can almost hear it while reading the book But the best thing of all is the thank you speech Loved it45 stars