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Love storiesMoments that make your heart flutter Scenes that have you holding your breath Coveted admissions of love that you just can’t wait to be confessedThis is a collection of st I was provided an ARC for an honest review This anthology is filled with 11 5star short stories written by some amazing authors I could not put it down I loved every story each one had me wanting and from them One story had me tearing up all the others made me smile even the one that had me crying had me smiling too I've purchased some of the other books that go along with the stories in this anthology as well You can't go wrong with getting this anthology It shows that love does conuer all no matter what I am so happy that I received an ARC Juli Valenti All Roads Lead to Jackson Cute Story about finding love during a chance encounter RAven's life is a hot mess She's running from an ex but the problems don't stop there Jackson is a hot southern man that comes to her aid Loved it Brooke Cumberland Bad Girlfriend What an amazing short story Absolutely loved it Brooke had me crying at the end I was both happy and sad for both Gabe and Kate Happy that they found eachother sad because of what was happening They have an amazing love This story just goes to show that no matter what you should always love Melissa Collins Coming Home Great story about 2nd chance love Highschool sweethears Ryhys and Sophie Sophie's controlling father moves her away to get rid of Rhys Rhys is the sweet guy that is from the wrong side of the tracks and his father is the town drunk Will they end up with their 2nd chance?Jettie Woodruff Cora's Plantation Great story about two people coming together Anderson is trying to scam Cora so that she will sell her plantation to his stepfather His stepfather controls his life Kadyn is Cora's granddaughter She is also being controlled by her parents What happens when these two meet and she finds out the real reason Anderson is there?Brandy L Rivers Fated Love Others of Edenton #25 Great paranormal love story with some action You do not have to read the other books in the series first Brandy left me wanting Loved it I will be reading the rest of the series soon and I can't wait Rene Folsom Have My Heart Rene has done it again with this story It really touched home with the problems an interracial couple can face The scene with Gwen and Maya had me tearing up Being in an interracial marriage and having a biraccial child had me really relating to all the characters This story was very well written especially for a subject that not a lot of authors will write about Vicki Green Home Again Great story about a girl Zoey escaping an abusive marriage While running she endsup in a town called Sterling and meets Hutch They fall in love Hutch's friend tells him some thing that makes his past come back and haunt him Will he and Zoey make it through this?Felicia Tatum Masked Encounters This story left me wanting Korah has a string of bad blind dates after getting out of a relationship She says she is broken Dane is the typical man whore frat boy He doesn't care for the name's of the girls he beds He just wants to get off The frat's masked party will put these two in the same place What will happen when they see each other at the party?Marie Wathen No Details Left me wanting so much Cheney is on a trip with her girls They end up at a bar where she meets Ace But she has one major rule No dating a guy she meets at a bar because of her past Will she break her rules and listen to what her body and heart want or will she stick to her rule?Sarah M Cradit Surrender Great story Will be getting the rest of them I'm hooked Anasofiya is a is a 16 year old girl She has a crush on one of her best friends Oz She has no clue how he feels Prom comes and they both have dates What will happen at the prom could change things forever SL Dearing The One Amazing story I want Kate goes to an art show with her friend who is an agent Matt is one of the artists She is looking at one of his works when he approaches her she does not know he's the artist Will her past insecurities stop her or will this end up a story of love at first sight? Will she end up being his One?

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All Our Love Ngst the turmoil or the first kiss these are stories that speak to your soul and warm you to your coreEleven authors eleven stories eleven special moments brought to you with ALL OUR LO ARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewAll Our Love is collection of eleven love stories by eleven authors All the stories are short romantic stories that will draw you in Reading the whole collection is euivalent to reading a long novel This collection gives you a taste of different authors if you have not read any of their novels I will admit the only author's whose novels I have read are Brooke Cumberland's I can finally say I have read a paranormal romance story; a genre I haven't read before One of the stories mentioned are a part of a scene of a novel by Sarah M Cradit One is going to have an extended version in the future that I'm looking forward to by Brooke Cumberland One is part of a series by Felicia Tatum that I do want to continue reading I would like to see No Details by Marie Wathen have a continuation a series or extended version perhaps This is such a great collection and I enjoyed reading each of the stories that the authors shared for this anthology All these other authors whose stories I have just read for the first time definitely have a new fan over here

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EPUB À MOBI All Our Love î Ã NOVEL GROUNDS Ã Love storiesMoments that make your heart flutter Scenes that have you holding your breath Coveted admissions of love that you just can’t wait to be confessedThis is a collection of stories that center on matters of the heart overwhelming feelings of love and stories Ories that center on matters of the heart overwhelming feelings of love and stories that make you stop to re read those breathtaking moments between your favorite characters Be it the a Eleven short stories about love what could be better? Stories about new love love lost soul mates love at first sight rekindled love and allowing love to find you Short stories can be a hit or miss with me similar to novellasSome of my favorites All Roads lead to Jackson Juli ValentiJackson enough said He and Raven are incredibleBad Girlfriend – Brooke CumberlandThis story wow I was all over the place laughing ugly UGLY crying and feeling as if my heart would burst from the love I’m so excited she is working on a full length version of this story Will need to stock up on Gatorade and tissues Embracing love regardless of the resultFated Love Brandy L RiversAbsolutely love this shapeshifterwerewolf story Excited to be introduced to this authorseries Christian swoooooonComing Home Melissa CollinsMelissa is one of my favorite authors and this story added to my love Second chance at love moving away from the past and trying together for a future YayCora’s Plantation Jettie WoodruffFinding love where you least expect it as well going where it takes you And Cora is a rockstarNo Details Marie WathenIntense attraction that goes against all the rules I want Definitely recommend this collection A little something for everyone