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Download Book ó The Strings of the Lute Ç 396 pages É Moneyexpresscard ¼ Growing up Catholic together on Long Island NY shy free spirited Lorraine DeVico and outgoing traditionalist Suzanne Tierney are inseparable Their friendship endures Lorraine's crisis of faith at sixteen and the divisGrowing up Catholic together on Long Island NY shy free spirited Lorraine DeVico and outgoing traditionalist Suzanne Tierney are inseparable Their friendship endures Lorraine's crisis of faith at sixteen and the divisive Vietnam years But in college they choose different paths Lorraine travels to France where she meets Larbi El Maghrebi a charming Moroccan student with Gosh this book deserves a major publisher and I really hope that it gets much wider distribution and many readers This would be an excellent book club book I could see my book club having an interesting discussion about it We’ve had a tendency to select books that take place in different cultures and different time periods so this novel would fit right inI’m the exact age of the two girlswomen main characters and much of the 60s 70s material was familiar to me including almost all of the pop culture and also the lie about the severity of the illness of a parent I do think I especially enjoyed it partially because I was the exact same age as the 2 girlfriends but I think readers of all ages will be able to identify with the relationship and the story The friendship resonated and felt real when they were in high school and college I was surprised by one omission of confiding in one by the other later on in their lives though I thought I’d be disappointed that the coming of age material flew by so uickly but I was just as riveted by their lives as adultsFrom reading the author’s bio I’d figured much but not one important fact made clear early on that this novel was at least somewhat autobiographical and actually at end in her notes the author explains that this novel started out as a non fiction book I think it retains its authentic feelOne incredibly creative and fascinating thing is that this book is structured like a piece of music Instead of Prologue and Part 1 Part 2 etc with chapters it’s Preludes and First Measure Second Measure through Fifth Measure with each measure having 3 parts or chapterssections An explanation in the end notes which I read well before finishing the book is that it’s very loosely based on a type of Arabic songnouba Anyway I was charmed by the arrangementAt one point about halfway through the story the main character Lorraine states that she dislikes books that have up in the air endings so I was afraid this book would leave way too much up in the air but it did not Obviously people’s lives were going to go on past when the novel stopped but I thought just the right amount about people’s lives was resolved and revealed The reader is warned at the very beginning of one very important thing that will happen but that did not at all distract me from the story as it evolved I was completely engaged as I was readingI did go nuts at the decision one character made toward the end completely bonkers actually but all the characters and their lives felt so real and my reaction is a testament to the power of the story and the connection I felt to the characters so I guess I’ll get over it Someday Maybe I guess I hope she’ll eventually change her mind but I kind of doubt it Oh wellThis book is about a marriage between an interfaithintercultural couple and other such couples and relationships in general between people of different backgrounds religions cultures countries languages so might be of particular interest to readers in these situations but given our world today that includes so many people and this story and its characters have universal appeal in my opinionThe author may or may not have made one small error It’s obvious she knows much about the Moslem religion and about ChristianityCatholicism but she mentions one thing that pertains to Judaism at one point talking about special foods for Yom Kippur which is actually a day of fasting Now she could be talking about the break fast at the end of Yom Kippur as she also did with the many days of fasting and breaking the fast for Ramadan but she talked about special foods Anyway I talked to two of my friends who grew up in very observant Jewish homes and neither could come up with traditional foods for the break fast of Yom Kippur Maybe that was just their families For me it would be first water then just about everything I’d normally enjoy But that’s a very small uibble especially since sampling 3 people including myself is not a scientific inuiry and perhaps in some Jewish familiestraditions there are special Yom Kippur break fast foodsAnyway this was a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it and if Goodreads ever allows member to assign half stars I’m likely to bump it up to 4 ½

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Whom she falls deeply in love Embarking on an odyssey of faith and love she follows Larbi to his Moslem country to make her home in his world Hit with a double whammy on arrival she must adjust once again to life in a strange land as well as to life as part of a mixed couple Years later when tragedy strikes it is Suzanne who takes up the journey traveling to her friend' Excellent story Struck many chords with me since I too am a mixed couple I never think of it any but apparently other people still do A great part of the book is about struggles Lorraine had with her new home of Morocco new traditions and religious differences What struck me was Lorraine and Larbi saw nothing insurmountable about their relationship even when others did Lorraine was continually warned about marrying a Muslim a Moroccan and a non American I thought it was wonderful how the author didn't exhaust the reader with continual antagonistic fights and struggles of culture clashes and religious rights and wrongs Rather it was a love story two people with whom love really did conuer all

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The Strings of the LuteS adopted home for the first time She arrives though with a hidden agenda she wants to take Lorraine's child back home with her With all the talk nowadays of a clash of civilizations The Strings of the Lute takes a look at the little picture At ordinary people of totally different backgrounds cultures and religions dealing with some of the extraordinary issues of our ti Captivating tale of 2 close friends Picking up this wWell written novel after 2009's twists issues home ownership Story of one mixed couplethru travels to sorry not finished Some health challenges this summer Barcelona across the MediterraneanAuthor shows real continuity throughout Misplaced this book during a move was delighted to pick it back up again