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Gone author Jonathan Kellerman review Ö 3 ✓ It’s a story tailor made for the nightly news Dylan Meserve and Michaela Brand young lovers and fellow acting students vanish on the way home from a rehearsal Three days later the two of them are found in the remote mountains of Malibu battered and terrified after a harrowing ordeal at the haSaultBut before long doubts arise about the couple’s story and as forensic details unfold the abduction is exposed as a hoax Charged as criminals themselves the aspiring actors claim emotional problems and the court orders psychological evaluation for bothMichaela is examined by Alex Delaware who finds that her claims of depression and stress ring true enough But they don’t explain her lies and Alex is certain that there are hidden layers in this sordid psychodrama that even he hasn’t been able to. Let the party begin Break out the snow globes Number 20 in the Delaware series begins with the usual red herrings bizarre suspects and perhaps the return of Robin exit AllisonDr Alex Delaware psychologist sleuth is once again partnering with Milo Sturgis Los Angeles police detective in solving a tricky icky case of serial murder although at first nobody is certain that is what is happeningDylan Meserve and Michaela Brand seem to vanish from the world Three days later the would be actors are discovered in the hills of Malibu beaten and shaken telling the police they had been kidnapped by a horrible monster who assaulted and starved them But forensics does not support any of their story and soon the duo are under orders to see a psychologistEnter Delaware He soon discovers their kidnapping was a hoax Dylan and Michaela were attending an actor’s training school the Playhouse whose director Nora Dowd had urged them to be creative in getting themselves noticed by the media and thus by agents directors and producers They had no idea it might be illegal to falsely claim a kidnapping when none had occurred Michaela disgusted at the failure of their scheme also declares she hates Dylan as wellRidiculously Dylan and Michaela disappear again Not so ridiculously Michaela’s body is discovered and Dylan seems to be really missing Milo almost as an afterthought decides to access computer records about past disappearances of actors and it turns out uite a few young and reputedly stupid aspiring beautiful people are listed as missing Even ominously they all seem to have attended Nora Dowd’s school of actingThey spot Nora on the porch of her house which is also the Playhouse carrying around and talking to a white object which she briefly sets down as she walks away On inspection it is a dead dog evidently professionally prepared by a taxidermist Looking at its glass eyes Delaware and Sturgis figure out where they should start their investigation

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It’s a story tailor made for the nightly news Dylan Meserve and Michaela Brand young lovers and fellow acting students vanish on the way home from a rehearsal Three days later the two of them are found in the remote mountains of Malibu battered and terrified after a harrowing ordeal at the hands of a sadistic abductorThe details of the nightmarish event are shocking and brutal The couple was carjacked at gunpoint by a masked assailant and subjected to a horrific regimen of confinement starvation and as. This novel opens with a young naked girl running out of a forest in front of an old farmer's truck claiming she was kidnapped When it turns out to be a hoax perpetrated by two wanna be actorsactresses Alex is asked to evaluate Michaela to see if she is mentally stable Shortly after meeting with her he is told the case has been settled Shortly after that it all come to an ugly head when she is found murdered and left in a vacant lot Milo is on the case and immediately calls Alex The two fo them take on the case Alex is a psychologist but he is like a detective the way he works with Milo to solve this case One uestion leads to another and another One suspect leads to another and another Lots of suspects victims missing persons uestionable property owners and a helpful neighbour all populate this story Once again Milo plays the big yet unassuming detective that people talk to and Alex plays his role as sidekick and shrink to the tee This is not a novel full of action it is a slow dramatic story that relies a lot on dialogue between Alex Milo and those they are interviewing It was not the best Alex Delaware novel I have read but it was still enjoyable

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Gone author Jonathan KellermPenetrateNevertheless the case is closed–only to be violently reopened when Michaela is savagely murdered When the police look for Dylan they find that he’s gone Is he the killer or a victim himself Casting their dragnet into the murkiest corners of LA Delaware and Sturgis unearth uestions than answers–including a host of eerily identical killings What really happened to the couple who cried wolf And what bizarre and brutal epidemic is infecting the city with terror madness and sudden twisted death. We’ve felt a little differently about these Dr Alex Delaware mysteries after learning that his role as an amateur sidekick to LAPD Lt Milo Sturgis is tolerable since he either doesn’t bill or doesn’t get paid for his “services” except in the mostly early entries in the set featuring the doctor’s skills in child psychology Alex and Milo have an interesting relationship – epitomized in “Gone” in which they practically run ragged trying to solve the cases of some missing theater actors and then a couple of related murders A rather complicated plot featuring a free acting school its owners and its students puzzles the pair virtually all book long before their dogged policing finally pays off A few detours concern Alex and his former live in Robin – a tiresome component of many of the tales Otherwise Kellerman’s writing is always fine; and the mysteries per se are dependably entertaining and satisfying if not necessarily particularly spectacularWe’ve now read over half the 34 novels in the set – that number attesting to their popularity At this point we plan to resume reading them all