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Alistic scenarios continue to hold us in thrallSomewhere under the Atlantic a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision The Red October is heading west The Americans want her The Russians want her back And the most incredible chase in history is o Writer’s style is not engaging or entertaining for me He’s probably good for military technical buffsThis guy is a popular best selling author But not for me I assume his fans are those who love to think and talk about military technical stuff with a story to go along with it The author is regularly welcomed aboard jets submarines and destroyers Admirals and generals give him access Pentagon officials debrief him and many of his books are reuired reading at military colleges So I assume he is accurate about these thingsMY PROBLEMSThere were too many characters to keep track of And for each character I only knew them through their work There was no emotional development of characters no seeing their feelings I felt like this was “bring your daughter to work day” and I was going along with my dad and many other dads listening and watching as they did their work and attended meetings I wasn’t excited about anything Parts were boring I listened to the sonar guy for a while then I listened to the captain of a ship for a while then I listened to the Russian leaders meet and talk about what to do then I listened to the CIA meet and talk about what to do then a guy calls another guy talking about what to do Throughout the book the reader is jumping around among different groups of military and political peopleI want interesting characters to watch characters that pull me in emotionally I want witty interesting or enlightening dialogue I want interesting events that move the plot along There were two interesting major climactic resolutions but it took way too long to get to them with nothing else good along the way It was just watch the guys work My mind wandered too often and I wished it would be overI saw the movie many years ago and loved it The movie had a very different feel and it ended sooner than the book I think the movie was one of those “inspired by” movies rather than “based on” the book In the BOOK Jack and other US leaders all believe Marco the captain of the RO wants to defect and they have a plan and prepare for it In the MOVIE Jack believes Marco wants to defect but another US commander doesn’t The commander plans to blow up the RO and Jack has to convince him not to At one point Jack lies to the US commander saying I know Marco so well that I know he will turn left at the next something Jack was bluffing But when Marco coincidentally turned left the US commander cancels the order to attack That scene was so intense that I still remember it all these years later Nothing like that was in the bookAnyway I wanted to try Tom Clancy which is why I read this but I won’t be reading any STORY BRIEFThe book is set around 1983 during the days of the “Cold War” between the US and the USSR It illustrates some of the thinking back then with nuclear threats on both sides This is one of many books in the Jack Ryan series Jack is an analyst for the CIA The Red October is the name of a Russian submarine The captain of the RO does not follow orders and is on the run from other USSR subs and ships Jack is the first one to suggest the captain might want to defect The US navy and the Russian fleet are all trying to find the RONARRATORThe narrator J Charles spoke too uickly It was jarring to concentrate on his speed of talking Even between scenes and chapters there were almost no pausesDATAUnabridged audiobook reading time 16 hrs and 47 mins Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual content none Setting Around 1983 US USSR Russia and the Atlantic Ocean Book copyright 1984 Genre military historical fiction Ending happy for the good guys

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The Hunt for Red OctoberHere is the runaway bestseller that launched Tom Clancy's phenomenal career A military thriller so gripping in its action and so convincing in its accuracy that the author was rud to have been debriefed by the White House Its theme the greatest espionage coup At the tail end of the Cold War Captain Marko Ramius of the Soviet Navy decides to defect incredibly planning to bring the most advanced submarine in the world with himThe Red October has a new drive system that is virtually noiselessThe nuclear vessel would be almost undetectable a great advantage against the US and its Allies but the charismatic Ramius is a bitter manThe widower and half Lithuanian blames the Soviet Union for the botched operation that killed his beloved wifeHe has recruited unmarried and loyal officers to follow his ordersTelling the rest of the crew that they're going on a friendship visit to Cuba Leaving from a frozen Arctic port in early December he needs an icebreaker to get to the open gray seaThe commanding captain looking back at the coast with a touch of melancholy for the last timeThe chilly wind makes everyone outside uncomfortable from northern RussiaThe Red October heads west to the American dominated Atlantic Ocean Underwater the giant boat travels slowly with 115 crewmen and 15 officers they are soon hunted by the Soviets Ships from above and below the seas and planes from the skies all want to capture or destroy the renegade sub The KGB man aboard has to be neutralized still are there others? Back at the CIA headuarters in the suburbs of Washington Jack Ryan receives information clandestine pictures of the new Soviet submarine the puzzling photos baffle the uneasy experts A dangerous development in the balance of power between the two superpowersAnd the northern Soviet Fleet is on the high seas on course to reach the eastern coast of the United States very soon A military exercise or War? The President has a mission for the spy agency's analyst become a secret agent Ryan is not happywould youExciting cat and mouse scenes among Soviet American and British airplanes ships and submarinesThe final underwater battle is a particularly great page turner no exaggeration if you get seasick reading Moby Dick or a little claustrophobic not recommended for youOtherwise superb adventures under the seaSounds a bit like Jules Verne doesn't itAnd what's wrong with that

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The Hunt for Red October kindle È eBook 9780425172902 Free à moneyexpresscard Ü Here is the runaway bestseller that launched Tom Clancy's phenomenal career A military thriller so gripping in its action and so convincing in its accuracy that the author was rud to have been debriefed by the WhiIn history Its story the chase for a top secret Russian missile sub Lauded by the Washington Post as breathlessly exciting The Hunt for Red October remains a masterpiece of military fiction by one of the world's most popular authors a man whose shockingly re I read this when I was on the USS Eisenhower It was so popular with the Suids that I think it replaced the BMR The thing that really impressed everyone on the ship was how accurate Clancy was with both his research and his story telling There was never a that's not how it happens moment so common in media of this type Engaging story meticulous research combine for a fantastic read I recommend this one to everyone