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Clockers Read & Download ✓ 104 ã Award winning author Richard Price here offers a viscerally affecting and accomplished portrait of inner city AmericaVeteran homicide detective Rocco Klein's passion for the job gave way long ago His beat is a rough New Jersey neighborhood where the drug murders blur together until the day Victor Dunham — a twenAward winning author Richard Price here offers a viscerally affecting and accomplished portrait of inner city AmericaVeteran homicide detective Rocco Klein's passion for the job gave way long ago His beat is a rough New Jersey neighborhood where th. Detective Klein and Detective Mazilli are discussing the suspect they've just brought in He's an author who's accused of recklessly wasting readers' time That's something that'll get you 3 to 5 in New Jersey and up to 10 in New York where they take reading seriously The suspect is an oldish Jewish guy who's currently in the interrogation room looking bored The charges relate to three long novels published between 1992 and 2008 Clockers Freedomland and Lush Life Together these add up to 1732 pages Small print pages They can hurt your eyes The detectives are perplexed I'm telling you this is the guy This is the guy This skinny white mope What's the problem he even says he's Richard Price He admits it We got his driver's licence we got that woman who ID'd him – That one who says she's some kind of fan She got a book signed by this guy She waited in line for him to sign it This is big in some people's world A guy writes his name in a book It's big I could write Richard Price on any damn book you want Here give me one I show you This is just some sad fuck who has the same name you know it I know it You seriously telling me an old Jewish guy can write thousands a pages a authentic black dialogue not to mention taking the reader on a tour of the whole inner city experience the crack trade the slingers their apartments their families their mothers how you step on an ounce I mean exactly how what these gangbangers wear what they spend their dough on who they wake up with colour of their damn mother's underpants a whole tour of black spaces – fast food joints churches jail visiting rooms and people – stone killers outsize wheelerdealers oily preachers angsty thin wore down mothers this white Jewish guy does all that Nah Toss him Mazilli you're going on appearances In fact I now perceive the scales have fallen from my fucking eyes that you're one of those racist cops I have heard of You think the perp who did Clockers has had to be black himself You gonna tell me next that white boys can't sing the blues You never heard of Dusty Springfield the Righteous Brothers never heard of Eric Clapton I got no idea who those people are But okay it'll make you happy let's do this Richard Price see if it's our Richard PriceHe shrugs They open the door to the interview roomEXCERPT FROM AN INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD PRICE 10 AUGUST 2012Klein Way I see it Richard we're about the only friends you got right now Price Yeah with respect it's my constitutional right to doubt that Look I'll make it simple I wrote all those novels all of them Sure I did And there's you don't even know about I could show you where to find em I could take you there But I never wasted any damn reader's time That's God damned defamation Who's sayin this shitKlein Okay Richard I'll make it simple for you What you have here in each of these long novels are slight tales cranked up to elephantine proportions like you know supersize me Each one concerns a simple plotline – who shot Darryl Adams why is this guy confessing to it when he didn't do it Or what happened when this lady's car got carjacked and her baby was in it And in the end after 700 pages the solution resolution what have you comes down to a banal twist of circumstance a common misapprehension oh I shoulda realised back on page 120 that this actually meant that and not that blah blah and certainly nothing which warrants slogging the reader through these interminable pages Your damn long novels are monstrous sledgehammers cracking itty tiny nuts You're wasting readers' time Mazilli And you're a one trick pony Price These three books They're essentially the same thing Read one why read another onePrice I want to call my lawyerKlein Now why'd you wanna do that we were getting along like a house on firePrice Lawyer NowDetective Klein and Detective Mazilli continue their conversation outside the interview room Now do you believe me Okay he's our Richard Price What do I know from modern crime literature anyways We lost him Yeah We did But he wasn't gonna cop for it He really doesn't think he's wasted anbody's time 1700 pages Although to be fair he is very good on the power certain individuals hold over others in the drug underworld True that but not just there your Rodney Little figure in Clockers could be encountered in any school playground any local political party he's the bully we all fear And yet how hard is that fear to explain to outsiders They'll say – why didn't you just walk away and keep walking He is excellent on showing all of that Do you remember how he has Rodney Little explain to Strike how if he Rodney takes a hundred dollar bill and nails it onto a tree on JFK and leaves it there after a year it'll still be there whereas if Strike did the same what do you think would happen That's cause people know who Rodney Little is Also he's brilliant in showing throughout Clockers the vapourous risings and fallings of all these visions of a life outside the clocker ghetto that Strike keeps imagining for himself – all these alternatives they rise up like chimera and fade away when the next cruel ineluctability crashes into his life and they leave but not one trace So what ya think – four stars No three I coulda watched six ball games time it took me to get through this damn Clockers

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E drug murders blur together until the day Victor Dunham a twenty year old with a steady job and a clean record confesses to a shooting outside a fast food joint It doesn't take long for Rocco's attention to turn to Victor's brother a street co. This was one of my favorite books of the 1990s The burned out cop character was a bit of a cliché but the setting of the novel in a post apocalyptic New Jersey housing project was the work of inspired journalism Price had a lot of great insights in this work that could only have been the result of going out and being a witness to the world he was describing As the great novelist once said You can't make this shit upI’m sure this novel is completely ignored in college classrooms because professors want kids to read books by writers who write about writing Updike Roth Irving Joyce Carol Oates and lot of other literati who need to get outside and get some fresh air once in a while I’ve never been too curious as to what takes place in the exciting world of academia or literary circles Once a writer writes about writing I stop reading Price went out and found a great story The human imagination is way over rated in literature these days They say that you have to write about what you know The problem is that a lot of novelists don't know anything and aren't willing to go out and learn something new

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ClockersRner crack dealer named Strike who seems a likely suspect for the crime At once an intense mystery and a revealing study of two men on opposite sides of an unwinnable war Clockers is a stunningly well rendered chronicle of modern life on the street. Awesome Price has got the inner city down This novel which switches back and forth between two points of view Strike is an inner city 🌃 drug dealer who lives in the projects and sits at the benches slinging “bottles” crack vials hiding his cash in safe houses and thinking someday he’ll have the balls to walk out of the life still breathing His mother told him never to come back and his brother Victor works the straight life with two jobs and a dream of getting out of the projects and a wife and two kids The other point of view is homicide detective Rocco who is not completely jaded even after working these mean streets There’s an unsolved homicide tying these two characters together What makes this 610 page behemoth sing is how well Price captures the language and the rhythm and the attitude of the two worlds that Strike and Rocco inhabit The dialogue and the narrative is real It’s genuine It’s authentic Strike is not completely bad at least compared to some of the hard cases he deals with He’s maybe in the wrong game but can’t walk out But he recruits younger kids sells dope and plans a murder You not only get the juxtaposition of Strike and his hardworking brother but the contrast with Rocco who really wants to do right and not sacrifice a lamb to the wolvesAll in all Price gives us one helluva top notch crime fiction novel here