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EBOOK Á EPUB Men in the Off Hours ë 9780375707568 FREE · MONEYEXPRESSCARD ☆ Anne Carson has been acclaimed by her peers as the most imaginative poet writing today In a recent profile The New York Times Magazine paid tribute to her amazing ability to combine the classical and the modernEdward Hopper paintings illuminated by St Augustine And in a final prose poem she meditates movingly on the recent death of her mother With its uiet acute spirituality and its fearless wit and sensuality Men in the Off Hours shows us a fiercely individual poet at her bes I've been trying to get into modernist female poets particularly considering my almost done degree does say modern on the title I would like to write something elaborate on the few Carson's poems I did like but that will have to wait a bit You could tell from my wording that the collection wasn't a total success with me but I also stubborn I have another Carson collection from the library at my disposal If that one doesn't work out either I might have to admit maybe Carson's not for me

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Anne Carson has been acclaimed by her peers as the most imaginative poet writing today In a recent profile The New York Times Magazine paid tribute to her amazing ability to combine the classical and the modern the mundane and the surreal in a body of work that is sure to It is best not to read Anne Carson's poems in isolation but rather to read a collection well at least not this one in one sitting if possible and later return to poke through the shards to examine various bits and pieces Carson is a poet who relies on fragments personal classical her specialty and popular She starts with a canvas of grief — in this case her mother's passing away and proceeds to build a collage using spray paint glue wit the occasional essay uotes and whatever else happens to be nearby The effect is meant to be cumulative Her language is usually flat but this is by design as she tells us as if anticipating her critics in the poem Flatman 1st draft I was born in the circus I play the flat man My voice is flat my walk is flat my ironies move flatly out to sock you in the eye Irony is important to Carson as earlier evidenced in her collection God Irony and Glass Carson's Trinity In the prose piece Irony is not Enough Essay on Life as Catherine Deneuve 2d draft she tells us citing Sapho that irony is a verb As Deneuve see the actress in Indochine Carson wears the mask of a detached and beautiful woman pursuing one of her students How very interesting Deneuve thinks to watch myself construct this silk and bitter relation Latin rhetoricians translate the Greek work eironia as dissimulatio which means mask After all why study the past? Because you may wish to repeat it And in time Sapho notes one's mask becomes one's face Just before going to jail Sokrates had a conversation with his prosecutors about irony for this was the real source of their unease and as they spoke they saw a miniature smoke of grief climb into the room turning dark now and sulfurous in the confused ash You're a real man Sokrates says Deneuve Closes her notebook Pulls on her coat and buttons it But then so am I Carson the classicist is really a romantic As the seemingly remote Deneuve she nevertheless finds herself thinking that to breathe is to love as she watches the student in a new earring doing a translation in class Thank you she says after the girl translates a Greek phrase with extreme vulgarity making the others laugh Bell rings Girl leaves abruptly Deneuve sits uiet as the room empties Then puts her head down on the table and laughs How lungs work As Sapho says To stop breathing is bad So the gods judge For they do not stop breathingLater Deneuve goes back down the hall Inside her office the light is bluing old ice of April unlacing its fast She turns to the sound of the five o'clock bell Comes a knock at the door Throughout the collection Carson adopts various historical masks though the Deneuve mask seems closest to the author Akhmatova Artaud Freud Lazarus Lev and Sonya Tolstoy as well as many others The connective is grief mortality The presentation is often cinematic as Carson enjoys pulling in the modern medium with a series of poems about TV men The TV men poems to some extent are the least enjoyable These poems come across as clipped bullets lacking depth But this is exactly what Carson wants because time and how it is perceived is an important part of Men in the Off Hours In the collection's opening piece — the short essay Ordinary Time Virginia Woolf and Thucydides on War Carson playfully explores differences of time perception Men Thucydides see time as linear with seasons coming and going along with the ebb and flow of war But Woolf — portrayed by Carson has an epiphany on the subject of time finding it an interior experience as described in her essay Mark on the Wall Virginia Woolf concludes her essay The Mark on the Wall abruptly Amidst speculation she notices someone standin

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Men in the Off HoursEndureIn Men in the Off Hours Carson offers further proof of her tantalizing gifts Reinventing figures as diverse as Oedipus Emily Dickinson and Audubon Carson sets up startling juxtapositions Lazarus among video paraphernalia Virginia Woolf and Thucydides discussing war Who else but Anne Carson would have Hector of Trojan War fame appearing in a TV series fighting off helicopters in the desert Poor man didn't make it but Carson's imagination survives There's no adeuate way to explain Anne Carson; just read her