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E author's childhood experiences with her three sisters The novels are classics the publisher unable to keep up with the demand when the first book in t YALL THIS is LITERATURE oh my goodness the most ROMANTIC scene in all of literature 😭😭😭 AND I must say at the beginning I had trouble getting through the storytelling was slow and I could tell it was written for a younger audience I thought “how am I ever going to make it through 777 pages of this???” but LET ME TELL YOU I would read 777 pages MORE the sentences BREATHTAKING the vocabulary children must have had in 1868???? I had to look up so many words but I just wow so wholesome so genuine so TRUE so AUTHENTICALLY feminine I can’t get enough I was so sad it was over you did it Louisa May I mean you really really did ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

book Little WomenLittle MenJo's Boys

Little WomenLittle MenJo's BoysHe series was published Themes of romance family drama gender constraints and the validation of virtue over wealth are explored in these timeless storie I love these books There is so much in them The hard choices that the family must make their strong commitment to each other the various paths taken by each of the girls this series has real depth and describes the many ways that a woman is able to find fulfillment in life I read it as a parable of true feminism

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Little WomenLittle MenJo's Boys kindle ↠ eBook 9781931082730 ¿ Little Women Good Wives Little Men and Jo's Boys are a series of novels by American author Louisa May Alcott 1832 1888 The books are loosely based on the author's childhood experiences with her three sisters The novels are classics the publisher unable toLittle Women Good Wives Little Men and Jo's Boys are a series of novels by American author Louisa May Alcott 1832 1888 The books are loosely based on th I read Little Women several times as a child and then went on to read the rest of Alcott’s children’s novels so I will count this volume as completely read though I’ve only reread Little Women as an adult My impetus for doing so was at the invitation of Anne Boyd Rioux to join a small group to discuss the novelWhen I started Little Women last month I was struck by a couple of things I wouldn't have known as a child even a child reading this for the first time in the early 1970s First the young Jo reads to me now as a precursor of Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird and maybe even Frankie from The Member of the Wedding Second though Alcott purposely borrows from Pilgrim’s Progress there is an obvious influence from Dickens not just with the sisters forming a Pickwick Club but also in relation to theme and style As not too far down the road I would become a Dickens fan I wonder if reading Alcott paved that way for me I'm currently rereading Nicholas Nickleby with another group and having it in mind I’m thinking Jo’s progressive ideas for her school for boys may have been Alcott’s response to Yorkshire type schools Though of course her main influence for this new type of school had to have been her father BronsonI have no clue as to what my reaction would be to this book if I hadn’t absorbed it as a child so my childhood five stars remain Even Alcott wearied of writing “moral pap for the young” her words but there was a family to bring out of poverty something at which her father was hopeless as he apparently was meant for transcendental things Yet even the Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson a family friend was of a support for the Alcott family I don’t remember what I thought of the moralizing sections when I was a child—I’m guessing not much if anything at all as they would’ve fit with my Catholic school upbringing—but what’s interesting to me now is what Alcott was able to slip in within the sentiment including a bold reference to a uadroon boy and her attempt to debunk stereotypes about spinsters she may have felt ‘forced’ to marry off her alter ego Jo but Alcott herself remained singleThis edition is not the one I read as a child This Little Women is comprised of the original separate editions of the two parts which were combined about ten years later in 1880 into one volume at that time the publishers made revisions Alcott probably didn’t want and wasn't involved in congratulating themselves on those changes being what boosted sales From what I remember of my childhood readings these alterations must’ve been heavier in the Second Part of Little Women than in the First but that's just a guess April 25 I suppose there might've been several good reasons I didn't reread Little Men as a child and not just that I didn't own the book as my adult reread of this did not go nearly as well as my recent reread of Little Women Though there are welcome instances of humor racial euality and gender reversals a new boy at the school is referred to in a completely positive way as the daughter of the Bhaers there are probably too many characters for any one to make an impression and that includes Nan a reincarnation of Jo But my main issue was with the interminable moralizing heavy handed in this volume than in Little Women though I forgive Alcott as I know she wrote this to fulfill a demand in order to support her fatherless nephewsMay 30 My reread of Jo's Boys was a much better experience than my reread of Little Men see paragraph above the only botheration for me in this final volume of the March family being with so much 'telling rather than showing' The confrontation of social issues such as the rights of women and Native Americans was very welcome as were the rather dark adventures of two of the boys