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Blood Unleashed (Blood Stone #3) summary ò 108 ¿ Who is the real enemyMarcus Anderson chemical weapons expert and CIA handler of assets like world famous Kate Lindenstream finds vampires troubling He'd rather have nothing to do with them until the world class sniper known only as The Whisper takes a shot at himand misses While Marcus'Hot tempered diminutive smoldering Italian beauty who captures his scarred and defensive heartMeanwhile Cyneric Pæga's radar is prickled by a trail of clues that he puts together to reveal that Ilaria Scarvo a vampire assassin just like Rick once was is in town He doesn't know who The Whisper's target is but Nial leader of the revolutionaries is at the top of the li. The third book in the Blood Stone series is an intriguing and exciting erotic adventureChemical weapons expert and CIA handler of assets Marcus Anderson finds vampires troubling and would rather have nothing to do with them Then a world class sniper takes a shot at him and when he follows the trail back to he finds the hot tempered diminutive and smoldering Italian beauty Ilaria who captures his heart Following a trail of clues Cynric Paega figures out that Ilaria Scarvo a vampire assassin like he once was is in town and that Nial the leader of the revolutionaries is on the top of her hit list Ilaria is a wounded woman with a terrible secret but when her new assignments include Marcus and Rick she finally feels hope for the first time in a long whileThis book starts a little slower paced that the others but when it takes off the reader better hold on to the edge of their seat for an action packed adrenalin ride The story comes to life with vivid images intense details that puts the reader right into the story and strong bewitching characters that grab the reader’s attention and are easily related toThe chemistry between Ilaria and the two men radiates heat from every page but the romance is spiced up with suspense to add lots of depth to the story The chemistry between Rick and Marcus explodes off the page and the sex scenes are scorching hot with mm menage anal sex and sexual language that leave the reader smoldering with passion The blends the romance and sex with suspense and action that keeps the reader on their toes and turning the pages as fast as they can readI recommend that the books be read in order because of the continuing conflict and the all the characters from the previous books are still main players in each and every book while at the same time giving each new threesome their stories

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St Then Rick meets Ilaria and finds she's not at all a cold hearted killer Ilaria is a wounded woman with a terrible secret that binds Rick to herIs Ilaria working for the League for Humanity or the Pro Libertatus Is she involved with Menes Heru's plans to use the doomsday weapon the Blood Stone Or is she as innocent as both Marcus and Rick want desperately to believe. 45 StarsThis was by far my favorite book of the series I don’t know if it was because everything was mostly wrapped up or that none of the main characters had a relationship beforehand It was a page turner after about chapter 2 I was just completely sucked inIlaria was kind of amazing A woman sniper who endured so much what’s not to love about her To put it plainly she was a badass I thought she was very smart and strategic Her moves were well planned out and she wasn’t an impulsive personerr vampire I felt horrible for what she had to endure as a slave Not even having emotions to yourself would be heartbreakingMarcus is a CIA operative trying to forget his past when Ilaria shakes up his whole damn world I liked him from the beginning and he was probably my favorite of the three He is a damn genius like he could have been a mad scientist if the CIA hadn’t recruited him Lol Rick aka Cyneric Pæga is a very uniue character I got the feeling he didn’t like many people but he warmed up to Marcus and Ilaria pretty fast He was a little unnerving how much he could tell from his data He was unlike any of the other vampires but I think that ended up helping in the endThis was a double whammy for me It had a great plot and great sex Plus I already knew and liked the secondary characters I highly recommend this series because it is a knockoutThank you to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for a honest review

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Blood Unleashed Blood Stone #3Who is the real enemyMarcus Anderson chemical weapons expert and CIA handler of assets like world famous Kate Lindenstream finds vampires troubling He'd rather have nothing to do with them until the world class sniper known only as The Whisper takes a shot at himand misses While Marcus' supervisors wrangle over red tape Marcus follows the trail back and meets Ilaria a. This is a somewhat complicated story so much so that it comes with its own little glossary of terms so you can look up who people are when you forget It centers around Marcus Anderson who is Kate Lindenstream's new CIA handler He is wary of vampires but finds himself tied up and in love with Ilaria a vampire assassin who is trying to warn him At the same time she hooks up with Cyneric a former assassin and brilliant vampire on the side of Nial's revolution who connects with her out of a shared past And when that past bites Ilaria in the ass Marcus and Rick come together with a common connection and enemy and also fall in love They all team up to destroy the enemy who is threatening to use the bloodstone and kill whatever vampires or humans get in the way of his complete domination So this was better than the second in the series but still not uite as good as Blood Knot All of the characters are here plus uite a few new ones and it does honestly get confusing as to who is who and what side they're on And at times I didn't want to focus on the suspense plot I wanted the romance to keep on going on As for that it's a bit insta love but still believable Marcus and Ilaria get together first but there's an underlying motivation there that undermines it But just a few days is all it takes for Marcus to fall in love Then she hooks up with Rick which walks a fine line with infidelity for me But I guess we can consider Ilaria's ulterior motiveand the fact that she didn't realize her feelings until after she'd been with Rick and she kind of falls in insta love there too And the significance of hunting together was never actually explained Then view spoiler Ilaria's death is staged but the guys who by now are in love with her believe it hide spoiler