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Free download ↠ Does She Love You? Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Annabelle Taylor has been in her ideal relationship with an adoring partner for thirteen years Davis Chandler is jaded from years of bad luck with women but she thinks she's finally started dating the girl of her Problem is they're both in love with the same woman Nic McCoy is living a double life that is about to come crashing down on all of themAll three women are left trying to rebuild their lives in the wake of shocking realizations. Cheating what is it good for Absolutely nothing say it once twice thrice drill it into our thick skulls tattoo it onto our foreheads until we get it What drove Nic to cheat on his 13 years marriage Annabelle was nicknamed Stepford Wife she was loving supportive beautiful she cooks everything from scratch nothing from the box or the freezer section much to Davies' surprise So why did Nic cheat Why do anyone cheat Isn't it the very best feeling when you start reading a book without having any high expectations and then you end up devouring it wishing it would never end Spangler had an amazing ability to let her readers experience this married couple's the other woman's genuine love for each other while at the same time allowing the reader to recognize the devastating damage being done as these women try to resolve the break down of their marriagerelationship due to unwise choicesRather than conforming to what would be considered 'right' this book focuses on what is realand real life isn't always pretty Instead of shooting for 'predictable' this book became relatable and simply put I loved itAnnabelle and Nic's relationship has only ever known perfection Nic exudes self control and confidence and is intent on supporting Belle and Belle happily basks in the safety of Nic's protection When real life relationship issues arise they are both ripped off the pedestals the other has created and neither of them is euipped to deal with the heartaches of broken trust and betrayalI truly enjoyed the three leads as individuals and as couple Their touching story was realistically portrayed and there was an honest beauty in their flaws Let's face it life's much easier when we're not expected to be perfect Why should our fictional characters be entirely faultless I can't stop matching Does She Love You to Something To Talk About Dennis uaid and Julia Roberts

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Annabelle Taylor has been in her ideal relationship with an adoring partner for thirteen years Davis Chandler is jaded from years of bad luck with women but she thinks she's finally started dating the girl of her dreams The only. Holy infidelityThere is this woman who has a wife but she ends up falling for another woman on a business trip Then she thinks she should string them both along because it is the best for all of them if none of them get hurt And it is making HER happier so of course it is a good thing This was recommended to me when I asked for a book with a love triangle This wasn't that but I did love it Spangler did a great job of making us like the two cheated women Annabelle is the perfect adoring stay at home wife She loves Nic so much and has sacrificed everything to make her happy And Davis is a spunky hipster full of wit and sarcasmI was appropriately uncomfortable with Nic's lying justifying and manipulation This is the kind of story that builds up and you anxiously await the moment that Nic is going to get caught You know it is coming and you can't wait Spangler did it justice and there was no let down My favorite thing about this book was watching Annabelle grow and discover herself My only complaint is the amount of attention still paid to Nic once all was revealed At that point I didn't have much interest and couldn't have cared less about what happened to her Every time it switched to a chapter about her I was bored Overall this was a book with uite a bit of angst but in the last 23 was all growth hope and love I recommend this to people who love to read about marriage betrayal cheating keeping up with the Joneses Atlanta the Braves roller derby romance and scotch straight up

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Does She Love YouThat leave them second guessing everything about themselves and each other As they struggle toward recovery they each face life altering uestions about trust redemption and the possibility of finding love in the wake of betraya. Truthfully I have avoided Rachel Spangler’s books Solely because I did not enjoy Edge of Glory which seems to be in most people’s favourites list and I thought maybe her writing just didn’t work for me From Lex’s recommendation I’m so glad I didn’t avoid this one Going through the first half of the book makes me feel like I have an affinity for pain I had a constant ache in my chest reading through Nic’s cheating adventures on her loving wife of 13 years Annabelle and her mistress passionate strong willed Davis Not only from the lying and deceit Nic put them through but also from the guilt Nic manipulated them into feeling from their paranoia just to save her own assI didn’t expect things to progress the way they did but in the best way possible I expected Davis’ story to mellow down and slowly disappear and we’ll only be able to see Annabelle and Nic’s progress and POV after she got caught Fortunately Ms Spangler had a way better approach than my mind of limited infidelity stories can ever come up with I was not expecting a HEA ’There are so many things that are done right in this book Blaming your spouse for cheating instead of her oblivious mistress explaining the thoughts of the person who did the cheating the confrontation after she got caught the character developments for all 3 MCs the burning chemistry the slow burn the sex scenes honestly I could go on and on A great read that will cause some if not many feelings of pain and acceptance45 stars