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Beneath this Man Summary î 104 Ð Ava y Jesse se conocieron en Seducción el primer volumen de la trilogía Mi hombre Su aventura continúaHe visto cómo lo miran todas Lo desean harán lo ue sea por conseguirlo La respiración se me acelera y siento ue no podré aguantar mucho másEstoy perdiendo el control y esto empieza a asustarme Estoy histAva y Jesse se conocieron en Seducción el primer volumen de la trilogía Mi hombre Su aventura continúaHe visto cómo lo. Warning spoilers aboundApparently I’m a glutton for punishment Me and this booktrilogy are not friends Not at all It's like a train wreck—I don't want to look but can't stop myselfOnly five short days have passed since Ava left Jesse and her entire world has ended She’s depressed and having a meltdown reminiscing about her epic love—you know her month long relationship with Jesse Of course this being only the second book it stands to reason that their separation won’t last long and just like that they’re back together Shocked Yeah neither am INot much has changed Jesse is still a domineering overly possessive control freaktimes infinity He’s a stage five clinger He continually wants all of Ava’s time and attention wanting her to spend every second with him all day every day She’s a possession a toy that he refuses to share Nothing about this behavior is sexy It’s scary Jesse is a psycho ‘Watch your fucking mouth’ he yells Pot meet kettle Kettle meet pot Jesse treats Ava as if she were a misbehaving child Ava is a grown woman She doesn’t need this man child correcting her language As usual however Jesse has absolutely no regard for Ava’s feelings He does want he wants when he wants On the other hand Ava has the backbone of a spineless chicken so it’s no wonder Jesse tramples all over herOh and don’t worry Jesse’s not an alcoholicExcept that he isAlcoholism or any addiction really is a life long recovery and something a person has to work hard at every day It doesn't just simply go away on its own The narrative would have readers believe that Jesse doesn’t “need” alcohol ignoring the fact that it was made clear on than one occasion that he can’t stop once he starts That’s a problem one made even apparent when he drinks himself into a comaUnfortunately everyone in this book is in denial1 ‘He’s not an alcoholic in the classic sense of the word He’s not obsessed with alcohol Ava He drank to lighten his foul mood to fill a gap Once he starts he can’t stop’ 2 ‘I’m not a raving alcoholic Ava I admit I get carried away once I do have a drink and I find it hard to stop but I can take it or leave it I was in a bad place after you left me I just wanted to numb the pain’ 3 ‘I am not a fucking alcoholic If I drink now it will be because you make me crazy mad’ He shouts the last bit in my face And then of course Ava puts the blame on herself1 I glance at the bottle and notice it’s sealed and full but it’s still there and something made him put it thereme I’m the reason for his screwed up mind his ridiculously ambitious objectives and his meltdowns This is my entire fault I’ve made him into a neurotic control freak 2 ‘How can you need me if I make you do this to yourself’ I ask tiredly ‘You’re self destructible now than you were before me I’ve made you need alcohol not want it I’ve made you into an unreasonable crazy man and I’m certainly not stable any Don’t you see what we’re doing to each other’ 3 I blank my mind of everything except that the music fades and I brace myself for my own punishment – my punishment for reducing Jesse to a fraught mess of a man for making him need alcohol not just want it for turning him into an uptight neurotic freakfor making him do this to himself That last uote was from a scene that made me rage In an idiotic bid to get Jesse see her point of view Ava has some random man at the Manor whip her back raw—you know the same way that Jesse had Sarah whip his Why would he go to Sarah with such a reuest you might ask The answer is simple to stop himself from drinking But wait he doesn’t have a problem remember ‘Nothing will ever hurt me as much as seeing you doing that to yourself That will kill me nothing else If you punish yourself again then I will too’ These two idiots deserve each other Truly As if we didn’t already know Jesse is secretly trying to knock Ava up—against her wishes no less—to trap her into staying with him He makes her tell him repeatedly that she won’t leave him not that he’d ever let her but her word isn’t assurance enough for him Because Jesse is an insecure lunatic his solution is to bring a baby into their dysfunctional and extremely unhealthy relationship Brining a baby into an environment like that is outrageous Even after Ava finally puts the pieces together she lets it slide just like everything else I didn’t think it was possible but I stand corrected Ava is an even bigger pushover than she was in the last book Arguing with Jesse is a complete waste of time She gives in as soon as he gets his hands on her Jesse is a bully and tramples all over her She knows this and still unbelievably allows it to happen I just can’t with her She’s a moron Jesse is also guilty of the following none of which are even remotely okay hiding Ava’s birth control pills using sex as a weapon to get what he wants and invading and taking control of Ava's personal and professional life This doesn’t even begin to cover all the lying and manipulation both in and out of the bedroom Oh and we can add cheating to the list as wellAnd then there’s Kate Who needs enemies when you have a friend like her I’m sorry but she’s a terrible friend She’s secretive willing to hide things from her so called best friend on Jesse’s behalf—information that pertains to Jesse and his private life—not because she knows that Jesse is a good guy but because he bought her a new work van to keep her uiet about what she knows about the kind of business he operates I wans't a fan of the writing It was pedestrian and bland The book could also use a good editor Almost all the dialogue tags were punctuated incorrectly with periods at the end of the dialogue where commas should've been used instead I'm of the opinion that if one is going to put their book out on the market for people to buy then it should be properly edited His eyes turn black ‘Don’t say things like that Ava’ When did this turn into a paranormal romance Human eyes do not turn black when one is angry Just sayingSex fighting and sex That's about all this book had to offer We did eventually learn how old Jesse was Not that it mattered because he sure as hell didn't act his age He was prone to acting like an adolescent We also learned some things about his past sexual encounters ‘Drink and sex go hand in hand for me’ So as you can see alcohol wasn't his only problem As far as any real plot progression went that was the extent of it In between the excessive amount of sex scenes there wasn't much of a story at all

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Miran todas Lo desean harán lo ue sea por conseguirlo La respiración se me acelera y siento ue no podré aguantar much. This is what I call INSANE LOVE'I love you because you give me purpose' JesseWords to describe this book DraggedFucked upOver the topToo much sexKept felt like yelling 'CHILL YOUR TITS AVA'Fuck she can give a deaf person a headacheWant to know what happened in this book What mystery was unraveledWell His age we learned about his scar uestion about his past how he got The Manor about his affairs and sordid ex life That about sums out what we learned in 8500 kindle count Thats it nothing else In addition we got was twists and mystery Its pissing offBasically all they did in this book was yell and bark at each other and have sex Tons and tons of sexLike this book had sex than Fsog1 2 3 Crossfire1 2 Up In the Air 1 2 and FUCK And not in a good way No one enjoys reading that much only about sex and nothing else I felt like there was no story Only SEX I like steamy books but hell this shit doesn't work for me But this amount of sex would make your dick fall off or your vajeje looseNot even bloody 6% into the book and I wanted to slap her right across her stupid ass face Irritating lil bitch I mean woman stop being so bloody hyper like a crazy kid on sugar AND calm the fuck down for heavens sakeShe's like all 'OH He's shaking Is he having withdrawal symptoms'Like sure crazy just after 5 days 'OMG He had 3 bottles of Vodka He's an alcoholic need to send him for AA'Hell woman He's just sadFor fuck's sake She won't even have a drink in front of him now I’ve waited too long for you You’re my little piece of heaven Nothing will rob you from me Nothing’ Jesse ‘I want the woman with me who keeps my heart beating’ Jesse Awwieeeee gushes35% in I seriously feel like I'm reading a Mystery Erotica than a Romantic Erotica37% in the book I am literally laughing at the absurdity of events I MEAN c'mon you don't do that so someone Its like using sex to get your ways Fucking controlling freak44% in Fuck reading them yelling at each other has fucking given me a goddamned headaches Swines Watch your fucking mouth Akanksha I can totally hear Jesse yell that at me while reading this or any of my reviews LOL ‘I knew you were the one the second I laid eyes on you The one to bring me back to life’‘How did you know’‘Because my heart started beating again Jesse to Ava ' I love you you weird controlling romantic adorable man ‘What was the first thing you thought when you saw me’ I askHe’s silent for a few moments ‘Mine’ he growls and bites my ear Ava and JesseYes my friends He is weirdly over the top controlling and batshit crazy but I am in love with him71% Woopie Some sex How fucking fun Agrh I am going to cut his dick off if he fucks her again Gimme some story here woman73% Awwieeeeeeeeee ‘Ava will you watch your fucking mouth’ he sighs but there’s relief in his voice I’m half tempted to tell him to fetch the anti bacterial solution and spray it in my mouth Jesse Crazy fucking twisted controlling angry freak who is a total arse I swear he is a loonAva Weird bitch but thank the good lord at least her character grew a little spine in this book and she matured a little I think And what she did towards the end FUCKKKKKKKK O OKate She just became weird then weirderRuth I think she was on some sugar crack or something weird arseSarah SLUT HOE BITCH SLUT BITCH AGRH I want to kill her badlyI liked the end bit So I would say this jumps a star up from book1 Let's hope book3 jumps one star But seriously according to me This book was bloody dragged and maybe the 3rd book could be fit into this But idk its some freakin' new trend to drag series on for 3 books at least This book better fucking not have a weird ending I already see a part three which has pissed the living shit out of me Agrh Irritating crapLuckily spring is only 2 3 months away so lets see

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Beneath this ManO másEstoy perdiendo el control y esto empieza a asustarme Estoy histérica avergonzada muerta de celos Y muy muy excitad. 15 starsI'm sorryI know the majority liked Beneath This Man the 2nd book in Jodi Ellen Malpas's This ManTrilogybut it just didn't work out for meJesse Ward has become beyond obsessivehis behaviour is weird and crazy and extremeso what if we now know his age and how he received the famous scar and how evil and horrible his parents wereblah blah blah I could not like Jesse in this bookhis actions were pretty scaryhe lies to Ava about a lot of important thingsthose are not little white lieshe manipulates herhe stalks herhe checks up on her “Do they want to keep me in a glass box so nothing and no one can hurt me” “You're mine and mine alone baby Just for my eyes just for my touch and just for my pleasure Just mine Do you understand me”interrupts her business meetingsSTALKERSTALKERNOT MUCH At first I thoughtfinally Ava is showing some backbonemaybe it's trueafter all she handcuffs Jesse to the bed post and leaves him to stew And then what happens next Oooh Jesse JesseSo forgive me if I don't feel sorry for youwhen you say things like this “He disregards my opinions and wishes at every turn with his neurotic challenging ways and now I fear I’m becoming neurotic and challenging as well He brings out the worst in me and I know damn well I bring out the worst in him” And just as fast as I canforget those thoughtsratherI just love sex with Jesseso think I will just give in to himPleeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hell this woman Ava drove me absolutely bonkers I wanted to jump into the book and give her a piece of my mindlike something like this I like well written sex scenes that form part of the storybut how much is enough sex scenes “Well Mr Ward Given how much sex we have I'd say you're the majority shareholder of power in this relationship” And for heaven's sakewhat about carpet burnbut no this does not happen in fiction darlingsand no Jesse Ward does not need Viagra for those hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sex times with sweet little Ava This book could have been cut in halfthere was so much repetition that I found myself skimming a lot of pagesTruthfullyI'm become a bit enthusiastic about this series so I probably will read book #3much to my dismay