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Written in the late nineteenth century I stumbled across this gem called There and Back by George MacDonald while re reading The Princess and the Goblin and At the Back of the North Wind for a new blog series I’m rolling out next week “10 Allegories Worth Reading”Until this week Charles Dickens was my absolute favorite author followed very closely by JRR Tolkien I love the mournful atmosphere of a Dickens novel born of social consciousness I love his characters and how he connects them all I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to connect with another author’s work the way I have with Dickens’I should have knownYou see there’s a level below social consciousness and connectedness in me that longs to be fed and that’s spiritual consciousness and connectednessIn There and Back George MacDonald did for me what Dickens never could he went to that deepest level and he lived there with the story and characters The story takes place in nineteenth century England and follows the aristocratic Lestrange family and those who cross their paths from other aristocrats to tradesmen to clergy MacDonald explores the social emotional and spiritual standing and evolution of every character he introduces It’s a complex look at how people’s philosophies shape how they relate to God and one another No less important is the gritty look at why a good God allows bad things to happen – an age old uestion I think“Father it would take the life out of me to believe there was no God; but the God I hope in is a very different person from the God my mother’s clergy have taught her to believe in Father do you know Jesus Christ”“I know the person you mean my boy”“I know what kind of person he is and he said God was just like him and in the God like him if I can find him I will believe with all my heart and soul—and so would you father if you knew him”Also unlike a Dickens novel there are no absolute saints or caricatured sinners in There and Back Everyone is flawed but none are portrayed as ridiculous in their shortcomings; instead they are met with grace and empathy from their author even when they are dead wrong Beyond that there’s not a dull character in the cast Of course Richard and Barbara shine the brightest in their search for God being the protagonist and his love interest but I think Wingfold was my favorite The sage parson met people where they were at and conversed on their level a uality I long to better developHe gave her strong hopeful things to read—and in the search after such was driven to remark how little of the hopeful there is in the English or in any other language The song of hope is indeed written in men’s hearts but few sing it Yet it is of all songs the sorest needed of struggling menHere’s where Dickens and MacDonald are very similar creating atmosphere I was in the library as the nurse presented the baron with his infant son; I was with Richard and Wingfold on the road just before dawn; I was with Alice in chilly London; I felt the moments of majesty as presented over a literary work or a concert or a moonlit night As in Bleak House I was immersed in There and Back – not just in the world but how the characters responded to itWhen she saw her spread out her arms as if to embrace the wind that flowed to meet them then too she wondered but presently began to feel what a thing the wind was—how full of something strange and sweet She began to learn that nothing is dead that there cannot be a physical abstraction that nothing exists for the sake of the laws of its phenomena She did not put it so to herself I need hardly say; but she was in a word learning to feel that the world was aliveAnd the romantic elementCan MacDonald ever do romance There’s this independence and mutuality and growth between Richard and Barbara that I can’t begin to explain It just struck me as healthy and wholesome which is not to say they didn’t have problems it was how they dealt with them especially in a culture where dysfunctional is normal and even expectedHe saw her far away like the moon she spoke of She was growing to him a marvel and a mystery Something strange seemed befalling him Was she weaving a spell about his soul Was she fettering him for her slave Was she one of the wild bewildering creatures of ancient lonely belief that are the souls of the loveliest things but can detach themselves from them and wander out in garments immediately their own Was she salamander or sylph naiad or undine oread or dryad—But then she had such a head and they were all rather sillyAnd to make my joy complete there was this lovely metaphor presented in Richard’s trade – bookbinding and restoration Oh my heart It’s this whole idea of making something – not new but the way it was intended to be Again I say oh my heartI shan’t be master of my trade till I know all that can be done now to stop such a book from crumbling into dustThis book reached me on all of my levels and yes I shed a few tears reading the last paragraph not just because it was beautiful but because I really didn’t want it to end“My tears were flowing now with the old earth pain in them with keenest disappointment and longing To have been there and to have come back was the misery But it did not last long The glad thought awoke that I had the dream—a precious thing never to be lost while memory lasted; a thing which nothing but its realization could ever eual in preciousness I rose glad and strong to serve with newer love with uicker hand and readier foot the hearts around me”There’s a public domain version free on for Kindle I warn you though it’s not an easy read It’s slowly distilled and meant to be savored

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There BackUltimate Tracks Ultimate Tracks Remember Me as made popular by Mark Schultz POS Ultimate Tracks Ultimate Tracks Only The World as made popular by Mandisa POS Ultimate Tracks Balano Nostlgia Black Soul Para recorda uma boa msicas das antigas ue balanaram muito bailes pela noite paulistana Balano Nostlgia The Best and Worst Foods for a Healthy Vagina | A nutritious diet affects every part of your body Find out the foods that prevent vaginal infections and other issues and the ones that can cause them IHME Kateřina Šed – Tram Buskers’ Tour by This online book documents the IHME Contemporary Art Festival in Helsinki Finland It takes i. More inclusive Christianity from the best religious writer of the 19th centuryRichard Tuke is the secret son of a baronet stolen from his unconcerned father by an aunt and raised to become a bookbinder by trade Influenced by his adopted father he grows up to be a commendable young man though an atheistBarbara Wylder is the vivacious daughter of a dissipated nobleman who has inherited a title She isn't familiar with the Bible yet ha innate faith what Macdonald calls the 'imagination of a God'Richard comes to work in the library of his biological family though their relations to each other are unknown to both He also strikes up a friendship with Barbara and alongside the local parson she tries to help him recognise the existence of God There and Back is a big book for such a small plot but Macdonald's interest is about his characters relationship towards each other and of course they're relationship towards God This conversation between the two leads will give you a good idea about the subtlety and depth of the author's insight “Tell me honestly then” said Barbara “—for I do believe you are an honest man—tell me are you sure there is no God Have you gone all through the universe looking for him and failed to find him Is there no possible chance that there may be a God”“I do not believe there is”“But are you sure there is not Do you know it so that you have a right to say it”Richard hesitated“I cannot say” he answered “that I know it as I know a proposition in Euclid or as I know that I must not do what is wrong”“Then what right have you to go and make people miserable by saying there is no God—as if you being an honest man knew it and would not say it if you did not know it You take away the only comfort left the unhappy Of course you have a right to say you don't believe it—but only that And I would think twice before I said even that where all the certainty was that it would make people miserable”Parson Wingfold aside probably the most Christian character in the book is Richard's grandfather a blacksmith who doesn't even attend church This is be of the reasons I enjoy reading Macdonald's novels so much he could see beyond the appearance of things into the true nature of good characterHowever as good a character as a person could have and Richard Tuke is an excellent man in everyway as fair minded as MacDonald was as a writer there can be only be destination for both the protagonist and the reader 'He had yet to learn that a man and a Christian are precisely and entirely the same thing; that a being who is not a Christian is not a man'Through Richard Tuke MacDonald poses that thorny uestions about how we can believe in a God we can't see and how can a benevolent God allow so much misery in the world I'm not entirely sure the uestions were answered or that they even can be beyond simpky having faith