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Download Mobi ¿ Rebeccas Lost Journals ✓ ó Includes Rebecca’s Lost Journals #1 4 The Seduction The Contract His Submissive My Masterand The Master UndoneIn this stand alone collection connected to the Best Selling Inside Out Series you meet Rebecca Mason the intriguing woman who penned an erotic journal that changed everS spell I will once again be lost In her private journals Rebecca laid bare her soul revealing her obsession for the one man whose erotic demands captivated her imagination and enslaved her forever Now with Rebecca no longer in his life he is lost uestioning everything he thought he knew about himself and about control he holds in such high regard One women will reach out to heal him and then turn away leaving him haunted She is nothing he thought he wanted and somehow everything he needs He tells himself to forget her but he cannot escape his desire for her He has to ha Rebecca's Lost JournalsI finally got to see Rebecca for who she was Someone on an emotionally rollercoaster someone who wrote in her journals so she could go back and read them when she needed to be grounded someone who kept her own secrets Someone who was madly in love and would do any and everything to please him even denying herself what she really wanted until it couldn't be ignored any I saw a tortured girl fighting to find herself and become what she always wanted to be while constantly feeling alone I do believe Rebecca and her Master were good for each other but they never stood a chance at having something great BC honestly they were both scared This was a very good insight into Rebecca as a normal girl and a submissive I felt like I was right there with her but it also gave us some insight into Mark I thought Rebecca would sound so much like Sara but that wasn't the case at all I could see all the differences in them I also could see the similarities LRJ not only managed to write yet another amazing book but she shows us Rebecca and Sara's similarities in a way where we didn't uestion who we were reading about we knew it was Rebecca and we could compare the two without getting confused I loved this book and I'm secretly hoping that Rebecca is still alive bc that lady deserves a happy ever after I'd do anything to know and understand who I truly am And I think that tonight that was exactly what I was looking for me I just didn't realize it until I met him Not many men can make me breathless but there aren't many men who can claim the very air that exists around them as he does Those words were laced with possessiveness and the way he'd looked at me I felt naked than I have felt with my legs spread wide for any other man His feet were bare as if he was ready to be naked in a flash I wanted him to be naked in that moment I think I always want him to be naked Looking back now this command should have bothered me Shouldn't it have? Being ordered to my knees to serve him? But it didn't In fact it was enticing It made me feel in control I'd take his pleasure I'd own him while he was trying to own me He'd told me he was my escape my place where I could let the rest of the world fade away And it did I will never leave you with anything but pleasure In this agreement you will make me your world but I too will make you my world Because I want every drop of pleasure I can get from you I want to taste it I want to touch it I want to feel it when your body tightens around my cok and uakes because I fuked you so well I did a whole lot than shower with him That man had me pressed against the tile wall and his cok buried deep inside me before the water was even hot The Master Undone This book will give you a completely different look at Mark The Master Undone is exactly that undone with no control We get to see how Mark is reacting to and grieving the loss of Rebecca but most of all how he felt towards her as his sub and why he did some of things he did with her We see his and Chris's relationship begin to mend which I love because even through all the tension they showed against each other in all the other books you could always tell that at one point of time you couldn't separate them if you tried We learn why he treated Sara the way he did and get the intro into his family life and problems What I loved most about this book is that I got to see his vulnerable out of control he's on an emotional rollercoaster side We usually see him well put together in complete control but put him in a family emergency and a woman who is just in control as him and we see the softer side of him I'm so extremely happy LRJ allowed us to see this side of Mark the Master I felt his loss of Rebecca and his feelings for Crystal through her writing I don't know how she does it but every time I slip into an alternative world that only includes the Inside Out Series LRJ you did it again She's a refreshing glass of water when I'm drowning in hell I've let this woman I barely know see emotions I try never to feel let alone allow anyone to experience with me I trust this woman than I trust myself right now And that scares me in a way I haven't been scared in a very long time Maybe its simply that she's different from everything familiar and everything familiar feels wrong right now She's real to me in a way no one else has felt in too long There's no hiding how emotional I feel and I don't even try This woman is seeing parts of me I show no one Parts I'm not sure I believed existed any and im beyond stopping her Now though I am lost and she has found me The burn to kiss her is intense I don't kiss women I fuk them I please them I like to please them To drive them to the edge and make then want and want until release is sweet bliss But I don't kiss them Her hands are all over me her touch feeding the hunger in me I want her like I've never wanted anyone She answers an invisible something inside me and I don't know why or how I need to control this woman before she does what no other woman has and truly controls me She's just a fuk But dan it now she's looking at me and every time I drive into her I see her pleasure and I see I see this woman who is than just a fuk and its making me insane And hot And then even hotter I can't thrust hard enough or get deep enough I have never had a women demand anything from me They beg They plead They call out Master as I command they do But right now I would kill to have her say my real name To plead for from me The real me I show no one

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Includes Rebecca’s Lost Journals #1 4 The Seduction The Contract His Submissive My Masterand The Master UndoneIn this stand alone collection connected to the Best Selling Inside Out Series you meet Rebecca Mason the intriguing woman who penned an erotic journal that changed everyone’s life it touched This is her story in her wordsRebecca’s Lost JournalsRebecca Mason has known heartache and sorrow in her life losing everyone she loves She’s on her own in San Francisco lost in every way until she dares to make the decision to chase her dream of working in the art w I'm returning to the Inside Out world with Riptide and Mark Compton in a new seductive erotic mystery THE BRILLIANCE TRILOGY Readers will be able to read this series without having read the Inside Out series but if you've missed Mark Chris and Sara you will be seeing a lot of them in this trilogyABOUT BOOK ONEIt all started with a note just a simple note hand written by a woman I didn't know never even met But in that note is perhaps every answer to every uestion I've ever had in my life And because of that note I travel thousands of miles I look for her but find him I'm drawn to his passion his talent a darkness in him that somehow becomes my light my life I know he has secrets I don't care Because you see I have secrets tooI’m not Aria Alard daughter to an Italian musician as he believes I’m Aria Stradivari daughter to Alessandro Stradivari a musician born from the same blood as the man who created the famous Stradivari violin I am as rare as the mere 650 instruments my ancestors created Instruments worth millions 650 masterpieces the brilliance unmatched 650 reasons to kill 650 reasons to hide One reason to not to himBUY A RECKLESS NOTE book one → → → → THE REST OF THE SERIES → EDITION TOTE BAGS SIGNED BOOKSI have a very limited stock of these amazing Brilliance Trilogy tote bags You can buy one by itself or along with a personalized signed copy of A Reckless NoteCheck them out here →

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Rebeccas Lost Journals Inside Out #3 2 Orld It is then that he meets a rich seductively powerful man who will become the Master she never knew she wanted and change her life forever He will lead her on a dark passionate journey where pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain and where every limit she once had is no In this man she will find solace to her pain an escape from the ache inside her And in him she will discover a darkness she may never escapeBonus Story includedMaster Undone in his POV I told him goodbye and I will not call him I know if I do it will be my undoing and I'll once again be caught up in hi I didn't really care for it for two reasons one because her thoughts were all over the place Two because where it was suppose to help you understand her better or what happen to her and why Sadly i don't think it did helped but instead just confused me Regardless of my disuiet for this book i still loved the rest of the seriesarc from NetGalley