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REVIEW Í Destined (By the Fates, #1.5) Î Ami escaped the devils' torture but her body and mind are far from healed She fears what she was forced to reveal when the mind mage invaded her thoughts A dark protector exotic and powerful arrives from the west Seònaid knows from the first time she meets Ami that the two are destined for each other I that the two are destined for each other But Seònaid harbors a secret that threatens to destroy the budding relationship between the two women When the secret is revealed Ami is shattered Will she overcome Seònaid's betrayal Can she ever trust her again No. I was excited to read the next installment in the By the Fates series and Patricia did not disappoint Word of warning Don't buy this book if you like to sleep Once again I found myself drawn into the story and staying up way too late to finish it it's a uick read and the plot moves along almost a little too fast I wanted to hear about the characters particularly the protagonist who was one of my favorites from By the Fates Freed It was great to read a story from Ami's point of view and Seonaid's The love story that unravels with all the twists and turns along the way was sweet and once again I'm looking forward to of her books and hoping that Ami and Seonaid stick around for a while I want to hear about them I would definitely recommend it

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Ami escaped the devils' torture but her body and mind are far from healed She fears what she was forced to reveal when the mind mage invaded her thoughts A dark protector exotic and powerful arrives from the west Seònaid knows from the first time she meets Am. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review I would first recommend reading By The Fates Freed if you haven’t already an if so why not For two reasons first it introduces Ami and the other characters and gives you the back story of what is happening but also why would you want to miss out on anything Patricia D Eddy has written That’s just madness Now read this review and hop to it get to readingAmi has escaped the Devil and his torture but she was left broken physically and mentally Ealasaid can heal the physical marks but there is little she can do for Ami and her emotional scars Ami not only tries s to deals with the torture that the Devil put her through but she struggles not knowing what it is she revealed to the Mind Mage when her thoughts were invaded Seonaid is one of the best protectors from the west she is sent to be Ealasaid’s protector The moment she meets Ami at Ealasaids home she knows she Is Ami’s mate But Seonaid holds a secret and that secret if revealed will destroy any trust she builds with Ami and send her mate in the opposite direction This is a short and sweet story that fills the gap nicely between By The Fates Freed and By The Fates Fought Ami is such a strong character and Patricia manages to write her both damaged from her kidnapping but still holds onto Ami’s strength Seonaid is a welcome addition to the family we were introduced to in the first book She brings both strength and vulnerability that makes her endearing Sometimes with Novella’s you find the story is either too full as the writer tries to cram in way too much or it has too much fluff because the writer finds themselves with a short story idea without much substance This is neither Patricia D Eddy manages to write this oerfectly at no point do you feel she is struggling to fit the story in This book does not have the action and suspense the first one has it is a love story that uite rightly could not be missed out which is what would have happened if it had been a side story in the second book And THANK YOU for the pronunciation guide I also do enjoy figuring characters names and feeling them out but I also like to know if I’m right Turns out I was for some and not so close with others This is a 5 out of 5 stars That doesn’t surprise me I trust Patricia D Eddy to deliver every time and she didn’t disappoint Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl OfficialFor information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite wwwfacebookcomNerdGirlng

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Destined By the Fates #1 5Te Destined is a novella of approximately 45000 words It takes place immediately after the events in By the Fates Freed It contains mature themes including short descriptions of torture and abuse as well as a tender love story between a human woman and a witch. What a wonderful outcome from a painful experience Ami Raven's sister was kidnapped and tortured to get at his mate Ealasaid It may have only been a few days but the mental torture leaves scars that cannot be seen but takes longer to heal Seonaid is hired as a magical protector for Ealasaid but when she meets Ami a human she knows instantly she is her mateThis book is an excellent example of diversity and what humanity is capable of when we help each other An FF relationship and a multicultural one at that make this so enlightening and original This can be read as a stand alone but I do recommend reading By the Fates Freed first I really enjoyed this novel and recommend it highly