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Download Book Ö The Heir to the Amulet 236 pages ä S.p. meijer ã OUR WORLD BURIEDA NEW WORLD ON THE SURFACEONE GIRL CAUGHT BETWEENIn a mysterious new world where strangely evolved creatures roam the earth and the secrets of the past lie concealed underground six year old Lora arrives home and discovers thO trade her brother for her best friend to broker a deal However an unexplained attack on her home sends her fleeing to the city ghettos She meets Tommy an orphan she can trust with her life though not with her wallet nor less with her heart They smuggle themselves into Lora's old kingdom a realm of dangers and deceit Strange peoples and creatures speak languages they cannot understand making their This is a very fun read particularly for kids around ages 10 to 15 I am often asked for recommendations of books for this age group in homeschooling circles and I'll put this one on the list I was intrigued by the mix of medieval fantasy atmosphere with high tech elements in the description and the story doesn't disappoint in that I didn't realize that it was aimed at such a young audience so I was initially taken aback because the main character is supposed to be six in the beginning and she doesn't think or act like a six year old at all but like a particularly savvy teen I considered giving it four stars for being unrealistic with the characters but I decided that the book deserves five stars for the audience it is aimed at I'm a grown up Kids love to read about empowered and capable kids who are developed beyond their age and I want my kids to read that sort of thing when they get to be that ageThe main thing is that the writing is fun and engaging The plot is exciting The descriptions evoke real pictures and the characters are likable I received a free copy of this book as part of a Read4Review program but I had hundreds of books to choose from and I chose to read this one and this is my real opinion

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OUR WORLD BURIEDA NEW WORLD ON THE SURFACEONE GIRL CAUGHT BETWEENIn a mysterious new world where strangely evolved creatures roam the earth and the secrets of the past lie concealed underground six year old Lora arrives home and discovers that a decision she has made has had devastating conseuencesEight years later Lora is thrown into a dark struggle when she finds out that ruthless powers intend t Positives The Heir to the Amulet is a fantasy book with a main uest component that I am sure will entertain young people The three main characters which accompany us throughout most of the book have some appeal Joining the heroine we have one very smart gadget loving boy used to the good life and another who has been through difficult times but still possesses a sense humour funny most of the times and who has a tremendous talent to ‘borrow’ items The world in which action takes place has gone through a Great Disaster which completely changed the planet’s surface As a result we see modern aspects technology mostly mixing with medieval ones castles with dungeons great forests knights etc I found this very interesting I liked that we were given an explanation at the end of the book as to how this Great Disaster occurred The author created a new language a few words at least and new creatures which bring enthusiasm to the reading Very few typosNegatives The writing didn’t feel very mature At times I found that the author took the easy way out of a situation Also experienced authors tend to link and make references back and forth along the book which is something that really keeps me interested and on my toes while reading – connecting the dots and the whole ‘oh I remember that' – and I did not find that here all that much Very small example that comes to mind right now view spoilerIt was said that Richie’s hair accidentally got dyed orange Now I must conclude that is not a very common thing and therefore think it would have been interesting to see say reactions to his hair from peoplecreatures they came in contact with hide spoiler

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The Heir to the Amulet Journey by turns bizarre and frightening Armed with only courage and humor they must unravel a riddle and cross a forbidding landscape to find the forgotten old world buried deep within the belly of the earthWith each challenge they overcome she is drawn closer to the enemies who covet that which she guards an Amulet; the key to a secret both great and terrible desired above all treasures on earth I really enjoyed this book It has an intricate plot and there is a wonderful blend of old world knights in a modern setting It is fast paced and easy to read When you are reading the book is feels like you are watching a movieThe only reason I gave it four stars and not five was that this is a first time author and I think that it shows in places But I would still highly recommend it