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A Big Heart Open to God Download Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ In an interview published exclusively in English in the Jesuit journal America Pope Francis speaks candidly about his historic role as the first Jesuit pope his ideas on church governance the moral teachings of the church and hoOnly thinking with the hierarchy of the church Father Spadaro the editor of Civiltà Cattolica the Jesuit journal edited in Rome spoke to Pope Francis in person in August 2013 uestions were submitted by Jesuit journals from around the world “Organizations as old as America rarely do anything completely unprecedented” writes America editor in chief Matt Malone SJ in his introduction to the pope’s interview “This issue of America however is truly a first?. A very intriguing book Francis' conception of God as acting through the unfolding of history and through society's interrelationships has interesting implications I also discovered that the sociologist Michel de Certeau who wrote 'the Practice of Everyday Life' was a Jesuit and is a favorite of Francis' His discussion of his literary artistic and musical tastes is fascinating He apparently used to teach a class in Spanish literature and he sent some of his students' writings to Borges to read and Borges agreed to write an introduction to a published volume of his student's writings That the current pope read and associated with Borges boggles the mind In any event the book is well worth reading As an aside in some Wikipedia ing I did while reading this book I read that the Jesuits have a somewhat inimical relationship with Opus Dei who form something like their conservative counterpoint eg Rick Santorum is allegedly in Opus Dei

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Terary genre I am a sinner”In a remarkably wide ranging and candid conversation Pope Francis speaks about his years as a Jesuit superior where “my authoritarian way of making decisionscreated problems”; the role of eight cardinals who will soon release a report on church reform “I do not want token consultations but real consultations”; and what it means to “think with the church” “We should not even thinkthat ‘thinking with the church’ means. One cannot read the interview with Pope Francis and not come away admiring the man Several personality traits him being ‘people person’ emerged along with his religious understanding His religious views were simply and rationally explained Those that impacted me and I am not uoting these directly wereDon’t rush decisions let them reveal themselves to you;A sinner can be loved;Discernment is the foundation of religious practiceThis interview revealed the Pope to be compassionate and a believer in pastoral ministry I have heard people refer to him as ‘human’ Frankly all the other Pope’s were human also but Pope Francis’ path is that of a Christian A man not so consumed by the dogma of the Catholic Church—although he stresses that he is a man of the Church—that he can respond as an empathetic caring man Catholics have nothing to fear from this Pope

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A Big Heart Open to GodIn an interview published exclusively in English in the Jesuit journal America Pope Francis speaks candidly about his historic role as the first Jesuit pope his ideas on church governance the moral teachings of the church and how he has learned from his mistakes“I am a sinner This is the most accurate definition” Pope Francis told Antonio Spadaro SJ who conducted the interview on behalf of Jesuit journals around the world “It is not a figure of speech a li. I'm not Catholic but I read this book in the spirit of Pope Francis's statement from the book He said in learning about other religions it is important not only to know each other better but also to recognize what the Spirit has sown in the other as a gift for us I found many great gifts sown in these short pages I especially found great help in the discussion on memory and prayer at the end of the interview Pope Francis has a good handle on some of the reasons many people find religion stultifying today which helps him offer good suggestions about highlighting once again the fragrance of the gospel I appreciated the short section on Certitude and Mistakes Pope Francis notes Yes in this uest to seek and find God in all things there is still an area of uncertainty There must beIf one has the answers to all the uestions—that is the proof that God is not with him 49 One of the common threads throughout the interview pertains to religion as a code of morals versus religion as a relationship between the believer and God People have made much of the Pope's comments about various hot button topics today without paying as much attention to the underlying theology It seems the Pope is trying to recenter God's mercy as manifested through Christ ie God's love for each person and the gospel imperative to be loved and to love God and others Moral behavior can flow from this formative relationship and if this formative relationship is not the main focus of gospel teaching then we are putting the cart before the horse The short essays in part two were fascinating to read from an outsider's perspective They really helped me draw out some of the anxieties concerns and joys felt by Catholics as a result of this interview All in all I really enjoyed this short book and I plan to use it for my own devotional contemplation in the coming months There is here than one reading can accommodate