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In the small Canadian town of Coal Harbour in a uaint restaurant called The Girl on the Red Swing everything comes on a waffle lasagna fish you name it Even waffles Eleven year old Primrose Suarp loves this homey place especially its owner Kate Bowzer who takes her under her wing teaches her how to cook and doesn't patronize or chastise. I loved this sweet little gem of a book It is so surprisingly wise and inspiring and humorous It really touched me and I'd give it five stars except that I don't think I would have liked it much when I was a kid and kids are after all the target audience for this book I don't mean this in any sort of demeaning way to kids I think they are incredibly wise and perceptive sometimes in ways grown up never can be again but I think that so many of the observations about people and how and why they behave the way they do might not resonate with kids like it will with grown ups at least in the way it is written here Then again maybe I'm just being a lame grown up who forgot how much I knew about human nature when I was eleven Also there's a lot of rather tragic things in the story like the girl's parents lost at sea though she believes absolutely they are alive custody battles with her uncle who is understanding and loving but gives her too much freedom in the eyes of the authorities the old lady who used to babysit her losing her memory or as she calls it gaining new memories of things that never happened accidents and lost toes and things catching on fire I think it would all have bothered me too much as a kid Even so there is a vibrant joy and faith in the story that sings through all the pain kind of like the waffle that comes with everything yes it's at the bottom of every single dish at The Girl on the Red Swing restaurant no matter what covers it somehow you'll get to that sweet waffle in the end If you want to know whether the story has a happy endingIt does Which just made me love the book even

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Everything on a WaffleHer even when she puts her guinea pig too close to the oven and it catches fire Primrose can use a little extra attention Her parents were lost at sea and everyone but her thinks they are dead Her Uncle Jack who kindly takes her in is perfectly nice but doesn't have much time on his hands Miss Perfidy her paid babysitter guardian smell. This is ok It's a lighthearted book about a girl that becomes an orphan after her parents go missing in a storm at sea If you're looking for a similar story I'd highly recommend Counting by 7s instead It's written so much better and has incredibly likable and memorable characters Cleanliness Landsakes crap heaven's sake god awful darn it oh my God are said in the book Jesus Mary and Maude is said A character smokes It mentions a character swears for emphasis A girl thinks there are ghostsspirits in a house there are not and she mentions a seance The girl lies to get something she wants A girl is accused of trying to commit suicide she was not Drinking alcohol is mentioned A women says that we're all connected humans birds and leaves Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website

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FREE READ ☆ Everything on a Waffle ß In the small Canadian town of Coal Harbour in a uaint restaurant called The Girl on the Red Swing everything comes on a waffle lasagna fish you name it Even waffles Eleven year old Primrose Suarp loves this homey place especially its owner Kate Bowzer who takes her under her wing teaches her how to cook and S like mothballs and really doesn't like children and her school guidance counselor Miss Honeycut an uppity British woman of the world is too caught up in her own long winded stories to be any kind of confidante Nobody knows what exactly to think of young Primrose and Primrose doesn't uite know what to make of her small community either. “Delightful Hilarious Entertaining Insightful These adjectives don’t even begin to describe a novel I simply couldn’t put down” –The Syracuse Post Standard “They’re right Those adjectives DON’T describe this novel”That snappy comeback gets credited to my daughter and it had me doubled over with laughter We read this book together in an attempt to revive our summertime read aloud tradition About two thirds of the way through finally admitting that this story was going nowhere I turned the book over and read the couple of review blurbs aloud Experienced readers know those snippets of praise can’t always be trusted And now I’m sad to admit that shiny little Newberry Honor medal on the cover cannot always be trusted eitherEleven year old Primrose newly orphaned is shuffled in and out of the care of various adults in her small town Primrose believes against all reason that her parents aren’t dead but merely lost at sea She maintains this faith even in the face of the many townspeople who tell her otherwise Perhaps slightly off beat the story started with some promise But the we read the weaker the story became Characters discussed things that seemed the beginning of a larger theme but had no relevance later Plot points popped up at random and proved to be pointless or simply evaporated Characters were too odd to be endearingly uirky I could make a case for one or two characters but they could not enjoy their full potential under Horvath’s pen I feel like Horvath picked up a dozen different threads in trying to create this story but then didn’t know how to make them all part of the same cloth So the ending when it came was flat I’m all for uirky middle grade reads; this one was just lameI’ve heard it said that a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work It may be a stretch but I think I can apply that sentiment to reading this book It may not have been a good read but reading is still better than washing the dishes More importantly I shared this book with my daughter We experienced it together and we had a few laughs And so in that way it most certainly was “delightful”