Epub ¼ The Call of the Wild ï 172 pages ´ Jack london

Epub The Call of the Wild

Epub ¼ The Call of the Wild ï 172 pages ´ Jack london ´ First published in 1903 The Call of the Wild is regarded as Jack London's masterpiece Based on London's experiences as a gold prospector in the Canadian wilderness and his ideas about nature and the struggle for existence The Call of the Wild is a talThe Call of the Wild is a tale about unbreakable spirit and the fight for survival in the frozen Alaskan Klondi I defy anyone man woman or child not to like The Call of the Wild It's the most exciting adventure the most moving love story the deepest meditation on a creature and its place in nature If you aren't cheering for Buck the dog by the end of this you're either hard hearted or a cat lover

Ebook ô The Call of the Wild ë Jack London

Nces as a gold prospector in the Canadian wilderness and his ideas about nature and the struggle for existence REVIEW ADVISORY Please be aware that while the following review contains a number of adorable animals pics young Ricky Schroder who starred in the movie version of the novel will NOT appearI feared that would raise the sugar content of this report to diabetically dangerous levels  Awwwwwwwthe classic “coming of age” story with the nifty twister of having the main character be a pawky puppy going on doggiehood I really licked it liked it so two paws up there BTW I'm not going to slow down for spoilers except for the very end as I assume most people reading this are pretty familiar with the story Plus in this case knowing the story elements shouldn't have much of an impact on the reader's enjoyment since it's the experience of the journey that holds the power Of course if you disagree than you are welcome to go blurry eyed over the words and just focus on the picsthat's why they're there PLOT SUMMARYOur main character is Buck a Saint Bernard When we are first introduced to our husky headliner the Buckster is Doggymesticated and living a happy carefree existence with his kindly owner  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your opinion of how Buck’s life turns out in the end Buck is puppynapped by an odious offalhead with a gambling problem WHOOOOAAAA there tonto As a life long resident of the wholesome family friendly City of Las Vegas I feel the need to pause briefly and toss out some support to my hometown casinos that are currently struggling through revenue declines due to the economic slowdown and remind those of you considering a trip to Sin City thatOh almost forgot On a related note I've also been asked by the Institute for Alcohol Awesomeness Awareness to inform you that drinking alcohol can lead to the development of super powers so go ahead and pick up a twelve pack on the way home and who knows you may be flying to work tomorrow Okay now back on review This is where things start to go really FUBAR for Buck Our young hero is shipped to Alaska where he's sold to a pair of French Canadians to be trained as a sled dog Having a lot of spunky spirit Buck doesn't take kindly to being stolen starved and struck and so goes into rather violent attack mode when finally released from his cage after the long journey Sadly Buck is uickly “beat down” and seemingly “broken” as part of his training as a sled dog In reality and just between you and me Buck isn’t broken at all but learns enough “self control” to act the part while secretly maintaining his desire to be free You know like this poor fella While held by the Frenchies from North of the border Buck is introduced to other dogs being housed there and uickly learns the ugly reality of “survival of the fittest” by which the dogs live Eventually Buckers becomes a pack leader due to his size strength and intelligence remember we are talking a big Saint Bernard here  Later Buck is sold to a man named Charles and his family These people are all kinds of stupid and know exatcly zippo about sledding or surviving in the Alaskan wilderness They are simply caught up in the fever of the Klondike Gold Rush and trying to strike it rich Initially Buck is sigh resigned to follow their lead even though he senses their overabundance of incompetence is going to lead to some fugly mishap for him However it soon becomes apparent that the family’s bungling stupidity and complete lack of understanding regarding everything from sledding to the harsh Alaskan environment to the fact that snow is cold is leading everyone to a DANGER Will Robinson moment Having no comprehension of how long or hard the journey to the Yukon will be Charles and his family initially waste the food supply by overfeeding the dogs thinking it will make them able to endure the long work day Holy Moly Canolli is this a bad idea Anyone who owns a dog knows they will continue to eat as long as you continue to feedeven to the point of As you might expect the food supply soon dwindles Charles and the other wizards begin to basically starve the dogs while expecting them to work even harder and sled longer during the day  Uhanyone else see trouble a brewing Eventually thank the stars the group runs into an experienced mountain man named John Thornton I won’t give away what happens next except to say that John rescues Buck from the group and nurses him back to health This is such sweet tender moment in the story that I thought it deserved an eually sweet picture thus Buck comes to love Thornton and grows devoted to him though he still feels a calling to be free no marriage jokes pleaseplease During his time with Thornton Buck begins exploring the wilderness and becomes acuainted with the wolves from the areaMAJOR SPOILER ALERTMAJOR SPOILER ALERT MAJOR SPOILER ALERT MAJOR SPOILER ALERTOkay for those of you still with me one night Buck returns from hunting to find that Thornton has been brutally killed by a group of local Indians As you can imagine Buck is a wee bit upset at this and decides that maybe the IndiansAnd so Buck goes absolutely BUCK WILD yep that's where the expression came from how cool is that From there as far as the Indians are concerned it is You mess with Buck's friend and you are just asking for five varieties of troubleAfterwards Buck comes to understand that his old life is over and follows the wolves into the wild to live as a part of the packEND OF MAJOR SPOILER ALERTEND OF MAJOR SPOILER ALERT END OF MAJOR SPOILER ALERT END OF MAJOR SPOILER ALERTFINAL THOUGHTSOverall being an animal lover I couldn't help but love Buck and his story was interesting There were also parts that were difficult to deal with for the same reason I loved the final resolution of the story and the contrast between puppy Buck at the beginning of the story and the doggie Buck at the end I didn't rate this higher because I didn't love the prose as much as the puppy and the pacing even for such a short book was a little uneven Still there is much to recommend this and I would certainly support your checking this classic out 35 stars RECOMMENDED

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The Call of the WildFirst published in 1903 The Call of the Wild is regarded as Jack London's masterpiece Based on London's experie I guess it's important to remember that this is a book about a dog I had no idea when I was ten and I read and re read this for the first several times that it was also a socialist fable I just really liked dogs and we couldn't have one so I read a lot of books about them Here's this book about Buck the Yukon sled dog His bond with his human is so strong that they'll perform miracles for each other That scene with the thousand pound sled is like the Rudy sacks the uarterback of dog stories Now as a grown up I finally get to have my own dog and he likes to point his ass right at my face He’s between us in bed at this very moment his head buried down in the blankets ass up It’s my wife then my dog's anus then meBut socialism After being about a dog it's actually the second thing is it's dark holy shit People are like here kid here's a book about a dog kids love dogs and ten year old me cracks it and it's all He had killed man the noblest game of all and he had killed in the face of the law of club and fang He sniffed the bodies curiously They had died so easily When they're not hunting the most dangerous game dogs keep getting slashed open to the bone or starving piteously to death Jack London spent some time grubbing for gold in the Yukon wilderness himself and he was awful at it so he knows from hardship Jack LondonSo the third thing is that London also happened to be a socialist and as an adult it's hard not to read Call of the Wild as an allegory You could hardly find a better socialist allegory than a team of sled dogs right Everyone harnessed together running together to pull a mighty load They grow to love it so much that when one dog gets sick he pulls a Boxer Buck starts the book as a pampered bourgeois and finishes it as a pack animal Here's Blair Braverman the face of modern dogsledding and uite a good tweeterLondon also brings in a healthy dose of naturalism the then fashionable now obvious idea that the environment shapes character And there's a great deal of somewhat confused Darwinism London like lots of other people has confused evolution for memory so Buck keeps having dreams about Neanderthals There's some yikesy stuff about women and minorities not definitely offensive but you get the idea that if you got him going it'd be definite eventually I've heard that it was indeedSo you see why sometimes you have to remind yourself that this is a book about a dog It's about a brave dog running in the wilderness I remember how wild and romantic it seemed to me when I read it as a child Now I read it to my dog Does it awaken for him too some wild and romantic memory Does he hear the faint echoing of that primordial call He sighs deeply from under the covers and farts