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Reader ´ Ruin Author C.D. Reiss ´ C.D. Reiss Him and she's just not getting that Every time she tries to protect him she practically gets him killed and the tighter he grips her the dangerous she becomesIt's almost as ifwell he'd never admit thisbut it's almost as if protecting her the way he does is the one thing he should stop As if the only way he's ever going to find a m Release is Oct 14I hope you like it

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Ruin Author C.D. Reiss Doc ¸ 344 pages Download Ú Moneyexpresscard ´ Antonio is a killer He's beautiful educated a prodigy of a thief and as violent a motherfucker as ever came of the boat from Napoli Theresa knows it but that doesn't stop her from getting emotionally and physically entangled with him a Oment's peace is to just embrace her as a partner rather than a defenseless creatureBut he'd never do that Not this violent motherfuckerWARNING This book contains delicious sex scenes with a hot man dirty talking in Italian; women handling firearms and explosives; and scenes of violence with a crystal Virgin Mary cigarette lighter A sexy 5 STAR mafia story with a red hot heroOld vendettas Murder Laws Messages Vows LOVE Sex HOT ANIMALISTIC coupling All of this take center stage in Ruin Songs of Corruption Book Two and at the heart of it all the stars of our corruption Antonio Spinelli and Theresa Drazen Ruin is about destinyWhat are Antonio and Theresa prepared to do in the name of love? What are they willing to give up? To lose? To protect? Will fate take its own course of action? Ruin's wonderfully paced action gripped my attention throughout There were times I was on the edge of my seat my heart racing Not knowing where the story would take my emotions? Theresa is strong feisty independent and inspiringWe learn about their past Events that shape a person's life More is revealed about the man Antonio Spinelli the reasons why he's where he is and who he is His relationship with Paulie his father his sister his place in the Camorra And of course we're reminded of the ruthless vengeful charismatic powerful and sexy man We're reminded of his beautyIt's instilled into Spinelli that his role towards his woman should be one of protector but Theresa needs to be his eual I love this aspect of their relationship it has cataclysmic possibilities How can he plan to keep someone safe if that person is determined to live as she desires? I felt his helpless frustration Was there any way forward? Any way they could be with each other? I felt the tug of war within Spinelli Should he bring her fully into his world? Is it a place for her? Would she distract him? Undermine him? Make him week? Get them both killed? Spinelli being the man he is has a plan It's tense and grippingTogether they're dynamite Antonio and Theresa's deep love and incredible breathtaking attraction is captivating it pulled on my heart made me feel and want for them Everything about him turns her on She finds his life on the edge sexy empowering The sex is raw intense crude “He fucked me so hard every thought went out of my head” and so very VERY HOT Then we're shown the softer side of Antonio the gentleman his beautiful soul I love the rough contrasting with his tender inner thoughtsAntonio Spinelli and Theresa Drazen are two incredibly layered leading characters They took a place in my book heart after I read Spin and there they will stay Love them CD Reiss creates the most wonderful intensely beautiful relationships that simply light up the page with their presenceThe Drazen Dynasty in its 'Songs of' entirety is a magical piece of book art I love the way the family and their stories all interconnect The mere mention of scenarios and characters from CDR’s other books in each given story gives me the book tingles That's the power of this author and the stories she writes Ruin is the second book in the Songs of Corruption series Songs of Corruption can be read without reading the other 'Songs of' books but I highly recommend them Don't miss out on epic storytelling Soltz makes a great Capo Permission kindly granted for photos to be used in my reviewFollow Pedro Soltz on Facebook and TwitterComplimentary copy provided by Fido publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Ruin Author C.D. ReiAntonio is a killer He's beautiful educated a prodigy of a thief and as violent a motherfucker as ever came of the boat from Napoli Theresa knows it but that doesn't stop her from getting emotionally and physically entangled with him and this is how maybe she got it in her head that she can protect himBut it's not her job to save ★★★★★ RUIN book 2 of 3 Alleged mobster Antonio Spinelli Theresa Drazen act on their attraction amidst the chaotic worlds of money politics movies mafia corruption “Antonio the catalyst of my dissolution the destroyer of my façade” Songs of Corruption is the whirlwind saga of alleged mobster Antonio Spinelli and Theresa Drazen It’s a seuel series to Songs of Submission and Songs of Perdition and thus most enjoyed if read after and in orderBook 1 SpinBook 2 RuinBook 3 Rule In SPIN book 1 heiress socialite part time script supervisor and former head of accounting Theresa Drazen Tink aka Contessa met a man who rocked her world and gave her an excuse to break out of her good girl mold Attorney business owner and “alleged” mobster money launderer and murderer Antonio Spinelli Spin aka Capo wasn’t looking to complicate his life but Theresa intrigued himWith little in common and much to lose they couldn’t seem to stay away Story went on to follow Antonio and Theresa as they fought their attraction and managed to get themselves linked and entwined with the darker side of Hollywood’s organized crime corruption and politics and making enemies all aroundRUIN book 2 opens up to the aftermath of decisions made in book 1 The intensity of their attraction and sexual chemistry is fierce But they are worlds apart with everything stacked against them It’s like two parallel universes; them in a cocoon of hot steamy intense and angry sex and then the outside world filled with secrets betrayal jealousy treachery ambition corruption and dangerMuch of story focuses on events and developments that only underscore how hopeless their future is But neither Antonio nor Theresa have gotten to their respective places in life by being easily deterred Along the way they come to an understanding of what needs to be done Follow them in their against all odd’s love as they attempt to take control of a high stakes game while the worlds of cut throat politics competitive movie industry and ruthless organized crime collide for Songs of Corruption “The only way out is through” Antonio Spinelli Spin aka Capo opens up in this story and getting his POV was beyond exhilarating That said the complexity of this man and his emotions still made me feel like we only scratched the surface Eight words to describe Antonio Captivating loyal commanding conflicted enigmatic elusive possessive and ruthless “God that piece of meat between his legs was a beautiful sight” Theresa Drazen Tink aka Contessa is breaking away from her good girl image but I suspect there is much to come Eight words to describe Theresa Poised compassionate smart ambitious loyal gutsy restless and graceful “She could rule the world She already ruled me” RUIN offers the very best of sex danger intrigue and suspense where only the villains seem to come out ahead Be prepared to for some painful and heartbreaking sacrifices along the way This roller coaster of emotions ends with certainty amongst chaos and significant ties to Songs of Submission series It is my recommendation to read that series before reading book 3 in this series I am looking forward to much complications in book 3 Untitled before the conclusion of their sagaSpellbinding storytelling Brilliant plot Intense dirty and scorching sex scenes Well developed and complex characters Larger than life Antonio Spinelli “More than wanting you for myself I want you to have a good life” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 5 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NAOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes My sincerest thanks to Pedro Soltz for the permission granted to cast him as Capo in my reviewsFollow Pedro Soltz on Facebook and Twitter Thank you to all the lovely ladies on our ARC buddy read ARC Buddy read LINK Canaries Buddy read LINK Be sure to sign up for CD Reiss’ Newsletter ARC provided to me by author CD Reiss via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Fangirlingview spoiler Theresa I don’t mean to sound catty but with 2 books left I’d say Capo is up for grabs OK so you caught his attention with toilet paperLook at meee I am all wrapped upYou are driving a classic car – niceHuh well so can IYou impressed him with your grace beauty and bodyWell I got some moves myselfBesides I got a stock supply of conditioner one even signed by the Goddess herself Capo himself snickers hide spoiler