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Seventeen year old Taylor Gray moves to Sterling Island to get over her dead boyfriend Mom’s cool with letting her crash on the couch but Taylor needs to get a job before the lights are cut off againWhen the tall dark and crazy Raine Tsunami offers her a position at his thriving. 25 rounded up I'm not a big fan of ghost centered books They just don't appeal to me While this one was interesting to read it was rather bland Taylor leaves school and her father to live with her mother who makes poor life choices to Sterling Island Which is extremely haunted Seriously Turn the corner and someone died there thus haunted The reason for her sudden change is because her best friend died and she feels guilty for his death She gets a job and tries to move on with her life as best as she knows how Taylor meets new friends and gets pulled into ghost tours which make serious money Like I'm in the wrong profession these kids make so much moneyThere's just one catch Taylor doesn't believe in ghosts You could probably guess the ending after that This story is about a girl moving on from her guilt of her dead friend and finding new love It's a simple read and if you're looking for something that doesn't have a lot of twists this is for you

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Wherever You AreHost stories are just legendsWhen Taylor comes face to face with a ghost and Raine crosses the line between friend and boyfriend Taylor’s new life collides with her haunted past If murdered people end up as ghosts then that someone she was trying to forget is probably watching he. An underdog who battles self blame and maternal neglect Taylor is an eminently likeable protagonist She refuses to surrender to the caprices of fate; instead she works and plans to build a life for herself however humble Her worst enemy is the guilt over her friend’s death that Taylor wears like a hair shirt and that eventually readers may find a bit wearingSecondary characters are drawn well Margret the motherly historical society matron is a delight as is Anna the kind new friend People are attracted to Taylor’s honest and unpretentious demeanor and I found it endearing that Taylor cannot fathom what others see in her As her confidence develops she is finally able to embrace her new community and envision a relationship with the affable Raine Though the ghost tour venture begins as a need for ready cash it grows into sweet encounters in which Taylor and Reine explore their new relationshipLast year my daughter and I embarked on a ghost tour of San Francisco and found ourselves thoroughly entertained with thrilling stories of troubled apparitions and the kind of local history you rarely read in textbooks So it was no surprise to me that my favorite passages of Phantom Summer were those that followed Taylor and Raine down dark alleys and shadowed streets Through these characters I was able to indulge myself once again in the excitement of ghost lore and night walksOne thing I found missing from Phantom Summer was a definitive climax The ending sort of devolves into a repetitive angst fest rather than rising to a climactic moment A ghost novel provides the perfect setting for a dramatic and poignant ending so I found the lack disappointingI believe teen girls especially those dealing with the loss of a relationship will find this book engaging as it follows a young person’s journey through grief in all its incarnations Taylor’s pragmatic if pessimistic approach to love and life will bolster the courage of any reader who finds herself fighting self doubt yearning to move forward but hampered by the past

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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Wherever You Are ð Seventeen year old Taylor Gray moves to Sterling Island to get over her dead boyfriend Mom’s cool with letting her crash on the couch but Taylor needs to get a job before the lights are cut off againWhen the tall dark and crazy Raine Tsunami offers her a position at his thriving ghost tour business she figuresGhost tour business she figures it’s an easy way to make some cash Taylor isn’t afraid of ghosts that crap is as fake as her mom’s boob job She loves their adventures on the historic island especially the secret places he shows her when the crowds go home So what if all the g. You don't know what sad is until you do something really bad Like if you accidentally kill your best friend And once you've known sorrow like that you don't have to wear all black to prove itI'm not I'm such a baby when it comes to scary books I'm not a fan at all so I was really glad to find that Phantom Summer wasn't some creepy ghost story but a story about friendships grief and love with some really cool ghost tales thrown in for good measureSeventeen year old Taylor Grey is dealing with grief loss and guilt when she makes the decision to move away from her Dad and live with her Mum in the beachside town of Sterling Island Taylor is running from the memories of her best friend and the boy she was in love with Brendan who died She is not looking for love She had that with Brendan and it didn't turn out so well But she didn't count on the gorgeous and uirky Raine entering her life and putting her all in a spinTaylor was such a wonderful character although at first I didn't like her But grief is such a hard thing to deal with and add into that the added guilt that Taylor feels over Brendan's death and you have a girl who is all kinds of sad The move to live with her mum might take her away from the proximity of where she spent her time with Brendan but now she also has to deal with her Mum's issues as well and for the most part Taylor is the grown up of the twoNot long after arriving in Sterling Island Taylor encounters Raine Tsunami the local ghost tour guide Raine and almost everyone in the town believe in ghosts and has a story to tell But Taylor doesn't buy it Ghosts are not real But she ends up spending time with Raine as he takes her on his adventures digging into the latest ghost story Even if she doesn't believe she still enjoys the time they spend together and the discoveries they make I loved the progression of the relationship between Raine and Taylor The had a really great friendship But along with Taylor's increasing feelings towards Raine also comes a growth in the depth of her guilt What would Brendan think of her feelings for Raine He brings his lips down to mine and they suish together perfectly in what is sure to be the world's most epic kiss It will go down in history as the greatest kiss known to man We'll be famous I loved Raine and all his ghost stories He was popular and outgoing The complete opposite to Taylor I loved that he was so sure of his beliefs But we also got to see a side to him that all his adoring fans didn't get to see Things haven't always been so easy for him But above everything he is a good son and a great brother and friendPhantom Summer is a book that has some depth to it but also has lots of light fun moments I especially enjoyed the romance along with hearing the history related to all the town's ghost stories A really enjoyable read45 Ghostly Stars