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Sander and Lashe Bartel belong to the Order a clandestine group of wealthy men with a penchant for sharing women Their responsibilities include assuring the privacy of the members Discovering that one of the journalists working at their publishing company had deceptively posed as a submissive at the club they react posthaste Trish Lawton intends to wri. This was the last book in the series and I feel like we ended up with some unanswered uestions This is the second time I read this book about 3 years apart I enjoyed the book for what it is on face value and so glad I read the series a second time This is my favorite characters as Trish is an independent woman who is trying ot prove the lifestyle is for abusers and went undercover into a club and was caught Lashe and Sander had watched her when she was in the club and were sure she was a submissive and set up with Safeword LLC the opportunity for her to educate herself on the lifestyle and herself As you went on this journey with her her reactions to admitting she was submissive were priceless It was fun to read and I am glad I took the opportunity and reread

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An Undercover Submissive Safeword LLC #5D LLC She accepts the placement and they slowly integrate her into their lifestyle An explosive encounter reveals that Trish has continued her investigation Is the damage done by their undercover submissive too extensive to salvage their relationshipNote There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblingsWord Count 519. SHadow‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4 STARSThis is the fifth in the Safeword LLC series and is a return to the exceptionally good writing of the first three books Trish was discovered wearing a wire in a BDSM Club in order to gain information for the story she was writing Not only was she banned from the club for life it also turned out that her bosses were members of the club and she resigned her job to avoid a conflict of interestWhen Kennedy Van Camp approached Trish and offered her the opportunity to explore the BDSM lifestyle Trish couldn’t pass up the opportunity What she didn’t expect was that the two men who wanted her as their submissive were her bosses Lashe and Sander BartelStill certain she could learn enough for her story she agrees to explore the lifestyle but wants a contract to be day by dayThe two men are drawn to Trish in a way they can’t describe and they slowly introduce her to BDSM As they do all three of them begin to care for each other Can the two men earn her trust and overlook her secretsThis book was well written and hotter than a firecracker with a good plot and very interesting characters The two Doms are caring cautious and supportive and the heroine was intelligent brave and independent about her job Other than a few typos this was a captivating read and I will be looking for from this author

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CHARACTERS An Undercover Submissive (Safeword, LLC #5) 107 ë Sander and Lashe Bartel belong to the Order a clandestine group of wealthy men with a penchant for sharing women Their responsibilities include assuring the privacy of the members Discovering that one of the journalists working at their publishing company had deceptively pTe an exposé accusing an admired senator of spending his free time abusing women in the guise of BDSM Unfortunately she doesn’t realize the extent to which Sander and Lashe will go to stop her But is it really in the name of the OrderTo mitigate further damage and to explore the intense attraction they feel for Trish Sander and Lashe utilize Safewor. Trish intends to write an exposé accusing an admired Senator of abusing women in the guise of BDSM Unfortunately she’d been caught infiltrating the lifestyle Sander and Lashe decide to use her deception to their advantage They want her for themselves Can they convince this undercover submissive that she’s actually meant to be theirs Trish Lawton was going to make a name for herself in the news world She was about to blow the lid of a kinky Senator and she doesn’t care who goes down with him After witnessing the Senator in action she believes all members of Safeword LLC a BDSM club are either abusive or being abused Posing with a fake background and application got her into the sacred club asking nosey uestions and lying got her kicked out uickly Now the owner of the club has offered Trish the chance of a lifetime to experience the club under two Doms How can she pass up this opportunitySander and LasheBartel had their eyes set on Trish long before they knew she was one of their employees Her delving into the private lives of theirs and the club members found her jobless though Now they want to set the record straight Can seven days under the tutelage of these two Doms change her mind on the lifestyle they livePeyton Elizabeth wields a good story with An Undercover Submissive I was a little worried that jumping into a series at book 5 would find me a little lost Don’t be put off by this I was hooked right into the first page and never looked back There were a few story lines I wish I would have know what happened in the past but it didn’t deter nor take away from the story at all So engrained in this book I was I didn’t even realize how mad I was getting at Lashe and Sander and Trish until I walked away from the book for a moment It hooked me that much I was talking to myself about it Good job Ms Elizabeth I will now have to catch up on books 1 4