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Free download Tender is the Knight ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü 1228 AD After a vicious battle with old adversaries that sees his father killed Sir Dennis d'Vant finds himself the head of the House of d'Vant A house descended from the kings of Cornwall they are a proud but warring people Their most hated ene1228 AD After a vicious battle with old adversaries that sees his father killed Sir Dennis d'Vant finds himself the head of the House of d'Vant A house descended from the kings of Cornwall they are a proud but warring people Their most hated enemy is their neighbor to the north the rich and cunning Earl of Cornwall Dennis however is not like his forefathers; a giant of a man and a skilled warrior he is also uiet and gentle He does not possess the same fiery instincts of his family and for that he is often looked upon as weakBut Dennis is anything but weak; he is brilliant and introspective He knows what it takes to achieve real peace When his father is killed he sends an offer of marriage to the Cornwall to cement a peaceful alliance between the two warring neighbors Dennis is trustworthy; the earl is not Little does Dennis. I was excited to try a historical romance book Not my usual genre but the plot caught my interest The book was very engaging at the start Throughout the book the hero Dennis was very honorable and with a surprising sweet spot the secondary characters were great company and the plot moved along nicely Dennis was the main reason I kept trying to finish this book and he doesn't disappoint as the hero Unfortunately with about 15 pages to go there is Nothing I like about the heroine Ryan any longer and I am abandoning this story I'm ready to smack Ryan across her stubborn and know it all cheek The first time she ran away it was a fun adventure By the fourth time or maybe 5th I'm losing count of her attempts it was making me actually want to yank on my hair and scream It was not 'endearing' or 'resourceful' Everytime she decided she had no choice but to run away on some dangerous or silly mission she just created a giant mess with people running all over looking for her friends getting hurt etc She was a 18 year old girl who just knew better than everyone else what was best She came across as the most selfish and foolish heroine I have had the displeasure of knowing in years She completely frustrated meI felt so sorry for her husband Dennis at the end and IMO he would have been better off putting her over his knee as he threatened at their first meeting

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Realize that his offer to marry a woman of the earl's choosing will change his life drastically than he could ever imagine and put the House of d'Vant in danger of being wiped from the face of the earthThe Lady Ryan de Bretagne is the daughter of the earl's captain Having no daughters himself the earl chooses Ryan to marry into the hated House of d'Vant Ryan is a feisty head strong woman and wants no part of the marriage but is forced to wed the giant knight with the mysterious gray eyes When he takes her back to St Austell Castle she is introduced to a shocking new world of women who dress and fight as knights of filthy keeps and filthy men and of a people who want to hate her simply because she is related to the Earl of Cornwall As Ryan struggles to become acclimated to her strange and frightening new world the Earl of C. Five glorious stars Kathryn Le Veue books are just fantastic Loved Dennis and Ryan they were so good together a beautiful romance I also loved a lot of the other characters too This was such a wonderful and exciting adventure so well written as always Highly recommended

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Tender is the KnightOrnwall works in secret to destroy the treaty he has agreed to fulfill thereby eliminating the House of d'Vant once and for all so he can confiscate their lands At the heart of all of the earl's animosity is a terrible secret that binds Cornwall to the House of d'Vant something so awful that it cannot be spoken of But those who know the secret know how very shameful it is to both sidesJoin Dennis and Ryan as they face one crisis after another from pirates that lay siege to St Austell Castle of dark family secrets and to wars in Wales when Dennis is forced to fight for the king in order to save his beloved castle But no obstacles are too much for Dennis and Ryan to overcome because beneath the hatred and deceit murder and lies a love stronger than life itself binds them together even as their two worlds try to tear them apar. The book would have been a much better read without the bad grammar and errors which should have been discovered by proofreading The romance needed a bit oomph and sass and would have been better if there was a story explaining their meeting and subseuent relationshipI fell in love with Dennis D'vant at first but soon lost the feeling with his craven behaviour Ryan annoyed me no end to the point I rolled my eyes at times and skimmed through the pages to get past her as soon as possible The character’s needed broader personalities and likableIt’s a shame this could have been an excellent read I did enjoy some of the story but grated my teeth to often with Ryan and her selfishness and brattiness If I were her husband she would have been placed in a scold’s bridle