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Hungry Ghosts review À eBook or Kindle ePUB × It is the spring of 2005 and the macabre ‘burning murders’ have ended Life has apparently returned to normal for the Thai island of SamuiFor private investigator David Braddock ‘normal’ means finding a missing drug smuggler sleeping with the Police Chief’s wife and ensuring his offiClouds are gathering and murderous forces are about to be unleashed which could destroy them both ‘Hungry Ghosts’ is the second volume in the ‘Time Blood and Karma’ series It marks the welcome return of David Braddock the charismatic anti hero from ‘Everyone Burns?. Wow wow wow I love series like this Books that entertain enlighten and leave you wanting for The first book in the series left me with the lingering pain of finishing a great book the nagging thoughts philosophical debates and musings of what would happen next and what happened next was a great seuelHungry Ghosts picks up a few weeks after the first book and you are immediately thrown into new characters new story lines and new frustrations I was amazed at how masterfully he wove in the older characters with the new Tying up all the loose ends and strands from the first book connecting the dots for this and leaving a few lingering for the next Braddock bookDolan has created such a complex character in Braddock and I both love and hate him for it Braddock is such a broken man that his actions are justifiable but at the same time it kills me to read them I hope that the next book helps heal his heart a bit

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It is the spring of 2005 and the macabre ‘burning murders’ have ended Life has apparently returned to normal for the Thai island of SamuiFor private investigator David Braddock ‘normal’ means finding a missing drug smuggler sleeping with the Police Chief’s wife and. Hungry Ghosts Time Karma and Blood Series Book 2 by John Dolan Family secrets family feuds betrayals and ghosts‘The spirits of the dead are all around us but it is we the living that are the true hungry ghosts’ I could not agree with the reflections of David Braddock the detective cum philosopher and therapist who is the protagonist of Hungry Ghosts the second book in the ‘Time Karma and Blood Series’ by John Dolan I read the first book in the series Everyone Burns and when I reviewed it I mentioned that I thought this would be a five star series but the first book left me wanting and with too many uestions pending Be reassured Hungry Ghosts delivers on all the promises of the first and and although of course this being a series everything could be resolved it answers many of the uestions whilst opening new avenues for enuiry and intriguing plots‘Sometimes I come across as superficial Of this I am aware However you may be confident that inside my head I am forever plumbing new shallows finding novel ways to express the obvious reheating old jokes’David Braddock one of the most peculiar detectives I’ve met in fiction and I am aware all famous detectives have uirks and characteristics that make them memorable is back with a vengeance Or rather he is the intended victim of a revenge attempt Vending the rules although it appears to be the standard MO in Thailand does not come without conseuences even there People die lives are destroyed and strange alliances are made and broken Not your standard day at the office If Braddock still retains many of the characteristics we’ve come to expect of most males detectives he has an array of love interests two of them married one related to him by first marriage we get to see of his softemotional side His strange relationships with his first wife now dead his daughter away in England his housekeeper not his maid as he insists throughout the whole book She is clearly much than a housekeeper as signalled by the fact that they have never had sex his mother in law and crucially his father Family secrets abound not only those of the Braddock family but also of other families Fathers and sons with troubled relationships are mirrored on both sides of the law although the lines are very fine and there is no black and white here rather different shades of grey and even Braddock’s Zen master the Old Monk has sons who are on opposite sides of the law The author shows his talent by using a variety of points of view throughout the novel that allow us to understand better the events and the motivations behind the actions of the characters We share in the murderer’s frame of mind the Chief of Police of Samui and his wife and Braddock’s lover the detective’s sister in law the gangsters We might side with Braddock but we are privy to the thoughts and feelings of others and are a step ahead That is why the twist at the end is even effective We should have seen it coming but we were too taken by the action and the story and rooting for the flawed hero to realise thatJohn Dolan treads carefully and manages to recap enough information to allow somebody who has not read the first novel to enjoy and make sense of this one whilst at the same time not boring somebody who has recently read ‘Everyone Burns’ and just nudging their memory especially with the unfamiliar names along David Braddock is fast becoming one of my favourite detectives Although an amateur at both detective work and psychology or therapeutic interventions he has a natural flair for both I couldn’t help but think that he might make an interesting team with Mary the psychiatrist who gets involved in all sorts of crimes in my stories It’s a thought Hungry Ghosts has gang warfare police corruption revenge murders and violence secrets and revelations honey traps and meddling employees witty repartees and reflections ‘I need to simplify my life so far as women are concerned Maybe I should get castrated and have done with it’ ghosts and padrinos Thai style I for one can’t wait to see what happens next and what will come of the sudden epiphany Braddock experiences in this book As he observes ‘We are the artisans of avoidance the fabricators of falsehoods We sell ourselves snake oil and we call it medicine’ I’m sure there will be revelations to come and I suspect the author might take us in unsuspected directions I am getting a ticket for the next trip Are you

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Hungry GhostsEnsuring his office manager’s latest money making scheme doesn’t bankrupt himFor Police Chief Charoenkul it means resuming his seemingly endless wait for that elusive promotion to BangkokHowever the peace is destined to be short lived Unbeknown to both men karmic storm. I admit – I’m reading this series out of order I’ve just finished Hungry Ghosts and have only started its predecessor Everyone Burns But that should be a clue If I don’t like the dish I don’t go back for secondsAnd I liked Hungry Ghosts A lot First it’s very very well written Meaning it is well crafted and has a strong voice So many books these days have only one or the other and those can be enjoyable too – the way a beauty contestant can make a great date even if she’s dumb as a stone But Hungry Ghosts is the runway model who went to Harvard And she knows how to have a good time to top it off – you know what I meanThe story centers around an ex pat Englishman named David Braddock who lives on an island off Thailand Braddock’s got a lot going on Between feeling emotionally ravaged by guilt over his wife’s death several sometime girlfriends who want either one thing or another an unreuited love some Thai gangsters and a homicidal maniac bent on revenge All of these somehow collide at his agency he’s a PI with a partner and a half a pushy whip smart Thai woman and her newborn baby even when he’s not investigatingDavid is a magnetic complex character whose flaws we forgive and against our better judgment perhaps whose best traits we exalt He’s surrounded by a motley crew of friends enemies and anything in between Nobody is eccentric and uirky simply for the reason of being eccentric and uirky either These are real people or at least they feel real and the author John Dolan writes with the voice of an experienced traveler world weary uncharted but chasing the dragon of the next new adventure nonetheless He explains a magical culture in plain rational language instead of getting all woo woo on us – although he does get woo woo on us Still as a reader I didn’t mind But I’m like thatSo go out and get Hungry Ghosts and its sibling Everyone Burns if you haven’t already It’s worth your time and money and then some And it’s a great way to feel like you’ve been to Thailand without have to get frisked at the airport and sit for twenty hours sandwiched between two nightly steak eaters from Atlanta