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Download The Devils Eyes Reader ´ The Devils Eyes ↠ Jennifer loren á Wrong side of the tracks—that’s where Kayla’s life has been Her only saving grace was her sister Braylin When Braylin dies Kayla goes on a mission to avenge her death Nick is the mysterious stranger with the alluring devil’s Wrong side of the tracks that’s where Kayla’s life has been Her only saving grace was her sister Braylin When Braylin dies Kayla goes on a mission to avenge her death Nick NOT REALLY Nicholas Jayzon commanded attention when he walked into a room If you were ever damned enough to make eye contact with him you would know what it is like to be lured in by The Devil's Eyes First of all this is NOT a paranormal romance I thought it was at first because of the title and frankly the cover isn't helping either After reading Sins Needles and Fallen Too Far I'm in need of dysfunctional romance fix and immediately thought of this one based on a recommendation made by a friend not so long agoDNF at 42%Good premise sloppy executionIt just didn't work for me The book feels rushed most of the time and the characters are so one dimensional it's annoying I am going to have to come up with something to get closer to Nick something other than having to sleep with him like the rest of his female entourage There has to be a way to get Nick to slip up and give me something to hold over him Actually I hated how Kayla planned everything and then just because one really stupid plan backfired she came waving a white flag at him I used to find that scenario funny what's wrong with me??I needed something dysfunctional and I got it But the way the MCs kept blowing hot and cold was too much that I gave up It's senseless and it's making my head spinIMO miscommunication and immature attitudes never make a good combination for a great story

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Lure Nick into her trap she has to become what he needs while trying to fight against her growing desires On a destructive path Kayla enters a secret world of underground cri 45 Holy Moly STARSThe Devil’s Eyes does not get enough credit It’s one crazy book with action romance and secrets It will leave you shaking once finishedKayla only has her sister Braylin When Braylin commits suicide because of a breakup it’s Kayla’s mission to avenge her sister’s death Kayla plans to seduce and hurt Nick Bryalin’s ex boyfriend But Nick is no normal boyfriend he’s lives a dangerous world that Kayla isn’t afraid to jump in WHAT A CRAZY STORY?I picked up The Devil’s Eyes because I wanted an action pack book with a damaged Hero and boy did I get that Kayla is a tough cookie Her story is very sad She loved her sister and doesn’t understand why Braylin killed herself Kayla decides to be a stripper for the club Nick owns What I love about Kayla is she is no “innocent” girl She wants to avenge her sister so she has to be a stripper? Sure She strips with pride and uses her brain to get Nick’s attentionThen she has to become a prostitute She again doesn’t bat an eye and this is when I get REALLY into the book I love leading ladies with sad past but a strong disposition that isn’t annoying Kayla isn’t like I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR she simply knows what she needs to do to get the job done She’s sassy funny and really smart I love interaction between the men that cross her pathAs for NICK he’s the Hero you love to hate and want to take to bed He’s a grade A jerk and not the kind where you understand his actions oh no he doesn’t care about anyone but himself Does he chase after Kayla? No Does he let her sell her body to other men? Yes Nick’s character is really interesting to me He has so much power and it comes with a high price Nick is untouchable Although he isn’t overly interested in Kayla you can tell he keeps his eye on her at leastConnor one of Kayla’s clients gets a little too interested with Kayla and things get really interesting There is a slight love triangle but the tension is so high it’s anything but entertaining I love the banter and lovehate relationship Kayla and Nick have I was glued to the pages and couldn’t get enoughA lot of obstacles go on in The Devil’s Eyes there’s NEVER a dull moment Just think a combination of Killing Sarai and Sempre It’s just crazy action suspense and you never know what’s going to happen The ending wasn’t a surprise but oh by the OPEN CLIFFY will leave you hanging speechless I enjoyed this book A LOT and I can’t wait for book 2 For reviews

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The Devils Eyes The Devils Eyes #1 Is the mysterious stranger with the alluring devil’s eyes He is attractive powerful and dangerous If not for her obsession for revenge Kayla would never dare go near him To This series is PHENOMENAL FAN FUCKIN TASTIC Im only Sorry that it took me a week to pick up to readthere are no words to describe how great the story line is the cover and the summary do not do justice on how good it isdo not let it fool you there is so much to this series so much saying that its phenomenal is an understatement you'll love iti literally stayed up two nights in a row till 5 am in the morning over the holiday break which was so hard because i was so busy with family but when the day ended and i was in bed it was so on Thursday and Friday nite i could not put this book down so be prepared when you begin to readso what ever you are reading now or are about to read stop and pick up This Series you will not regret itI Fell head over heels inlove with Kayla's and Nick story what can i say without ruining it not much because the summary just touches very little on the story line and book one barley scratches the surface you can't read book one with out book twoKayla and Nick both come from unloving families they both had a ruff upbringingNick becomes the big top dog in the city and runs it He is a genious and one bad ass mother f you do not want to mess with he is so smart and attractive very charming and to cocky for his own good you can not help but to fall in love with him no one can i know i did sighhh Kayla on the other hand has a sister Braylin who she loves then anything they both leave home and runaway from there horrible upbringingBraylin takes care of Kayla working while Kayla finishes school which Kayla is also very smart they dont have much but they have each others love Braylin meets Nick and falls in love of coarse cant blame her there lolKayla sees there relationship and is in awe with Nick as well but he hardly acknowledges her so she thinkseventually it comes to an end Nick leaves Braylin and she becomes a mess over him tryin to get him back which doesnt happen and she kills her selft Kayla is devastated by this and believes her sister would never leave her and blames NickSo she she does everything in her power to get to the bottom of itshe learns everything about him studies him because she now has nothing to loose she plans to go after him and kill himshe goes and works for him at his strip club and does everything to get his attention and she does eventually and they begin a friendship which they hate each other at first but it turns into so much and it even clouds her judgement and the drama begins she gets involved in Nick's life style and learns the truth of her sister's death and becomes a target in the process and thats when everything pops off action after action so many twist you wont even see it comin when you think you know YOU HAVE NO FUCKIN CLUE its a rollercoaster nail biting heartbreaking hot steamy screamin fustrating mind blowing jaw droping crazy mixed emotions going on in this series but you will love all of it no doubt its not enough you will want i still do and can not wait for The Devil's Son to come out and The Devil's Masurade ahhhhhhhhh im still Reeling over these characters i cant stop thinkin bout them im in a slump and need a good fix to get over them This series has truley became my top favorite 3 of books omg i love it so muchplease take the time and read itttttttttttttt i promise you'll love it as much the Arthur is pure Genious Im obsessed if i could it would be a 5 star plus