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Nds with her brutal honesty and soft touch Des knows this is a temporary stay but she loves the open freedom of the land and for the first time in her life Des feels like she might ha HOPE IGNITES was enjoyable for me I really liked Logan and Desiree There is something about the famous actoractress that finds escape in the peace of a ranch that appeals to me DetailsLogan knew he was crazy for renting his ranch to a movie company but that was only confirmed when he met leading actress Desiree Jenkins One look at her and he knew she was trouble and that was before he met her bold declarations and her down home appeal Desiree and her costar Colt are as close as friends can be Both face their own problems with love as Colt wants to come ‘out’ with his boyfriend and Des begins to find the missing peace in her nomadic life on the ranch with Logan Logan is boarder line rude with Des and Colt numerous times He’s less willing to admit how much Des is getting under his skin despite multiple appearances on set of her movie Caring the pain from his mother not being able to accept the ranch life Logan isn’t willing to give Des a chance Their no strings romance has to come to an end at the wrap party and where Des is willing to bend to make a relationship work Logan is not Just in time for her movie premier Logan surprises Des When it comes to love nothing is impossible

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Hope IgnitesVe found a place she can call home with a man she might be falling in love with But Logan’s heart is tougher than the soil beneath them can she convince him that they belong togethe My first foray into Jaci Burton's Hope series and I loved it Thought the heroine was great liked her chemistry with the hero and loved the descriptions of ranching life I've found my new comfort read series now I need to go back and read the first book

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Free eBook ç ePub Hope Ignites è 9780425259771 ✓ moneyexpresscard ☆ Logan McCormack likes his isolated life on the ranch until a movie crew starts filming there When actress Desiree Jenkins blows into his life she wrecks it harder than the Oklahoma winds with her brutal honesty and soft toLogan McCormack likes his isolated life on the ranch until a movie crew starts filming there When actress Desiree Jenkins blows into his life she wrecks it harder than the Oklahoma wi Hope Ignites is the second story in the Hope series and like the first one it’s a winning combination of romance small town charm and characters that burrow into your heart Hope Ignites centers on Logan Luke’s from the first book oldest brother Logan has rented out a portion of his forty five thousand acre cattle ranch to a movie shoot Logan could care less about movies or stars and so when he runs into Desiree the gorgeous Hollywood actress starring in the film he doesn’t go out of his way to be welcoming Still he can’t deny the mutual attraction that simmers under the surface but he has no intention of getting involved with a movie star High maintenance is so not his style Yet Desiree surprises him with her friendly and straightforward personality She doesn’t put on airs and seems to genuinely love the ranch and country life but she’s only around for the movie shoot and then she’ll be gone Desiree is becoming disillusioned with the movie business and wants from life that just moving from one movie location to the next She wouldn’t mind cutting back on films and finding a nice uite place away from Hollywood to settle down in The small town of Hope seems to tick many boxes and big time bonus it has Logan the sexy as hell cowboy rancher Win She’s drawn to this taciturn man and wouldn’t mind seeing what makes him tickShe liked this man He might be a little on the uiet side but underneath? There was a fierce storm brewing in Logan McCormack And she’d like to be in the middle of that when it burstI’m always attracted to small town romances they seem to have interesting secondary characters and an old fashioned country setting that I wished I lived in Hope Ignites fit the bill perfectly Plus most of the story takes place on a gorgeous cattle ranch which is another one of my fantasy home locations Of course I always picture a smoking hot cowboy like Logan being part of this whole fantasy scenario What? Let a girl dream already I enjoyed the whole movie star aspect to the story and it was interesting to see how crazy Desiree’s life could be Being involved with Logan and his normal life with normal genuine people was just what Desiree neededBoth Logan and Desiree were easy to love They had a mature look on life and love and this story was mostly free of frustrating non communication issues Desiree was an outgoing straight talker and not afraid to say exactly what she wants I liked that she wasn’t into playing games and that uality was perfect for Logan Logan fit my dream cowboyrancher type Every time I think of a hot guy in cowboy boots and hat sitting atop a horse I swoon a bit He was moody broody and not much of a conversationalist but the words he said held weight He was a no BS kind of guy not impressed by show or status but also a guy who loved his brothers and his surrogate mother and father Martha and Ben fiercely and would do anything for the ones he cared about While the romance was low on angst is was high in heatDes’s world exploded as soon as Logan’s mouth met hers He wasn’t gentle There was no finesse in this kiss no artful choreographed slow exploration There was just a hungry passion of melding lips and searching tonguesDesiree seems to be his perfect match but Logan but old insecurities creep in from his side and cause him to hold back He doesn’t want to make the same mistake his father made by getting involved with a woman who hated ranch life and became resentful later She also wasn’t much of a mother and left without a second glance back when his father died leaving emotional scars on all three of the boys The ending was a little rushed but I loved how it turned out and I know I see Logan and Desiree in the next book as secondary characters so I can live with that It was lovely to “see” Luke and Emma going strong and lending support and friendship our couple I can’t wait for the next book in the series Hope Burns which sounds a bit angsty A copy was provided by Jove in exchanged for an honest reviewCome visit The Readers Den for a chance to win a copy