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A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story Download ´ 102 ↠ The surprising stunning book that took the publishing world by storm a coming of age memoir of unimaginable perils and unexpected joys steeped in the rhythms of folk tales and poetry that is as unforgettable as it is rare a treasure for readers ais Akbar OmThe surprising stunning book that took the publishing world by storm a coming of age memoir of unimaginable perils and unexpected joys steeped in the rhythms of folk tales and poetry that is as unforgettable as it is rare a treasure for readers ais Akbar Omar was born in Kabul in a time of relative peace Until he was 7 he lived with his father a high school physics teacher and mother a bank manager in the spacious garden filled compound his grandfather had built Noisy with the laughter of his cousins with. I have long carried this load of griefs in the cage of my heart Now I have given them to you I hope you are strong enough to hold them I give this book all the stars that are shining bright in the sky tonight I am spellbound I am stunned I have no words to describe the grief this book holds I bought A Fort of Nine Towers because I am a huge Khaled Hosseini fan and he loved it I knew I had to buy it and within 48 hours I finished the book and I am writing this review with a heavy heart This is the writer ais Akbar Omar's real life story his sufferings and his devastating war experience in Afghanistan This is the first book on a true life memoir of growing up in the raging war zone of Afghanistan A few times I found myself smiling and crying at the same time because despite all the pain the writer has managed to pen down his horrifying experiences on a lighter note but it speaks volumes of sadness It truly doesA Fort of Nine Towers is a lyrical powerful and a harrowing memoir of one family and how the war shattered their lives When the civil war started getting out of hands eleven year old ais and his family set out to their aunt's house to escape the war but a whole lot of life changing experiences were on the way ais and his family live like Kuchis nomads they live inside the head of a huge Buddha statue he was bitten by a dog one human like dog bites him later he meets a deaf woman who becomes his teacher and teaches him everything about weaving carpets His grandfather's wise words his friendship with Wakeel — the love and admiration he has for them is heart warmingEvery word every sentence left me speechless I can not for the life of me comprehend the mental and physical traumas they must have endured I could feel their pain I cried when someone died This is just one family's experience it pains me to think about all the other families who have gone through similar grief and faced similar situations I felt like I knew the characters personally I could feel their traumas I empathised with themA must read book for everyone who loves to read and for everyone who does not read I want every single person on earth to read this book to know what war does how much destruction it causes how someone sleeps after being bombed several times a day to know how to go on about life after coming face to face with death at least three times to know how to not lose hope even though death was dancing around their heads every time of every day to know how to live a righteous life after going through years of transgression I could go on about this book but I will end it here Go buy this book and I promise you you will be overwhelmed with countless emotions

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Whom they lived in the typical Afghan style fragrant with the scent of roses and apple blossoms and rich in shady tucked away spots where ais and his grandfather sat and read home was the idyllic centre of their uiet comfortable life But in the wake of the Russian withdrawal and the bloody civil conflict that erupted his family was forced to flee and take refuge in the legendary Fort of Nine Towers a centuries old palace in the hills on the far side of Kabul On a perilous trip home Omar and his father were. This is a book of epic proportions It is an autobiography of a child’s upbringing in Afghanistan The scope and the encounters are breathtaking Despite the anguish he his family and his country have undergone the author writes with great tendernessWe begin with the end of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan Due to the chaos of the warring factions in Kabul his family are forced to leave the ancestral home – which becomes taken over by thugs They try unsuccessfully a few times to return to their home; the results are beyond tragedy Page 85 my book Grandfather had just survived a near encounter with death; yet he was even devastated to know that though our house was right in front of us we could not go in We walked into the street We stood there and stared at our house and said nothingThey live for a time in a compound known by the books title Nine Towers – and they return back there towards the end of their long sojourn across their shattered land They are forced to flee Kabul and the Nine Towers due to the imperilled conditions in Kabul where rockets and bombs are hurled hither and thither between different groups In their travels they are met at times with overwhelming kindness from strangers who provide the author and his family his parents with their five children – three girls and two boys with shelter and nourishmentAs conditions between the warring factions change they are forced to flee time and again to find some form of safety For a time they reside in the Bamyan Buddha statuesPage 169 my book I had always expected I would see our Buddha again But the storm of ignorance that has been raging in Afghanistan for so many decades smashed him to bits before I could return I once lived inside his head Now he lives in mineAnd in this splintered country there is extreme brutality There is no such place as a safety zone The Taliban provide some measure of stability no bombs are exploding but women can only leave the home covered in a bura and with a male escort However everyone is afraid to leave the house for fear of transgressing a Taliban edict The author as a teenager is savagely imprisoned for over a week due to his hair style After the invasion in October 2001 Kabul residents are ecstatic once again to be able to listen to music which was forbidden by the Taliban The author does not detail the years after 2001 This book is about the prior years It is written with wonderful elouence of the conversations and encounters in this most devastated on nations We come away from this book with a clarity and to some extent a hopefulness It is a searing account of his upbringing The author writes very lyrically with a great deal of soulfulness

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A Fort of Nine Towers An Afghan Family StoryKidnapped narrowly escaping and the family fled again his parents leading their 6 children on a remarkable sometimes wondrous journey Hiding inside the famous giant Bamiyan Buddhas sculpture and among Kurchi herders Omar cobbles together an education learning the beautiful art of carpet weaving from a deaf mute girl which will become the family's means of support Against a backdrop of uncertainty violence and absurdity young ais Omar weaves together a story and a self that is complex colourful and profound. Whew This is ais detailing his life in Afghanistan from about 1992 until just recently He is 10 at the beginning and his family lives in Kabul in his Grandfather's house compound No further synopsis just a reactionFinally I have some idea about the real crux of Afghanistan's instability and decades of war Civil War prime actually with than just a couple of opponents is only one set of factors And not based in just religious differences at all but also in tribal economic cultural s and manners clash Sounding like a beautiful physical environment in different climates and filled with families of close attachment and dedication to blood connection STILL there is such uncertainty underpinning all The journey that this family takes to stay together stay alive and try to leave Afghanistan itself well it is beyond my describing ability Three steps backward for even one forward Readers need strong stomach to get through times when ais and his father get caught in different factions' nets While trying to retrieve from their own former home yet It's a memoir that purely glows with sharp eyes and poetic imagination within the most difficult of harrowing and impossible to foresee outcomes This book was not recommended to me but found without any previewing or trailer read on the New shelf and taken without any idea that it would be this illuminating This is a must read to Middle Eastern Palestine Syria Libya absolutely base conflict understanding as well as Afghan War perception It's not just from the outside in or ideologue movement or faith based difference; it's far complex If there was a sixth star rating this one would get it