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review Une vie author Guy de Maupassant

Une vie author Guy de Maupassant review ì 3 Ò Jeanne ayant fini ses malles s'approcha de la fenêtre mais la pluie ne cessait pas L'averse toute la nuit avait sonné contre les carreaux et les toits Le ciel bas et chargé d'eau semblait crevé se vidant sur la terre la délayant en bouillie la fondant comme du sucre Des rafales passaienté d'eau semblait crevé se vidant sur la terre la délayant en bouillie la fondant comme du sucre Des rafales passaient pleines d'une chaleur lourde Le ronflement des ruiss. Upon completion of her convent education at the age of seventeen Jeanne is taken home by her father to start her adult life Jeanne wearing metaphorical rose tinted spectacles is dreaming of a future of romance a happy marriage and two children a boy followed not long after by a girl Jeanne's wealthy parents are providing her with a property of her own So it seems that she is off to a good startBut is she Things don't go entirely to plan and she soon learns about love and life It is not so very long before her fresh joyful attitude changes to cynicism Tout n’était donc ue misère chagrin malheur et mort Tout trompait tout mentait tout faisait souffrir et pleurerAnd every time you think that things can't get worse they doClouds are said to have silver linings and fortunately Jeanne has them in the form of supportive parents and the maid Rosalie It is ultimately Rosalie who tells Jeanne that La vie voyez vous ça n’est jamais si bon ni si mauvais u’on croitDe Maupassant is known as a master of short story writing but he certainly knew how to write longer works too I can't vouch for any translation but in the original French the writing is just beautiful Maupassant deftly uses nature and the elements to provide not only a marvellous atmosphere and beautiful descriptions but also for example to create a sense of foreboding in his description of autumn He creates a story of the ordinary life of an ordinary girl but oh what a dismal life

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Eaux débordés emplissait les rues désertes où les maisons comme des éponges buvaient l'humidité ui pénétrait au dedans et faisait suer les murs de la cave au grenier. I love Maupassant and always find he tackles the timeless difficult issues of life that resonate down through the ages with masterly and devastating acuity The ‘life’ we examine is that of Jeanne a naive young country girl born into a life of privilege and convent educated but destined to misfortune and tragedy Poor Jeanne who is slow to acuire any degree of self knowledge and never really understands the realities of the life with all its brutal contradictions and so is a ‘victim’ in devastating fashion Her early life is idyllic and she lives with adoring parents in beautiful seclusion in a chateau in Normandy on an estate by the sea “facing her was a broad lawn as yellow as butter under the night sky Two tall trees rose up like steeples in front of the house a plane to the north and a linden to the south Jeanne gazed at the broad surface of the sea which looked like watered silk sleeping peacefully under the stars In the uiet of the sunless sky all the scents of the earth rose up into the air A jessamine climbing round the downstairs windows gave a penetrating scent which mingled with the fainter smell of the young leaves Gentle gusts of wind were blowing laden with the sharp tang of the salt and the heavy sticky reek of seaweed At first the girl was happy just breathing the night air; the peace of the countryside had the calming effect of a cool bath”From daydreaming and being a free spirited youth where ‘her whole childhood at the convent had been taken up with the future and she had busied herself with fantasies’ but reality stalks her upon her wedding night and all her illusions are shattered when her Father suddenly draws off our spirited young innocent to invoke her submission “ remember this and only this you belong totally to your husband” and from that point onward poor Jeanne is wracked by the vicissitudes of a cruel world she doesn’t understand and knows only fleetingly love and happiness but experiences at great length loss betrayal and humiliation From this moment onward the life of the poor ingénue disintegrates and degradation follows and after a short lived romance surrounded by greed and avarice she is given over to despair “She believed herself to be so directly the target of unrelenting misfortune that she became as fatalistic as an Oriental; and the habitual experience of seeing all her hopes and dreams crumble and vanish meant that she shrank from all further endeavour”The author shows the slow disintegration that follows and the complete demoralisation of the young girl now become the embittered middle aged woman “Sometimes she would spend the whole afternoon sitting looking at the sea; sometimes she went down to Yport through the wood repeating the walks of old days which she could not forget What a long time it was since she had wondered through the countryside as a young girl intoxicated with dreams”Those closest to her will disappoint and betray her and she is shocked and repelled at the cravenness of human beings slaves to the foul procedures of carnal love that makes cowards of the heart as well as the body Mankind seemed to her unclean when she thought of all the dirty secrets of the senses the degrading caresses and the diml

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Une vie author Guy de MaupassaJeanne ayant fini ses malles s'approcha de la fenêtre mais la pluie ne cessait pas L'averse toute la nuit avait sonné contre les carreaux et les toits Le ciel bas et charg. Compared to Bel Ami this was a slower paced read but the writing is nonetheless beautiful I was captivated by Maupassant's sensitivities in his descriptive skills in general It is a carefully crafted story of an aristocratic lady with a sheltered bring up who has lived through shattered dreams about love unhappiness in marriage betrayals by husband best friend and friends disillusions with the s of her times and disappointment with life in general Maupassant writes with compassion where the protagonist is concerned and with clear sighted satire on the subject of religion and dogmasThe setting is mainly in a seaside suburb of Rouen with some diversion to the island of Corsica all beautifully portrayed The times are in the early 19th centuryI was totally transported by the writing whether it was the twists and turns of the story or the enthralling descriptions of thoughts and emotions or the refined painting of places and scenes My only complaint is that the ending seemed to be a bit abrupt