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KINDLE ´ The Amber Spyglass µ Philip Pullman Will is the bearer of the knife Now accompanied by angels his task is to deliver that powerful dangerous weapon to Lord Asriel by the command of his dying fatherBut ho This is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper TS EliotWarning Contains spoilers The Amber Spyglass is the final volume in His Dark Materials trilogyI really enjoyed Northern Lights or The Golden Compass as it is titled in the US the first volume of the trilogy Pullman introducted us to a fantastic world of great scope It was suspenseful the presented world was enchanting and Northern Lights was pregnant with interesting ideas and concepts that's why I chose to read all threeThe next one The Subtle Knife was laborious indeed Most of what made Northern Lights wonderful was dropped there was no world building in this volume the characters seemed stalled and the book was a chore It was a transitional piece so some of these things might be excused and I approached the final installment expecting a grand payoff The Amber Spyglass is no Return of The King It's the ugly baby that came out of Pullman's imagination and his hatred of religion The novels is such a tremendous let down that it's hard to decide where to start a list of its failingsLyra the cocky and bratty protagonist of Northern Lights disappears almost entirely Lyra from The Amber Spyglass is almost fullly submissive to Will Oh Will What shall we do? Will Oh Will Where is the girl who rescued children and planned it all on her own? Here Lyra doesn't seem to be able to do anything without depending on WillThe redemption of Mrs Coulter is totally unconvincing The Grand Evil Lady who was so great in Northern Lights suddenly out of the blue starts loving Lyra This is just so ridiculously uncharacteristic and unbelieveable The great villain is reduced to a mere puppet in Pullman's hands who seems to have forgotten how to hold the stringsNot that other characters are handled expertly Aside from Lyra who was reduced to a dependand sissy and Will the grand young adult fiction boy on a uest stereotype Pullman introduces and characters like the new race of Mulefa the bug like creatures He then goes on a tangent describing their culture which while interesting doesn't add much to the plotThe figure of Father Gomez who is sent by the Church to kill Lyra is just a cheap way of maintaing tension He never faces his victim and dies from the hand of a character we believed to be dead several hundred pages previously His sections are nothing but fillerThe theological uestions are never developed Pullman literally stated in the previous volume that every Church is evil without showing why He didn't show how Chuch uses religion to manipulate the consciences of people we are treated only to Pullman's version of the Church which is evil because the author told us it's evil Everyone associated with Church is EVIL at a cartoonish level Mother Theresa has evaporated from Pullman's cosmos and took all the good priests along with herThere's no conflict inside the Magisterium no good voices are drowned by the bad ones because everyone is bad All of these evils are dressed in the not at all veiled robes of Christianity especially the Catholic Church These evils are never really shown we're just told they are evil O

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FREE PDF ↠ BOOK The Amber Spyglass ¹ MONEYEXPRESSCARD è Will is the bearer of the knife Now accompanied by angels his task is to deliver that powerful dangerous weapon to Lord Asriel by the command of his dying fatherBut how can he go looking for Lord Asriel when Lyra is gone? Only with her help can he fathom the my W can he go looking for Lord Asriel when Lyra is gone? Only with her help can he fathom the myriad plots and intrigues that beset him The two great powers of the many i just decided to copy and paste a response i wrote regarding this book in one of the GR groups that is inexcusably lazy so sue me also it is full of SPOILERS i think one of the most uniue things about this book is the fact that one protagonist is a liar and the other is a murderer not only is that uncommon particularly in YA lit it is transgressive i like how the tools that help these two in their amazing adventures are ones that are normally displayed by villains and without their ruthless abilities to lie and to kill they wouldn't have survived to put these abilities in the hands of the protagonists is one way of showing that despite having negative attributes a person can still be good and still be heroic the characters are as complex as real people in that they are not all good and in many ways both the ability to lie and the ability to kill come back to haunt both children particularly the latter they don't just get a free pass by the author but nor are their flaws portrayed in a black and white way many children lie many people in the world have killed but doing either does not make them automatically villains i like that as well as far as the author's atheism goes it doesn't bother me and i think the series is uite separate from his point of view the God that is destroyed is not actually God he is a despot angel gone to seed an imposter i actually found the book to be exceedingly spiritual and very much connected to the ideas of love for humanity love for nature even love for spirituality in its own way now obviously pullman is a curmudgeonly atheistbut i don't see those views shoved down readers' throats during the series what i see is an ability to use ideas of 'angels' and 'heaven' without sentiment and to even subvert Christian paradigmswithout actually saying 'There Is No God or Heaven' that may be implied but i think it can be argued that the opposite is also impliedthat there may be a God and a Heaven that is above all of these angel hierarchies all of the warfare as a God lover myself i would hesitate to call myself 'Christian' i am always on the look out for sneaky nihilistic anti spirituality tracts those kinds of things annoy me just as much as the display of judgmental religious rhetoric despite the author's personal perspective i didn't notice that in this series and i was looking for it angels warring and a False God Angel to me do not amount to a renunciation of faith if anything it illustrates a critical stance towards current organized religion i can deal with that it is not all or nothing or black white it is a grey scale and as i've mentioned overall i found the novel to be deeply spiritual pullman may be a curmudgeonly atheist; the morality of the book itself is not personally i thought the Chronicles of Narnia one of my favorite series was far overt in its religious teachings than Golden Compass was in its 'uestion what you have been taught' lessons Chronicles was a wonderful adventure AND a clear religious allegory Golden Compass is a wonderful adventure AND a lesson in not blindly following faith with the ultimate lesson that

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The Amber SpyglassWorlds are lining up for war and Will must find Lyra for together they are on their way to battle an inevitable journey that will even take them to the world of the de George wake up Ungh what time is it? I think about four am You were having a nightmare Mmmn Hey you're shaking Come over here It's alright Do you want to tell me about it? Ann Coulter and Satan jump into the void and pull him down with them The evil archangel I'm sorry? Ah it doesn't make much sense does it? But it did in the dream It was even noble and tragic I think What else happened? Well I know I shouldn't have stayed up reading that physics book There was something about dark matter and angels I think angels were dark matter? But they weren't dark when you looked at them in the right way I built a sort of telescope and I could see them You should have come to bed with me Remember that next time I will And ah let me see God lived in a Calabi Yau manifold A what? One of those twisty six dimensional shapes that string theorists like I showed you a picture right? Oh yes now I know what you mean So God's in his whatever and all is well with the world? No he's tired and he has some kind of accident That was a good thing though You're still not making any sense I know I know And they can't ever see each other again They're in different branes That was so sad Different brains? Branes B R A N E S You know parallel universes floating in multi dimensional space Anyway he has to return to his brane and he's lost her forever George try to go back to sleep We'll be so tired tomorrow I just want to write this down before I forget it It was really good I think I could turn it into a book Tomorrow George Okay it'll wait until the morning And you know what? What? I'm so glad we're in the same space time continuum Oh George that's the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me Heh I thought you'd like it Goodnight sweetheart Goodnight George Mm Mm