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characters From Here to Eternity 107 ´ Best Kindle, From Here to Eternity By James Jones This is very good and the main topic to read with book details format Mass Market Paperback and others 960 pages and has a text language like English isbn 9780440327707 Others 960 pages and has a text language like English isbn 978044032770. Love the movie with Frank Sinatra Montgomery Cliff Burt Lancester Deborah Kerr I have had the book on the shelf for probably close to 30 yearsand never read it till now I need to rewatch the movie again nowthis book is greatI enjoyed itand it went into a lot details about the characters lives then any movie ever couldand it was heavy on the military life and what it's like to be a soldier in those days I would recommend this to anyoneand it's a first in a trilogy which I didn't know The Thin Red Line also a film which I've not seenand Whistle Stop are the other two I may read those some dayand if I decide to I won't wait another 30 yearsEnjoy the book first before you see the filmand if you've seen the film in years pastenjoy the book firstthe character development is top notchand you really get a feel for the characters much in depth

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He main topic to read with book details format Mass Market Paperback and. Hell of a book Feminist characters Cuckolded husbands actually everyone gets cuckolded Homosexuals debating at length the nature of their sexual orientation Proto Hippie gurus Non conformist rebels And an Army story in there somewhere too Must've been very heady stuff for 1951 I can't believe it was even published back then Great book Great summer read Could've used less grinning Oh yeah not to make too much of an understatement if you've seen the film you've really only scratched the surface of the story Highly recommended if you liked the movie

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From Here to EternityBest Kindle From Here to Eternity By James Jones This is very good and t. 910I feel exhausted emotionally drained as if I had run a marathon all dressed up in full military kit Reading James Jones is often hard work but there is also the satisfaction of reaching the finish line and knowing you achieved something great Because even as I think that a good editor could have cut the text in half and still achieve the same effect I know that James Jones has captured the spirit of army life in the 1940's flawlessly that the ocean of trivial details from the lives of trivial people builds up into a monumental canvas of a whole society Hawaii on the brink of the Japanese attack on Pearl HarbourI didn't know what to expect beforehand as I steered away from the movie version until I could read the book I found no heroes and no glorious battles here I found instead many failed human beings stumbling about in the dark a lot of suffering and mountains worth of the tedious routine that is repeated day in day out for the enlisted man This heres the Pineapple Army exclaims at one point Chief Choate a full Choctaw Indian that has found refuge from discrimination and poverty in the military life Echoing him is the opening scene of the main character Robert E Lee Prewitt a former star bugler who resigned his grades and comes to join a new outfit at the Schofield Barracks as a simple infantryman Did a pineapple enjoy its life or did it maybe get sick of being trimmed like seven thousand other pineapples fed the same fertilizer as seven thousand other pineapples standing till death did them part in the same rank and file like seven thousand other pineapples You never knew But you never saw a pineapple turn itself into a grapefruit did you Prewitt is a fully developed character multi faceted and deeply troubled by the events that surounds his one year in the 'jockstrap' G Company But if I were to pick up one defining feature of his personality it would be his devotion to the army despite the many injustices he is subject to In his own words he is a 'thirty year man' a professional career soldier and not a drafted temporary visitor The word 'jockstrap' that I used earlier is just one of the numerous jargon terms and acronyms that military outfits seem to love so much In the 1941 context the word refers to a peace time policy of gathering in one company all the athletes and fighters in a regiment give them privileges and ranks and train them for internal competitions where their regiment and their officers gain prestige by the athletic achievements Prewitt lands in this G Company because he used to be not only a damn good bugler but also a champion lightweight boxer An unfortunate accident that left his sparring partner blinded convinced Prewit that he should give up boxing something that his new commanding officer refuses to accept putting in motion a whole chain of events aimed at breaking the will of the new recruit In the same military parlance this is called The Treatment something I experienced a mild form of in my own short term military service The subject of The Treatment is singled out for the most exhausting drill routines for the least appealing 'fatigue' duties for repeated punishment for any real or imaginary insubordination What the officers don't realize is that Prewitt is a former child miner from the Kentucky mountains a man who would rather die than bend to the will of an outsider In one way he thought the whole thing of ring fighting was hurting somebody else deliberately and particularly when it was not necessary Two men who have nothing against each other get in a ring and try to hurt each other to provide vicarious fear for people with less guts than themselves And to cover it up they called it sport and gambled on it He had never looked at it that way before and if there was any single thing he could not endure it was to be a dupe I am tempted to write a detailed review of the steps taken by Prewitt from the morning he gazes at a field of pineapples outside the barracks to his nightime run across a golf field in the aftermath of the Japanese attack but there are so many important aspects of his personality that it would take me weeks to organize and explain his motivations and his outlook on life Just as important as Prewitt and just as well drawn are the people that surround him with their own powerful dramas their own disappointments and defeats in love in their professional career in their sanity even The modell first sergeant Milton Warden the cook Maylon Stark fellow infantryman Angelo Maggio love interest Lorene army wife Karen Holmes star atlete Chief Choate and many many other memorable people that together justify the epic scope of the novel Also worthy of analysis are the numerous philosophical social and political debates that slow down the pacing of the novel yet provoke the reader to give attention to the context and implications of the story Maybe I will do all of these aspects justice on an eventual re read I'm still recovering from pneumonia at the momentFor now I can only show you a few highlights that I thought significant The boy Prewitt loved the songs because they gave him something an understanding a first hint that pain might not be pointless if you could only turn it into something Music is the most powerful redemptive force in the life of Prewitt who was exposed at an early age to the blues culture of his native South and who found expression for his inner soul in the sound of his bugle a passion denied to him by the narrowmindedness and corruption of his superiors My favorite passage from the book and from the movie that I had finally been able to watch with a clear conscience is of Prewitt singing his regiment to sleep Day is done Gone the sun From the lakeFrom the hillFrom the skyRest in peaceSol jer braveGod is nigh The notes rose high in the air and hung above the uadrangle They vibrated there caressingly filled with an infinite sadness an endless patience a pointless pride the reuiem and epitaph of the common soldier who smelled like a common soldier as a woman once told him They hovered like halos over the heads of the sleeping men in the darkened barracks turning all grossness to the beauty that is the beauty of simpathy and understanding Here we are they said you made us now see us don't close your eyes and shudder at it; this beauty and this sorrow of things as they are This is the true song the song of the ruck not of battle heroes This spirituality in Prewitt is countered and subverted by his impulsive sensualist temperament He is a heavy drinker like everybody else in the regiment from the lowest infantryman to the top general He is an addicted gambler losing his pay at poker in a couple of hours after he gets it in his hands But before the big win he was just waiting for to uit on came they caught him they caught him good He is womanizer a regular of the bawdy houses again like almost everybody around him He is foul mouthed and violent rigidly proud and suspicious and difficult to befriend He is even showing signs of racism and homophobia again symptoms of the society he is living in Yet Prewitt does open up to a few select people like the fellows he is jamming with in the evenings on guitars singing interminable blues sessions that will produce maybe the one enduring masterpiece of Prewitt's life The Re enlistment Blues Because he was a soldier and because he could see it all then in the easily shattered crystal clarity of the thin glass goblet of the silence that is guard duty in the field at night the last hour before you are relievedMaybe the Re enlistment Blues also came out of that Outside the barracks Prewitt is a man searching for companionship for oblivion in a bottle of hard liuor for love in the most inappropriate places for an answer to existential uestions And it seemed to him then that every human was always looking for himself in bars in railway trains in offices in mirrors in love especially in love for the self of him that is there someplace in every other human Love was not to give oneself but find oneself describe oneself So we get to know Prewitt also through the eyes of Lorene a professional hooker that is still capable of falling in love with a vulnerable man who hides many insecurities behind the tough guy exterior Maureen another of his love interest reads him like a book All you got is a feeling you're locked up in a box thats two sizes too small for you and theres no air in it and you're suffocatin and all the time outside the box you hear the whole world walking around laughin and having a big big time Thats all you got In the same existentialist vein here is a glimpse of the see saw experience Prewitt is going through from exhilaration to despondency Life frightened him sometimes But there was nothing to do anyway Because this special uality was a thing he could not control in himself that he could not stop But then when he was going good he knew it was better to face it that it was always better to face things no matter what it cost anybody He knew that He believed it Only in the bad spells did life frighten him with its unbelieveble cruelty its inconceivable injustice its incredible pointlessness I have told you about my favorite part Prewitt singing Taps in the evening I should also talk a little about some parts that were problematic One of these is the portrayal of homosexuals it may be a good thing that their culture is mentioned and given exposure at a time when most of the establishment pretended they don't exist but for one thing Prewitt and his friends are boasting about beating these guys up and for another there is an implication that gays are damaged goods and have deep psychological issues Why do you always pick up somebody who aint ueer Because if you're with another ueer you don't feel evil enough thats why Women don't get a much better outlook than gays an issue that bothered me a lot also when reading Some Came Running Jones if often making me think that through his characters he hates women intellectually even as he desires them physically And they called them the weaker sex That was prone to crack up and cry at every crisis Like hell The women ran this world; and nobody knew it better than a man in love Sometimes he thought they did it deliberately all this conspiracy stuff just to satisfy some ancient racial love of intrigue inherited from the generations of conspiring to play the role of being dominated and His trouble was when he had admitted to her and to himself that he loved her That was always the greatest single blunder in this game That put him in her power as Dana had never been in her power She could make him do anything now even become an officer now that she was sure he did love her He was no longer a free agent and as a result the old wild terrible strength that had been the power and pride of Milt Warden was gone Also disturbing but I believe in a necessary way is the exposure of the cruel practices deployed by the jailers of recalcitrant soldiers in the Stockade Both Maggio and Prewitt end up in the slammer where they are subject to much atrocious brutalities than The Treatment It is said that Jones book provoked a review of these practices and abuses in the US Army If true the novel has served its purpose admirably the uickest efficientest least expensive way to educate a man is to make it painful for him when he is wrong the same as with any animal boasts the odious Major Thomson as he unleashes his minions on the unfortunate inmates under the leadership of one sergeant Fatso Judson Despite these abuses it is inside this Stockade that Maggio and Prewitt find a sort of redemption with the help of a renegade sailor a guru of Oriental sensibilities If God is Instability rather than Fixity if God is Growth and Evolution then there is no need for the concept of forgiveness The mere concept of forgiveness implies the doing of something wrong Original sin But if evolution is growth by trial and error how can errors be wrong since they contribute to growth Before I close my review I would like to mention that I saw the movie of Fred Zinnemann from 1953 soon after reading the novel I believe the casting was inspired in particular Montgomery Clift and Burt Lancaster I also think Zinneman did a decent job with the huge material he had in the book but he also did a lot of changes to tone down the harshness of the foul language the drinking and the whoring This isn't as important as the whitewashing of the army officers who are shown in the late parts of the movie to punish the abusive behaviour of Captain 'Dynamite' Holmes In the novel he is promoted and given power to apply his doctrine of discipline through fearAs an epitaph I include at the end the song of Robert E Lee Prewitt and of his friends in the G Company at Schofield Barracks Re Enlistment Blues Got Paid out on MondayNot a dog soljer no they himme all that moneySo much my pockets is soreMore dough than I can useRe enlistment bluesTook my ghelt to town on TuesdayGot a room and a big double bedFind a job tomorrowTonight you may be deadAint no time to loseRe enlistment bluesHit the bars on WednesdayMy friends put me up on a throneFound a hapa Chinee babySwore she never would leave me alonedid I give her a bruiseRe enlistment bluesWoke up sick on ThursdayFeelin like my head took a dareLooked down at my trousersAll my pockets was barethat gal had blown my fuseRe enlistment bluesWent back around on FridayAsked for a free glass of beerMy friends had disappearedBarman say Take off you ueerWhat I done then aint newsRe enlistment bluesThe jail was cold all Sa'dayStandin' up on a bench lookin downThrough them bars I watched the peopleAll happy and out on the townLooked like time for me to choosethem Re enlistment bluesSlept in the park that SundaySeen all the folks goin to churchYour belly feels so emptyDog soljers dont own pewsRe enlistment bluesSo I re upped on MondayA little sad and sick at my heartAll y fine plans was with my moneyIn the poke of a scheming tartGuy always seems to loseRe enlistment bluesSo you short timers let me tell youDont get yourself throwed in the canYou might as well be deadOr a Thirty Year ManRecruitin crews give me the bluesOld Re enlistment Blues