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The Ladys Tutor The Ladys Tutor #1 Book à 381 pages Download ë Moneyexpresscard Ê Married young to a man hand picked by her father Elizabeth Petre is an ideal Victorian lady She has borne two sons and endured sixteen years of selfless duty in a passionless marriage Craving a man's loving toMarried young to a man hand picked by her father Elizabeth Petre is an ideal Victorian lady She has borne two sons and endured sixteen years of selfless duty in a passionless marriage Craving a man's loving touch yet loyal to her wedding vows Elizabeth is de 3 to 3 1 2 stars The Lady's Tutor is a well written thought provoking sensual and well researched book; however I had a difficult time staying focused and interested in the plot For some reason it just didn't capture my attention the way The Lover or Gabriel's Woman did That said the sexual tension throughout this story was superbly done I enjoyed this book but perhaps was not in the mood for its heaviness I may revisit it again when I'm in a receptive mood

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Termined to seduce her coldly indifferent husband She knows of only one man who can teach her the erotic secrets of loveThe bastard son of an English countess and an Arab sheik Ramiel Devington was reared to embrace both Western culture and Eastern pleasure Me reading The Lady’s TutorI was recommended Robin Schone for her style of darker historical romances and uh yeah it gets dark I was pleasantly surprised that Schone went there and we got to go there with her There were hints of something beneath the surface and I had guessed one of the secrets but I didn’t actually believe it would happen Oh but it did The Lady’s Tutor reminded me of Mary Jo Putney’s Dearly Beloved because I was simply freaking out for the last 100 hundred pages or so which is personally a very desirable state to be in when reading romances The Lady’s Tutor is a slow burn Elizabeth is the wife to the Chancellor of the Excheuer and her husband is being groomed to be the future Prime Minister who coincidentally is Elizabeth’s dad Suspecting her husband of having an affair Elizabeth decides to save her marriage by learning about seduction from Ramiel one of London’s best lovers so that her husband no longer has any need of a mistress Ramiel half Arabic and half English is a bastard born of an abducted English countess and a Sheikh He has been banished from Arabia for reasons we are not told until the cliffhanger and is currently residing in England where he is a black sheep popular amongst wives and widowsThe interesting part is that there is no actual seduction I for some reason thought these lessons would include physical demonstrations perhaps a practicum but no apparently I have a depraved imagination because the lady’s tutor is a tutor in the literal sense I agree with other reviewers that this part wasn't as engaging as it could be because the lessons consist of Elizabeth and Ramiel going over a sex manual and their conversations simply aren't that stimulatingI didn’t find The Lady’s Tutor steamy but the story remained fascinating because of the story’s mysterious atmosphere that kept me engrossed in finding out where we were goingIf I have one pet peeve it is the trope of disinterested husbands who check out on paper to be view spoiler homosexual and someone either the husband or the husband’s lover to be the villain hide spoiler

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The Ladys Tutor The Ladys Tutor #1Scorned by society and challenged by prim Elizabeth's reuest he undertakes her instruction in the art of sensual delight But when the lessons become a temptation neither can resist Elizabeth is forced to choose between obligation and a bold forbidden passion The Lady's Tutor reminded me a little bit of Passion by Lisa Valdez in in so far as it was able to effectively combine graphic and at times wordy erotic scenes with very satisfying romance set in an historical era If you didn't like Passion then odds are you may not like this one eitherThe premise sounded interesting and unusual a Victorian lady trapped in a passionless marriage but unwilling to betray her wedding vows seeks assistance from the Bastard Sheik to teach her how to pleasure a man in order that she may please and keep her husband But this synopsis did not give any indication of the far complex and confronting storyline that was to followThe initial clinical study of sex taught with the aid of a genuine 400 year old Arabic treatise on erotic love The Perfumed Garden of Cheikh Nefzaoui A Manual of Arabian Erotology Signet Classics is surprisingly erotic when conducted with the promise of no physical contact This of course leads to some sizzling sexual tension which finally explodes about two thirds of the way inFor readers who are concerned about a married heroine fear not By the time Elizabeth and Ramiel's relationship involves any physical contact you will be pushing her into his arms Elizabeth's husband is an evil evil man and Elizabeth and Ramiel are such a sympathetic characters that you will welcome the pleasure they find togetherThere are some uncomfortable and confronting topics that you would not expect to find in an erotic romance but to say any would be to spoil the tragic and compelling mystery that unfolds skilfully in the author's handsThe only copy I could find of this book was a large print edition which I found to be very distracting and uncomfortable to read It says a lot for this story that not only was I able to keep reading but I became so involved that it could have been written in 72 point Jokerman font and I still would have kept turning those pages