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Elling coming of age story the first of an ongoing seuence of books set on Whidbey Island has elements of mystery the paranormal and romance Elizabeth George bestselling author of the Inspector Lynley crime novels brings her elegant style intricate plotting incisive characterization and top notch storytelling to her first book for teens. Meh I tamped down my disappointment that Ms George was once again choosing another project rather than cranking out another installment in the Inspector Lynley saga I swallowed my misgivings about another author generally writing for adults who decided to make a foray into YA I tried to get excited for a plucky teenaged semi supernatural heroine struggling through a trauma I hoped that this mysterious island would live up to whatever misty vague expectations the cover blurb indicated I clicked buy now and downloaded the title and took a deep breath And then I read the whole thing hoping all the while that a it would get better any minute and b it would not really be the first of a series with this heroine in this setting Alas I was wrong on both counts There were some moderately interesting characters over explained and under emotionally connected There was a bit of a mystery plot over emphasized and under resolved There was a main character just screaming for the makeover moment when she takes off her glasses and everyone realizes how gorgeous she is There were grownups who were inexplicably unhelpful secretive and just plain weird There were kids who were streotypical flat and just plain mean This was seriously disappointing And yeah I'll probably read the seuel as soon as it comes out Sigh

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The Edge of NowhereThe first young adult book by a #1 New York Times bestselling author Whidbey Island may be only a ferry ride from Seattle but it's a world apart When Becca King arrives there she doesn't suspect the island will become her home for the next four years Put at risk by her ability to hear whispers the thoughts of others Becca is on the run. I came across The Edge of Nowhere as I was browsing one evening in a local bookstore I initially pulled it off the shelf because I wondered whether this Elizabeth George was the author of the Inspector Lynley novels I was unaware she had written a young adult novel and after reading the flap of the book I decided this sounded right up my alley I'm so glad her name drew me in I particularly loved one book in the Inspector Lynley series and this book reminded me of the things I like best about Elizabeth George's writingThe Edge of Nowhere's protagonist is Becca King a nearly fifteen year old with a new name new identity and new locale Becca is a likable character to spend time with She struggles to see her own value alternately trusts and mistrusts new friends and is fiercely loyal to those who help her along the wayI particularly enjoyed the way this book had me wondering who I could trust and who I shouldn't trust Yet this sense of not uite knowing was an enjoyable mind game not a traumatic experience One gift of reading young adult novels is that their content tends to be easier to digest particularly in the arena of mysteries and thrillersIn addition to offering a good character in Becca King The Edge of Nowhere is set on Whidbey Island Whidbey is the kind of island I would love to explore on bike on foot alone or with a loved one The island and it's landscape and character are an integral part of this book I could imagine the gray skies the tree lined hills the uiet forested woodsIf you have a teen or nearly teen that enjoys a good mystery I highly recommend this one The mystery is a good one but is presented without introducing themes I don't want my young daughters to encounter I enjoyed my time between the pages of this book and it made me long for a slower pace of life like that portrayed on Whidbey Island Maybe I'm cut out to live on The Edge of Nowhere than I would have imagined

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The Edge of Nowhere free read õ 109 ¾ The first young adult book by a #1 New York Times bestselling author Whidbey Island may be only a ferry ride from Seattle but it's a world apart When Becca King arrives there she doesn't suspect the island will become her home for the next four years Put at risk by her ability to hear whispers the thoughts oFrom her stepfather whose criminal activities she has discovered Stranded and alone Becca is soon befriended by Derric a Ugandon orphan adopted by a local family; Seth a kindhearted musician and high school dropout; Debbie a recovering alcoholic who takes her in; and Diana with whom Becca shares a mysterious psychic connection This comp. I'd be interested in knowing what some young people think about this book I am 61 however I taught teens and coached teens for thirty years so I have some idea of what they like I suspect most would dislike this book because the basic story is too simple There are subplots with potential but they they fade into obscurity Becca has a hearing disability and some sort of psychic ability but these aren't explained or explored Seth has learning disabilities again not explored Derric is an adopted child from Uganda; there is a bit of a surprise regarding Derric late in the story but this issue could be novel of its own We adopted two Haitian children 20 years ago and brought them to an almost completely Caucasian community The reality is that they faced racism and bullying that has made their lives difficult to say the least Elizabeth is deluding herself if she thinks this depiction of international adoption is realisticThe entire situation of Becca being dropped on her own in a new place is simply silly The added coincidence of the death of the person she is to find almost made me put the book down I didn't because I have read all of my favorite author's books and have faith in her Whidbey Island is a place I'd like to visit It does sound beautiful However this place is another reason that teens would reject this book the people of the island with the exception of Jenn are far too niceWriters for adults please stick to what you know Writing for teens is a job for a specialist Don't underestimate teens; many teens can easily read and understand Elizabeth's adult novels