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Singed Titanium Security #2X months ago his whole world caved in It’s clear she’s still determined to keep her distance but when she’s named a possible target of the very cell they’re trying to dismantle Gage will stop at nothing to ensure she’s safe When tragedy destroys Claire’s defenses and the explosive desire between them ignites once this time he’s not letting her go Too late they discover that the danger confronting them is far greater than anyone ever realized and it’s a race against time to stop a terrorist from unleashing hell on them all Wow I thought I'll have to wait for my birthday till this book comes out and then viola there it was on Even though the first book didn't wow me over I was onboard for this one and I am glad This has suspense in it but not as much its about Claire her family and the mistake she made in ending it with Gage She loves him still but ending it with him was logical she has seen first hand what his line of work does plus he comes with a daughter promise of no kids and is older than her but she sees it doesn't matter love does and that life is short All of this happens when she is put on a task force with him and something tragic happens in her life I loved how Gage was so great and tender with her He had been hurt yet he took care of her an awesome guy All in all I enjoyed the book and can't wait for the next one

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Est of the team and learns she’ll be working with the last person on earth she wants further contact with; her ex She knows letting him go was the biggest mistake of her life but just when she thinks things can’t get any worse new intel points to the assassin’s intended target Her This time he’s not letting her goAs a former Special Forces Master Sergeant and second in command of his Titanium Security team Gage Wallace can handle anything except being forced to go through life without Claire When she abruptly walked out on him si 35 ⭐⭐⭐✨ Claire Tierney is an NSA analyst She and Gage Wallace 2IC for Titanium Security have a past Gage then asked Claire for a favor that helped him and his team when they worked a security job in Pakistanrefer to Ignited Claire’s boss together with the FBI formed a task force who will track down Hassani and the TTP’s movement This one has a slower pacing and has less action than Ignited It tackles how Gage and Claire rekindled their relationship and how important to live life to the fullest My favorite scene here was when Gage was cooking and how Hunter tried to eat all the Nachos it was hilarious imagining it 😂 I also like how KC tackles a real life portrayal of the soldiers with PTSD and the people around them family friends Another good read 👌🏻👍🏻 I'm here if you need me okay? he said uietlyJust like that No demands for no expectationsHer throat tightened because she knew he would be there for her no matter what

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MOBI ☆ DOC Singed Titanium Security #2 FREE é MONEYEXPRESSCARD ¿ She walked away from him onceStruggling to live with her decision to walk away from the only man she ever loved and watching helplessly while her brother succumbs to his battle with severe PTSD NSA analyst Claire Tierney’s life is at an She walked away from him onceStruggling to live with her decision to walk away from the only man she ever loved and watching helplessly while her brother succumbs to his battle with severe PTSD NSA analyst Claire Tierney’s life is at an all time low The final hit comes when she accesses classified information at work that might get her fired Instead she’s assigned to a joint taskforce charged with hunting down a Taliban assassin planning an attack on American soil and finally has something productive to focus on Until she meets the r 45 emotionally charged starsReview completed July 11 2013LOVED Gage swoooon loved the story and I even liked the heroineClaire Tierney is an NSA National Security Agency analyst Two weeks ago she did a favor for a friend that friend is our hottie Gage that entailed her looking for information that might help him and his Titanium Security team when they worked a dangerous job in Pakistan Her poking around had some serious impact at the NSA and multiple agencies started to hunt down Malik Hassani a former senior official with the Pakistani ISI Hassani is affiliated with the terror cell Tehrik i Taliban Pakistan TTPWhen the TTP plans a terrorist act on US soil Claire's boss Alex forms a taskforce to track the threat Alex wants Claire to be a part of this team However when she knows that Gage will be 2IC she is anything but pleased Six months ago Claire left Gage because she couldn't stand his high risk job She was afraid that she would lose him in the line of duty eventually Though there is no denying it her feelings for him are still strong and seeing Gage again AND working with him on a daily basis doesn't make it any easier Gage Wallace a former Special Forces Master Sergeant and 2IC of the Titanium Security team is madly in love with Claire for sure but the most important uestion remains Is she ready and willing for a second chance at love?Singed is the seuel to Ignited and even though Ignited works just fine as a standalone I would recommend you to read Singed as well It's a rather short story that packs a punch Reunited lovers is one of my favorite tropes becausea it's so satisfying to see that a couple wants to rectify past mistakes and work hard to make it better the second time aroundandb it's a given that there are a lot of emotions and chemistry right in the beginning of the story if the author is skilled enough to actually write great chemistryIgnited was a very good and action packed beginning in Kaylea Cross's new Titanium series but I think that Singed is the better book despite its shortness It's a very compelling story and written well Also the author managed to add a great deal of depth to the story and the very likable characters While there is less actionsuspense in Singed the main focus is clearly on Gage and Claire's romance and a certain tragedy that was unavoidable as well as foreseeableAfter reading the blurb that reveals almost everything I doubt that I'm going to spoil it for you when I saySometimes the truth is view spoilerugly and merciless Sometimes we can't help people in need because they simply refuse to accept a helping hand and they have been sunk so deep that they can't seem to get themselves back among the living Despite our greatest efforts maybe it's better to let go and accept that we can't always change the course of life We can't force someone to live if heshe is not willing any hide spoiler