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E the Celtic Tiger rages and greed becomes the norm Johnsey Cunliffe desperately tries to hold on to the familiar even as he loses those who all his life have protected him from a harsh world Village bullies and scheming land grabbers stand in his way no matter where he turns Set over the course of one year of Johnsey’s life The Thing About December. This is a beautifully written book but full of sadness and grief bullying and sometimes violence I found it difficult to read at times but yet I just had to stay there with Johnsey He's an innocent and naive man who has lost both parents and is trying to manage on his own but has never had to The outside world seems to move in and prey on himJohnsey will steal your heart and then his story will break it as you follow his narrative month by month during the year he is first alone He remembers times from his childhood and it's apparent that he had never really fit in It's sometimes hard to know if he is really mentally deficient or just an innocent soul Although it was difficult at times to follow the Irish vernacular I got used to it This is a moving story that will give you pause about how people treat each otherThanks to Steerforth Press and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book

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The Thing about DecemberBreathes with his grief bewilderment humour and agonizing self doubt This is a heart twisting tale of a lonely man struggling to make sense of a world moving faster than he isDonal Ryan’s award winning debut The Spinning Heart garnered unprecedented acclaim and The Thing About December confirms his status as one of the best writers of his generatio. Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to review another one of Donal Ryan's books“How big is a feeling Not even as big as one of them atoms that the science teacher used to be on about It’s nothing and everything at the same time”At first I thought our narrator Johnsey was a young child his speech and thoughts seemed so childish and simple Then I thought he was mentally challenged Then I realized he might just be slower to understand than most other people Stupid you could say And I pitied him I pitied him his loneliness and his simplistic worldview I pitied him because his father died and then his mother killed herself leaving him lonelier than before I felt deep sadness for him too because his parents clearly loved him but still they left him alone and sad and frightened to mourn them both “This couldn’t be kept up though this way he had of seeing only blackness lately”Split into 12 parts starting with January ending with December this is the story of Johnsey Cunliffe Johnsey hasn’t lived the best life you can imagine and not the worst either at least not until both his parents die Growing up he was shielded by his parents from the realities and cruelties of the world sure he was bullied but his parents never urged him to fight back they never taught him how to survive in a world constantly out to get him for being fat for being stupid for being different In these 12 months he experiences life on his own for the first time he learns all those things he should have understood a long time ago He experiences grief depression humiliation pain but he also forms an unlikely friendship learns happiness again and loves for the very first time “It’s easy have things happen to you All you have to do is exist Making things happen back is the hard thing”All his life things have happened to Johnsey and now suddenly he has to make things happen back without his parents or a soul in the world to guide him He has to face society on his own and traverse the delicate social waters of a tight knit rural community It results in a constant miscommunication between him and everyone else and it breeds a prejudice and judgment that slowly grows into something large and ugly Something that could have been averted but slowly becomes inevitable simply because humans are too good at judging based on assumed knowledge We’re satisfied once we’ve found a scapegoat we can pin our frustrations and worries on And if he never learned how to fight back All the better I might have pitied Johnsey to begin with and I might have pitied him in the end but not for the same reasons and the one I pity most is myself for judging him before I knew him For reading a sentence and thinking I understood the man Johnsey’s narration is deceptively simplistic as I got further into the book I realized I had gravely misjudged him He is uite elouent in his descriptions and given enough time he’s often accurate in his understanding of and observations about people and situations He’s not as stupid as he’s lead us to believe adding to the sadness we feel for him He is a product of yes a simple mind but also overprotecting parents Given different circumstances he might have led a near normal life but some damage cannot be undone Donal Ryan is a great writer and both this and The Spinning Heart are testaments to his incredible talent He tells tales that touch you profoundly and that speak volumes about human vulnerability and desperation in a society that’s collapsing while keeping his writing simple and insightful He’s worth keeping an eye on

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The Thing about December Free read ¶ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB µ ‘He heard Daddy one time saying he was a grand uiet boy to Mother when he thought Johnsey couldn’t hear them talking Mother must have been giving out about him being a gom and Daddy was defending him He heard the fondness in Daddy’s voice But you’‘He heard Daddy one time saying he was a grand uiet boy to Mother when he thought Johnsey couldn’t hear them talking Mother must have been giving out about him being a gom and Daddy was defending him He heard the fondness in Daddy’s voice But you’d have fondness for an auld eejit of a crossbred pup that should have been drowned at birth’Whil. Donal Ryan has become an author I plan to watch He has a uniue and powerful voice In this his second book he tells the story of one year in the life of Johnsey Cunliffe The novel is broken into sections by month loosely organized by those tasks Johnsey recalls his father performing on the family farm when he was small But now his father has died and his world has changed and Johnsey a young man who lacks social graces and is considered somewhat simple by locals is trying to figure out what his life is to becomeThere are givers and takers in his world It's the time of things actually going well for Ireland but that doesn't always mean well for everyoneJohnsey is caught in the wheelings and dealings and his simplicity is not a helpAs in The Spinning Heart Ryan uses some lyrical prose in his decriptions of the land and also provides wonderful portraits of various characters who surround Johnsey The morning sun was fairly beaming down and all the trees were heavy with green and there was a haze of flies and bugs and butterflies about the land and all he could do was think about how some lives are full to bursting with people and work and sport and children and fun and his own was all empty spaces where those things ought rightly to be were he the kind of man that could close his fist around opportunity and keep a tight howlt of it rather than shrinking from it and hiding inside his parents' house nearly too scared to even peep out for fear of failure and ridicule loc 1409This selection reveals a few things a near stream of consciousness approach and the use of Irish vernacular which wash through the book and which I allowed to flow over me Something not present here is the often earthy tone of Johnsey's thoughts and speech While I would assume it is a fairly normal pattern for the young Irish male character Ryan has created at times it seemed a bit excessive But I can't allow that to interfere with my overall praise of this novel though some readers might be put offThis is ultimately a very powerful novel and while I like The Spinning Heart fractionally better I rate this one at 4 to 45Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an ecopy of this book for review