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Free download ☆ Our America: An Hispanic History of the United States Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í The United States is still typically conceived of as an offshoot of England with our history unfolding east to west beginning with the first EnE begins with the explorers and conuistadores who planted Spain’s first colonies in Puerto Rico Florida and the Southwest Missionaries and rancheros carry Spain’s expansive impulse into the late eighteenth century settling California mapping the American interior to the Rockies and charting the Pacific coast During the nineteenth century Anglo America expands west under the banner of “Manifest Destiny” an. In Our America Fernandez Armesto unveils a side of American history that deserves to come into the light the role of Latinos throughout every state of US history and many of the developments before In this book he provides an historical re focus in the very way that Howard Zinn was able to develop the identity of natives workers and women in his class People's HistoryArmesto organizes the book in a uniue way focusing on diverse Latin civilizations to tell the story than a chronological pattern There is a chapter on Puerto Rico the oldest European settlement under US control populated by Europeans since 1502 just ten years after Columbus He includes a fascinating chapter on California from missions to the Gold Rush one on Texas and one on present day opportunities made possible by what he calls a Latino recolonization of the United StatesOne thought that struck me as I read the book was how easily I had dismissed the violence and genocide depicted in the novels of American writers like Phillip Meyer and Cormac McCarthy Suddenly Blood Meridian seems a lot realistic than I expected when I read it years ago The border was indeed drenched in blood

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The United States is still typically conceived of as an offshoot of England with our history unfolding east to west beginning with the first English settlers in Jamestown This view overlooks the significance of America’s Hispanic past With the profile of the United States increasingly Hispanic the importance of recovering the Hispanic dimension to our national story has never been greaterThis absorbing narrativ. While this book will evoke much resonance for its contemporaneity its good sense it is an historical provocation of the first order; it is the wealth of historical detail which appeals to this reader For instance when the Jesuits were expelled from Spanish lands in 1767 The Baja was virtually a Jesuit republic The expulsiondeprived the monarchy of its most determined frontiersmen112 The ways in which accommodation were reached between brothers and indios are multiple; for instance while the brothers were strict enough on sexaul matters locking up Indian girls they were indulgent on indifferent traditions like dancing and traditional healing 115 The towns around the missions grew little in the late 18C partly because of the indios' desire for their former hunting life partly because farming brought better diet fattening and sickening Hmm Is that an historical or a 21st C pointAnd the internecine struggles between secular administrators and the monasteries provide fruitful accounts of human individualities and differences For instance it must have proven difficult to impress Fray Jose Maria Zalvidea who constantly flogged himself wore hairshirt and drove nails into his feet Others had spasms of drunkenness and lunacy perhaps indistinguishableMeanwhile some administrators threatened to take away the mission lands which they had by royal grant and authority including their right to confirm baptized indios Seems like England's Henry VIII was not alone in considering the acuisition of institutions built by the enticements and amalgamations of the religious

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Our America An Hispanic History of the United StatesD consolidates control through war with Mexico In the Hispanic resurgence that follows it is the peoples of Latin America who overspread the continent from the Hispanic heartland in the West to major cities such as Chicago Miami New York and Boston The United States clearly has a Hispanic present and futureAnd here is its Hispanic past presented with characteristic insight and wit by one of our greatest historian. Interesting alternative perspective to WASP American History Teachings Learned tons of documented facts not taught in history courses in our schools and colleges