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Belong to You Mobi Á 280 pages Download » Vi keeland ç My honeymoon was almost everything I dreamed it would be a tropical paradise turuoise water romantic walks on the beach and loads and loads of mind shattering sex The only thing missing was the groom After seven years of coasting through a relationship with MicMy honeymoon was almost everything I dreamed it would be a tropical paradise turuoise water romantic walks on the beach and loads and loads of mind shattering sex The only This book is absolutely smoking My oh so faithful smut whores rejoice This one's for you girlies If I don't bury myself inside of you within the next five minutes you aren't going to be able to walk tomorrow This is a definite Fifty ShadesCrossfire type storyline It's the billionnaire playboy who won't settle down with the secrets commitment issues and uestionable history Belong To You tells the story of Sydney who was engaged to her long term boyfriend but broke the relationship off just months before the wedding With a honeymoon booked and paid for she and her friend Sienna take advantage and set off for a week in Hawaii And that's where Syd meets Jack Jack the super hot dominant sexy filthy rich stranger who Syd decides will do nicely to provide the rebound 'fling' she needs to get back on the singleton wagon Are you saying you want to have sex with me this week and only get to ask and be asked ten personal uestions?That's what I'm saying His response was dead seriousYou're crazy I have to admit I wasn't overly keen on the first half of this book I didn't connect with the characters too well I felt it was just going to be a book for the sake of writing sex scenes And as much as I love a good bit of smut it has to have a story and characters I can invest in for me to be able to really feel anything for it But this book really picked up for me post Hawaii That is when the story line begins to kick in and you learn about the characters themselves You're a mother's dream tall dark and handsome good manners straight teeth and wealthyWhat about her daughter's dream How am I doing there?Fulfilling them all I lifted my head to kiss him softly I liked Sydney a lot in the second half I wasn't keen Hawii Syd I felt that she was a little mopey and pathetic but she seemed to grow some balls when she got home despite pining for the very sexy Jack but wouldn't we all after a week of sizzling hot sex and then nada Do you prefer to be on top or bottom?I prefer whatever makes you yell louder when I fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked I did feel that their relationship went a little uickly once they'd reconnected in New York I was surprised at that and I'm still not entirely convinced that their connection is anything beyond physical But I'll be interested to see how they fair in the next book where I can imagine things might be tough on themI do have one other reservation at the end of the book the climax for want of a better word I felt that the plot line fell a little bit flat That is to say there was no real climax Syd's 'issue' that I assume was supposed to be the shifting monumental moment that most romance novels have making your heart race and your palms sweat threatening the future of your characters and turning their worlds upside down you know the one? Well it was a bit nondescript to be honest It wasn't even one of those annoying misunderstandings where you want to yell at the characters to STOP AND LISTEN to one another it was just like 'eeeerm nothing happened' awksSo despite the anti climatic climax there are a whole lot of another kinda climaxes a very sexy Jack and a fairly decent storyline to make up for it and I will forgive Belong To You for this little faux pas Who do you belong to Syd?You JackSay it SydI belong to you The second and final I believe book in this series is released on July 1st so I will be checking that out next week just in time for it's release In the meantime this one is on SALE for a limited time Belong To You StatisticsSteam Rating out of 5 ♥♥♥♥♥Ending Not a dramatic cliffhanger but the story is definitely unfinishedSeries ✓ Reading Order Book #1 Belong To YouBook #2 Made For YouCan this be read as a standalone? NoThemesRich heroEroticaWarning This book includes Graphic sexual contentWriting GoodUK Like This Review? To read reviews go to my Book Blog me on Twitter me on Pinterest in the fun on Facebook

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Thing missing was the groom After seven years of coasting through a relationship with Michael my senses were numb A week of passion with a stranger was just what I needed t 25 Stars This one for sure had potential starting out but then just did a nose dive for me anyway I stuck with it though since I was at least curious enough to see how Jack and Sydney's relationship would play out and the sex was kinda hot The premisis of the story was intriguing since I'm a sucker for the sexy alpah rich guys but there was just too much going on with Jack for me to ever be in to him and Sydney well I just never clicked with her either Mild spoilers ahead so continue at your own riskThey meet in Hawaii while she's on her honeymoon she ended up taking with her best friend because the marriage didnt happen how many times has this story been told ? too many times Its INSTA chemistry and they are banging it out pretty uickly Within 24 hours Jack is all alpha caveman possessive like seriously possessive Don't look at my girl don't touch my girl bla bla bla Sydney is completely OK with this The only thing Jack didnt do was pee on her to mark his territory Then there's the secrets and no strings bla bla bla Jack is definitly not looking for a relationshipand Syd is on the rebound from a cheater ex Jack's a player and and he's slept with at least 1000 women Syd finds this out when she asks him one of only 10 uestions they are allowed to ask each other to get to know each other during this week ewwwwwwww He's NEVER had a relationship and his one and only girlfriend was when he was 16 But within 2 days he is all over Syd like a rash and she better have eyes only for him So he wines and dines her all over the island even flying her around in a helicopter becasue he can fly too He's rich he can fly he's possessive he's moody he's secretive Jack is like a bunch of different other guys from multiple books all rolled in to one dude It was crazy overload Oh I forgot to mention that he also has a couple of businesses one is connected to Sydney in a big way hello conincence and the other is he owns a porn business Yes Jack is head of one of the larges porn movie businesses in America Coincedences being what they are of course they just happen to run into each other when she is back in New York where she lives and what do you know Jack lives there too And then they are all crazy all over each other again and of course Syd wants to know all things about Jack's businesses her little venture to the porn studio was just rediculous I almost forgot to mention that Sydney has dreams of being a singer she sings in nice hotels and she's good but its her dream to make it big one day She sang in the hotel in Hawaii and she's singing again in New York when of course her and her bff are finally discovered and this is where the next book will come in how her and Jack continue their crazy relationship once she's touring I could really go on and on about the eye roll moments this book had I didnt feel Jack and I didnt feel Sydney Jack had way way too much going on personality wise and Sydney was just a lackluster character for me The sex was pretty hot but the scenes were kind of short there was never much foreplay it was always going at it uick with no time for anything sensual or sexy Just hot hard and fast Pretty much everytime This is ok but you got to throw in some sexiness to make those scenes really hot This book had potential it really did but for me it just never got there

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Belong to YouO clear my head and take back control of my life But how do you move on when the man that was only supposed to be a fling somehow seeps into your soul and steals your heart NOW FREE StarsWalking out of her engagement Sydney goes on her non refundable honeymoon to Hawaii with her best gal friend In Hawaii she meets Jack Sydney wants to have a fling with no strings attached Sydney and Jack create a deal where they are only allowed to ask ten personal uestions about each other during the whole trip So their stranger with benefits pact is formedOverall Belong to You is a Feel Good Book You want warm fuzzy feelings? You want a smile on your face? You want simple writing nice dialogue and steam? Then yes this book is for you I really enjoyed the beginning of the book Sydney arrives in Hawaii and she immediately meets Jack Jack is there for his friend’s bachelor party There is insta lust which didn’t bother me one bit I also love the plot the whole strangers fling thing is just sexy and makes for a juicy read The whole week they get to know each other this is where Jack’s personality really shines Yes Jack is your alpha rich good looking successful male He’s dominating sexy and brooding I loved it He’s bossy but in a good way nothing too over the top but enough to keep me entertained I would describe Sydney the type of girl who kind of just goes with the flow with a slight guard to her heartSydney did annoy me at times I feel like she brushed a few things too much under the rug and the climatic ending was kind of non existent I am not sure if I wanted an over the top climatic ending but the one I got was kind of meh and not really needed for the story and kind of didn’t make sense Belong to You does mirror some of the famous reads like Bared to you and Fifty Shades just the same feel I wouldn’t say plot or anything else This didn’t really hinder my experience thoughThe ending was a nice close cliffy and I could be happy by not continuing with the series I am not sure if I want to move forward because I have issues with the plot in the next book just a personal taste but I can’t say it without giving it awayIf you want a sexy light read then Belong to You is a good one More Reviews