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Text Ö Ó Galaxy Craze After defeating Cornelius Hollister the man who killed her parents and tried to destroy her country Princess Eliza Windsor wants nothing than to live uietly with Wesley the boy she loves It’s been ten years since the Seventeen Days the series of disas 35 Stars A thrilling heart pounding fast paced adventure INVASION was an enjoyable second installment to THE LAST PRINCESS SERIES that I've been eager to read INVASION has been one of my most anticipated books after reading the first book THE LAST PRINCESS and thoroughly enjoying it I've been dying to get back to this world and the characters that I loved from book oneBut to be honest it had some let downs After I started reading INVASION I became a little weary of continuing It felt as if I was rereading book one all over again The similarities were insanely close and the plot twist were eerily the same as book one But because that was really the only complaint I had about it I was able to push book one from my mind and enjoy INVASION for what it was; a great book that had me hooked even with it's few flaws THE PLOT Eliza has saved England and her family from the crazed dictator Cornelius Hollister—the man that almost succeed in taking everything she cares about and he also happens to be the father of the man she's in love with After the Seventeen days brought it's harsh and unfair disasters and ushered their County into the dark times and the cruel and evil rise and fall of the infamous dictator Cornelius Hollister all seemed lost and unrepairable But now with her sister Mary on the throne as ueen and preparing to marry the love of her life that will become her king all may not be as lost as they once thought That is until they're happily ever after gets cut short and their country is plummeted into the same dictatorship they've started to heal from England has fallen again When a ship is spotted at sea after the many years of being cut off from the outside world England thought they were all that was left But they were wrong and now this ship has come like a beacon in the night bringing faith and hope to the people of England But when they go aboard the ship out at sea cut off from the rest of England's troops on land they realized they've made a terrible mistake They're are other survivors but they don't want peace and alliance they want to dictate and conuer just like Cornelius Hollister did when he brought hell to England it's begun againEngland uickly falls into enemy hands unable to ward off their high tech weapons and uick seize Eliza and the ueen are taken hostage and forced to hand their country over to the most vicious and vile man they've ever met The ueen will be forced to marry their enemies leader or suffer conseuence she is not willing to endure But Eliza is not ready to give up so easily she's already faced down and won her kingdom back from one evil dictator she will do it again or die tryingOverall INVASION was great book even with it's flaws and some unnecessary plot twist With enjoyable characters and a world setting that compelled me to keep reading INVASION was a thrilling read I think if you enjoy apocalypsedystopian books with a fast plot strong characters and adventure to keep it going then you'll enjoy this book This book can be read as a standalone you do not have to read the first book to understand this book But I do recommend that you should read it if you want to get the full understanding of this book But at the same time if you already read the first book you may have issues with this book due to the similarities being so similar But if you can get past all the similarities then I think anyone who enjoys this type of genre would find it entertaining and enjoyable like I did NOTE I received a ARC from Poppy for reviewing purposes All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way

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Invasion Epub ´ 384 pages Ä Galaxy craze Ä After defeating Cornelius Hollister—the man who killed her parents and tried to destroy her country—Princess Eliza Windsor wants nothing than to live uietly with Wesley the boy she loves It’s been ten years since the Seventeen Days the series of disasters that decimated the earth Ters that decimated the earth England was the only country to survive or so they thoughtOthers survived the Seventeen Days and soon England is engulfed in suffering and bloodshed once again Eliza and Mary become prisoners in their own home To save her c The story was just as interesting as the first one yet anyone could clearly see how it improved a lot The pacing of the book was just right and the events weren't as impossible to see as the first one yet there were still a few events that was impossible as stated by a few characters and yet Miracoulusly happened The writing was simple which added to the beauty to the book Eliza had some really great character development From someone who rarely thought and just did she finally became mature in making her decisions especially as the book ended The romance in the story was well written despite it being somewhat insta love The love triangle in the story is a great example of how love triangles should be solved Thumbs up for me

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InvasionOuntry Eliza will have to rely upon all her inner strength and learn to trust where she least expects itIn the seuel to The Last Princess Galaxy Craze has written another darkly atmospheric tale of adventure suspense and the unbreakable power of true lo I think that the first book was way better It feels as though she tried to duplicate Wesley's character for a love triangle It didn't work cause the reader could clearly see she was in love with Wesley or a version of Wesley Other then that it was good