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The First Order Safeword LLC #1Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MFM public exhibition flogging spanking sex toys HEABecca Schuler has always fantasized about bondage but does that really make her depraved According to an ex boyfriend it doesAfter losing her job and with no way to pay her rent Becca hits a local bar to drown her sorrows The last thing. Shadow's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review35 StarsBecca’s job with an insurance company has just dissolved under her and while she is sharing her woes over the job situation and her lackluster love life with a co worker a woman hands her a card for an organization called Safeword LLCAfter doing some research she fills in the paperwork to become part of the group and have a pair of Doms working with her For their part Lane and Ross Ellison have been hunting for the right submissive for years without success They have let Kennedy Van Camp search for them and can’t believe she has found the right woman so successfully That is until they listen in on her interview with Becca Then they realize this is the right woman for themBecca tries so hard to be the perfect submissive for them that she doesn’t realize they don’t want perfection they want her with her spitfire personality They are beginning to work things out when things go really wrong Can this trio find happiness in spite of the circumstancesThis was a uick and entertaining read I liked Becca although I would have liked to have her stand up to the Ellison brothers And the brothers are real hunks although there was a real dicotomy in how they shot her down for uestioning things and then punished her to make sure she didn’t hide her personalityOverall though this was an entertaining novella with well drawn characters some intense emotional issues and very hot sex The book contains BDSM anal play and double penetrationI will be looking for other books by this author

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review The First Order (Safeword, LLC #1) Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MFM public exhibition flogging spanking sex toys HEABecca Schuler has always fantasized about bondage but does that really make her depraved According to an ex boyfriend it doesAfter losing her job and Her in the sensual and strict hands of Lane and Ross Ellison who train her to be their ideal submissive But when Becca’s fear of not being perfect weaves its way into their lives she sets out to be just that and unknowingly risks losing it allNote There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. my favorite line of this book spoken by Ross one of Becca's Sirs Would Becca finally realize that by not being perfect she would make a better submissive A Dom asks a sub to trust that should be a two way street The Domsneed to trust the submissive as well I loved this book for me it rocked From the patience that both Doms used to get to know their new sub To seeing what she needed watching her every reaction First a Ds relationship is in my view harder than normal realtionships Mix that with a menage that puts in on a whole new level I so loved Becca her strength in making that first step her passion at wanting to be the perfect sub for her Doms The lil sass that slipped out Her personality made her human and enduringNot as in the bratty sub at all But in the learning of who she is I adored the rest of the characters Kennedy rocked and yes I saw James as a teddy bear cant wait to read about Him The scenes were hot and awesome like as you read you could put yourself there The Scene at Harrison's when Becca was being helpful at first read I was upset for Becca then as the scene unfolded even I saw the point of the lesson I was amazed and loved the fact that the Doms didnt have some dark seeded issue that they were hiding from I truely love this life style when one can learn from reading a book that isnt real for me its a win win I did want to strangle Lane just sayin Cant wait to read book 2 Enjoy

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She expects is to meet a mysterious woman who assures that she can make Becca’s dream a reality Is there really a company called Safeword LLC that places submissive women with dominant men per their preferences on a simple applicationKnowing she has nothing to lose Becca fills out the form on wwwsafewordllccom Her placement lands. Disclosure This ebook was provided to me free of charge through for the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my ownFirst of all I would like to say I am a big fan of Ms Elizabeth's other series Menagecom so I was thrilled when she offered me a copy of this book to reviewThe book cover is always the first impression of the book I love a sexy steamy cover with hotties to drool over so this one was disappointing I hate the Fifty Shades trend of cover art I have an ereader so I can read naughty books anywhere and have sexy cover models to imagine as the heroesI really like the concept for this new series an agency that places Submissives with Doms It is really intriguing The downside is that this first book feels rather remedial I am a fan of the genre so I know a lot about it from reading other books and this was very educationalBecca is a really well thought out character who is new to the lifestyle The whole premise of her book deals with training that lends to the BDSM 101 feel of the story There is great detail for anybody who is curious about the lifestyle and the author really gets into the mindset of the characters Logan and Ross were really interesting but I wish they could have been dynamic They felt one dimensional to me until the end when they showed range They also fell flat in a few conversations The situation they were talking about felt unrealistic it was for the reader to gain information than a real talk between brothersThe steam was scene play and less intercourse The scenes were really detailed and it was interesting to see how they played out I usually enjoy books with lighter play and a brattiersassier gal I was not put off by the BDSM but it was not a style I am usually into It gave me of an insight into the lifestyle The training was much involved than I would have expectedThis story was not so much about romance Actually there was very little I would have loved about the time they shared together and how the feeling blossomed The feelings felt secondary at times Perhaps it is realistic to the lifestyle but I prefer romance in my eroticaAll the critiues aside there was enough story to have my crying over their relationship So something had to have been right Ms Elizabeth also did a terrific job of drawing you into future books of the series She gave a taste of several great personalities that I am dying to hear about I am definitely intrigued and will be waiting less than patiently for the next book This was a good start and I have great hopes for the future of this series