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The Wolfe Free read ↠ 106 ë 1231 AD After a nasty skirmish along the EnglandScotland border at Bog Wood a badly wounded knight has crawled off to die As women from the Clan Scott fan out across the battlefield to collect the spoils of war one woman breaks off from the pack She is sickened by the tradition of stealing valuables off the dead and runs off 1231 AD After a nasty skirmish along the EnglandScotland border at Bog Wood a badly wounded knight has crawled off to die As women from the Clan Scott fan out across the battlefield to collect the spoils of war one woman breaks off from the pack She is sickened by the tradition of stealing valuables off the dead and runs off to hide In her hiding place however lingers the badly wounded knight The young woman is frightened at first but her natural instinct to lend aid takes over She tends the knight and saves his life Little does the Lady Jordan Scott know that she has just saved the life of the dreaded English knight known to her people as The WolfSeveral months later peace is proposed along the border An Engl. This was a really long book but it never felt long More than 900 pages and I never felt the need to skim or skip because something interesting was always going on The descriptions were ideal for a book this size and I don't think anything could've been left out to make it shorter without affecting the storyline We don't get bogged down with details but there are enough descriptions so we feel we're right there with the characters in medieval EnglandScotlandThe heroine Jordan had a few big TSTL moments which I think worked out ok in the end because she was borderline too perfect Her mistakes somehow made her human and less goddess likeThe hero William is one of the sweetest I've ever read about in a medieval romance He's a tough warrior feared by everyone but he's also innately good loyal and fiercely protective of his loved ones The secondary characters were great including his small group of knights and Jordan's cousinsThere is a great HEA and a very uniue epilogue

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Ish groom is offered to a Scots bride The Lady Jordan Scott is that bride and her groom is the aged and powerful Earl of Teviot John de Longley When Lord de Longley sends his mighty and hated army to collect his new bride the captain of the army personally retrieves Lady Jordan When Jordan looks upon the fearsome English knight she realizes there is something oddly familiar about his voice When the man finally reveals himself she sees that it is none other than the man whose life she saved Sir William de Wolfe the scourge of the Scots makes his presence knownWilliam has never forgotten about his Scots angel One look at the Lady Jordan after all of these months and he is stricken with appreciation and adoration. Get lostin the power of love friendship and loyaltyIf I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world CS LewisThis is how I feel about booksI read them to lose myself in another world A world we can not experience here and now The story The Wolfe is the kind of book that takes you to another world so completely you almost have withdrawals coming out of itIt's a epic love story of a English knight called the Wolfe and the Scottish lass that saves him Their love is so true and strong that it can and will span lifetimes William the Wolfe is so legendary people fear and love him with eual measure The villagers chant his name with love and his enemies spit his name with fear and venom But underneath the fierce warrior is a heart of such strength and love that it can bring tears to a readers eyes Jordan is a feisty scottish lass that hates death and war She's beautiful inside and out; who also like the Wolfe has a inner strength of steel She is no spoiled princess but she's no simpering miss either A perfect combination for a heroine everyone can and will loveThis book isn't only about the main characters though it has a whole slew of other characters that a reader loves almost as much as the Hh William the Wolfe has a following of knight's so delightful thats its worth reading the book just FOR them It's a very long story but thank goodness it isbecause you hate to say goodbye to themI don't want to give anything away you MUST read the book for yourself I should also mention this story isn't only about love It's got villains court intrigue battles and death Everything a great medieval romance should haveTake a trip into the past and remember life's true treasureslove friendship loyalty and family

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The WolfeHe has thought of nothing else but the lady since the time she tended his injury and now his infatuation with her takes flight As he escorts her back to Northwood Castle to wed his liege each passing minute sees him fall and hopelessly in love with her Jordan comes to know the man beyond The Wolf of legend and so the love story begins Join William and Jordan in a tale of true and utter devotion of a love that bleeds beyond the boundaries of Scots and English and where loyalty friendship and family bind them all together in this uncertain and political world These are the dark days of dark times but in the midst of a treacherous world of secrets and hatred William and Jordan share a love that is only dreamt of. This is the first book in the de Wolfe Pack series Know that this book is about 900 pages long My thought on the length of this book at first when thinking about reading the book I thought there would be a lot of fillersomething drawn out forever SO I was slow to jump on board with this book But forged ahead and started reading this book I found that it was a really good book that did not feel to be a 900 page book This book beside the main two couples William and Jordan lady also included the story of several other couples I found that I was wrapped up in their story too It also had a lot of story to tell and it did feel right to be such a long book William the Wolf is English and has been fighting the Scots for a long time But the Kings has called for a truce and to do so he feels he needs to tie the English Lord with a Highland Scott Lass who is the daughter of Thomas Scott a Highland Chief So William is captain of the army for the Earl who has been told to marry Jordan William is set to go and bring Jordan to The Earl When William first sees Jordan they her realizes that she is the Scottish Lass that save his life last year Another thing William finds is that he has started to have feelings for her but he is bound to take him to his friend the Earl Jordan too knows it is the fighter she saved and has started to have feelings for him This starts the emotion great hard love ship that I was so glad to have read