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Download Promise Me Light kindle Ì 375 pages ä Paige Weaver ✓ I'm darkness Maddie Stay away from men like me You'll only get hurt At one time my life was simple Easy But that was before the war Now I was no longer an average college student I was a survivor A woman living in a ravaged world My future was notHad taken so much from me but it wasn't finished yet It wanted It wanted my heart My soul The one person I couldn't live without It wanted Ryder Delaney My best friend The bad boy The one person who could fight like no other and love me like no one else He was the father of my baby I watched him I'm looking at all these 4 and 5 star reviews and wondering if I read the same thing?Okay so I will admit that I do like the author's style of writing which is why this didn't go on my DNF shelf but it almost didThe characters drove me insane They were whiny stupid and annoying Am I supposed to like them? I didn't And if the characters are supposed to be flawed develop them enough so I care whether or not they redeem themselves The heroine made a comment about her relationship with Ryder being like a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs and for once I agreed with her She needed to step the HELL off that ride and run Why would someone keep going back to someone who keeps treating you badly has a severe case of PTSD which seemed to magically cure by the end and was frankly an ass A huge example of this for me was when he did this sweet gesture of giving her his helping of soup and a minute later she ends up wearing it because he goes off the dumb ass handle Hello? Food shortage anyone? By the sounds of the dire situation she should have been wringing that soup from her shirt and eating every last drop Or maybe Ryder should uit acting like the immature ass hat he is And how in the hell did he save Maddie when he has an infected gun shot wound and is delirious with fever?? He's standing on the porch with a gun?? I don't think soBut yet can't be woken up from his nightmare where he is strangling the woman he supposedly loves???The heroine was immature and stupid and the actions she took while pregnant were just dumb I'm frankly amazed the pregnancy survived with the way she was running around starving being strangled beat up and whatever else she enduredI still like the premise of the war and how these people had to survive without electricity and trying to meet their basic needs But I don't get how she could go from suffering from some pretty physical hardships to all of the sudden wanting to jump Ryder's bones just because he was in the vicinity I mean I get that people have needs but she sure got hers at strange timesSorry this one just wasn't for me

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Walk away one hot summer day and I prayed he would return I needed him like I needed air to breathe and water to drink Without him I was lost A light without her darkness Until he returns I'll wait for him And I believe he will return because love is powerful And so is the light calling him hom not perfect read for times we are living in right nowbut o a flipside if you are looking for a NA dystopian novel this series is it not good as a previous one

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Promise Me LightI'm darkness Maddie Stay away from men like me You'll only get hurt At one time my life was simple Easy But that was before the war Now I was no longer an average college student I was a survivor A woman living in a ravaged world My future was not bright and my life was far from perfect The war NothingThat is what I wasRyder was gone My world shattered like a piece of delicate glass dropped on a marble floor Tiny slivers of the life I once had lingered but they were brokenUselessJust fragments of what they once were I had no hope No prayers No desire to go onI can't breathe without him Someone might call me a fool for not facing reality but if reality didn't include Ryder I didn't want any part of it Sunlight filtered in through the window brightening the room but only darkness surrounded me The light in me was gone Like a candle without it's flame I sat alone and without purpose Promise Me Light was the remarkable conclusion to Promise Me Darkness I very rarely like the seuel of a novel than the first installment but for this one I made an exception This book was so beautifully written that I cried through a good portion of it It just had that something than Promise Me Darkness ever did and that's the only way I can think to describe it I loved the flashbacks and the poetic writing style Everything about it was so beautifulWhen me meet Maddie in Promise Me Light she's not the same girl that she was before She's broken Lost Without hope Ryder is gone He never returned from the search party that went to find her best friend Eva She doesn't know how to live without Ryder he's her best friend true love soul mate father of her unborn baby how does she go on without him? I felt as if a giant building collapsed on top of me leaving me trapped and desperate for air I waited for someone to rescue me and dig me out from under the constant pain but no one ever came Every day I tried crawling my out of of the rumble cutting my hands and leaving a trail of despair behind But I never could see daylight only darkness In Promise Me Light the end of the world is still in it's throes In fact things are worse With Ryder gone they also have other problems to get used to They are running out of food still without power and tensions are running high in their group People are starting to fight have shorter tempers and understand less Will they make it out alive? Will Ryder ever be found? Or is there no light to be found in the darkness? This was it The truth The reason we both lived and breathed Some called it friendship Others called it love I just called it each other We needed each other to survive I love you Maddie Remember that I'll love you forever Now let me go Ryder Being with Ryder was like a roller coaster ride that never ended There were sharp turns and up and downs You never knew what was waiting for you around the corner One moment you wanted to laugh the next moment you wanted to scream But through it all it was exhilarating and fast paced The ride of your life And I never wanted to get off I'm darkness Maddie Stay away from men like me You'll only get hurt Ryder Reading this story made me cry hoping that Maddie Ryder would end up together it made me fan girl at all of Ryder's fierce sexy alpha maleness the epilogue was awesome though I wish it were concluded It was a beautiful unforgettable story and it definitely earned itself a place on my favorites list I won't be forgetting this one anytime soonI ask everyone to give this one a shot Even if you weren't a big fan of the first installment the seuel is so beautifully written that I hope everyone sticks with the series I need you now he said grabbing my loose hair in a fist and tugging me closer A gunshot wound won't stop you? I asked with a smileNot with you baby I WOULD 100% RECOMMEND THIS SERIES