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PDF ☆ BOOK Mississippi Blues ß Five years ago Trey Bouche found his best friend—with blood on his hands—standing over a body Although Trey wanted to believe in his friend’s innocence he was forced to testify in court and Jace was sent to prison for life Trey returns determined to prove he was right Even if it means losing the woman he still lLosing the woman he still loves Summer Hill cannot forgive Trey or his father the chief of police for the wrongs she feels they did to her family When her brother escapes from Angola Summer vows to keep her brother safe no matter the cost Falling back in love with Trey again isn’t an 35 starsThere's a lot of good here Starting with the base of this story this is a great mystery Setting aside the romance and everything else the actual mystery is enough to carry the book There were pieces I figured out early and pieces that kept me guessing until the last few pages It was really well done The romance aspect for the most part is also a point in favor It's not too in your face nothing is solved immediately by magical sex For the vast majority of the book the romance is a great factorUntil the end I can't tell you what the thing is that I hate because it's a huge spoiler but I can tell you when I read it I wondered whether the author wrote the whole book up to that pointand then handed it to a 13 year old girl and went now how would you make everything all better? And then did that It's completely unfounded out of nowhere ridiculous and nonsensical and I seriously cannot believe it even went there It's SO ridiculous that I actually was planning on giving this book four stars until I got to that The I think about it the annoyed I get Ugh

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Five years ago Trey Bouche found his best friend with blood on his hands standing over a body Although Trey wanted to believe in his friend’s innocence he was forced to testify in court and Jace was sent to prison for life Trey returns determined to prove he was right Even if it means One little town in Mississippi two families entwined in the biggest upset five years ago and now the past is coming back to haunt them The truth will be uncovered somehow some way and hearts are going to be on the lineIt never fails Every time I pick up a book by Ms Lindun I'm up reading late turning the pages as the suspense romance and emotions are well weaved into a story that I get sucked in right from the start This story has a different feel to the author's previous works but one that I loved just as much I immediately felt for Summer Trey and their families Imagine being young and in love with the whole world ahead of you until tragedy strikes On top of that things only escalate further from there when friendships are tested and truths have to be spoken no matter who gets hurt Talk about some intense emotion and angst I thought how on earth are Trey and Summer going to get past this? Well it's not easy that's for sureWe don't just get one love story from the book no in fact there is a sub plot involved Two for one? I'm in This only adds to the tension that I felt while rooting for Trey and SummerI found myself fully invested in the lives of the people in this little Mississippi town The element of suspense keeps growing as the story goes on The uestions burn in my mind Is Jace innocent? Are Trey and Summer going to find their happily ever after? And who is going around silencing people to ensure they never speak of the past again? I will tell you I was left guessing the entire time I had no idea That's what makes an excellent suspenseFor an emotionally driven suspense story I highly recommend Mississippi Blues In fact i recommend any story by D'Ann Lindun

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Mississippi Blues OptionNow five years later the past begins to unravel Reluctantly thrown together Summer and Trey follow a twisted path that lead them to the truth Jace didn’t kill anyone and an entire town’s ugly secret is unveiled But importantly can Trey and Summer rediscover the love they lost Poor EditingThe story was actually intriguing and kept me interested enough to finish Some of the characters were a little dramatic; however the who done it theme made some of the dramatics bearable I may have enjoyed the book if proofreader had done a better job there were a lot of typos