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Here is he now Antonia Brooke and her husband Adam frantically search the woods and all of Concord to find their little boy Not until Detective Mike Balducci discovers the crystal sculpture buried in Old Willow not until he discovers the apparitions hiding within the woods not until he discove. This was a book that I was not sure exactly what it was in terms of genre when I started after a few chapters I was sure it was a ghost story but it wasn't Then I was sure it was just a murder mystery but it wasn'tThis story wanders off into areas seldom tread life after death with some science and some faith The fact that it touches the edges of Judeo Christian beliefs makes it a bit familiar to the average American but the story is really not about any religion since it is actually a paranormal urban fantasy at it's heartThe thing here is that the story keeps trying to tug at your emotional strings and in most cases does it uite well but with the mixture of mystery science magic and faith it presents a story that really does not sit securely in any genreHenry is missing nobody know what happened to him and the truth when it finally is revealed is a bit shocking but I was a bit disappointed in the author not taking advantage of trying to use the detective's sorrow to at least give the reader a bit of happiness by hooking him up with the scientist but I always think a touch of romance always helps a book but that was not the purpose of this book This is a book savored and not rushed it takes on the feel of a drama for a lot of the book as far as the relationship of Antonia and Adam and so all I can say after finishing it is I am glad I read it it was thought provoking and entertaining which is what I want out of my books

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The Dazzling DarknessRs the dazzling faces inside the darkened air does he find the clues to what happened to little Henry Brooke in Concord Massachusetts This is a supernatural mystery about a family who confronts long buried secrets of the dead Do you believe in ghosts Do you believe in consciousness after death. While my favorite fiction genre is horror I am fond of mystery suspense and thrillers I began my read of The Dazzling Darkness by Paula Cappa expecting a horror novel But it started off as a gripping mystery and I remember thinking this is a pleasant surprise as I was riveted to the story of a missing five year old boy named Henry His parents Antonia and Adam along with older sister Laurie are frantic after he disappears walking home from school just behind his sister who is perplexed because he was just right behind her As time passes anxiety turns to panic and terror as the boy does not come home The police are called and soon the entire community is galvanized to search for the missing childThe tension that comes with the territory in a story about an abducted child suddenly turns eerie when the family begins seeing strange people in the vicinity of their home and hearing the giggles and whisperings of Henry – who remains frustratingly out of sight The atmosphere is influenced by the presence of a cemetery close to their home both of which by the way are surrounded by woods The caretaker of the cemetery who lives on the grounds is creepy Elias Hatch who has a friendship with a Catholic priest whose best intentions do not seem as straightforward as he wants everyone to believe When it becomes clear that the strange people roaming the cemetery are ghosts the mystery turns to horror as the supernatural elements rev the story into high gearBefore the novel concludes the reader is treated to secret underground passageways below the cemetery crystal skulls that generate impossibly strong electromagnetic waves that leave traces of the skull long after it is removed from a location rituals for raising the dead ghosts than you can count discussions of transcendentalism secret Vatican organizations police procedural investigations the poems of Ralph Waldo Emerson the One True Cross and heaven knows what else I am forgetting This summary may seem like a confusing mess of genres but amazingly it is not The story is wildly fascinating and all of the plotlines dovetail nicely together The conclusion in which everything comes together blew me away – I mean I was really stunnedThe setting was very captivating The home woods and cemetery were characters in their own right Ms Cappa described them so clearly that I could “see” the paths through the woods the damp grounds of the cemetery and the dripping grave markers The characters of Antonia and Adam were very well drawn The anguish they display as they await the news of their son is portrayed vividly Elias is fascinating when he is “on stage” and even Henry in his absence seems astoundingly real If I have any criticism it would be the portrayal of the detective investigating the case – which is unfortunate because his point of view takes up at least one fourth of the novel My understanding of police investigations is based solely on what I have read and learned in novels and on TV shows like CSI New York and Law and Order All by way of saying my take on this might be incorrect but here goes The detective seemed to be reacting to events as they happened instead of investigating Also professional boundaries seem to be lacking in his decision making He includes the parents in various aspect of the investigation including interviews and access to crime scenes I kept wondering if his behavior would destroy evidence or harm the legal case against a suspect As result his character just didn't ring true to me and his behavior distractingThe Dazzling Darkness is not a traditional horror story full of shock and gore Despite everything going on it is a “uiet novel I do not mean boring far from it I couldn't put the book down Rather the intensity comes from wondering what in the hell is going on as the author throws one curve after another The novel is beautifully written and uite surprising in many ways Highly recommended

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The Dazzling Darkness Free read ✓ 104 ↠ The Dazzling Darkness by Paula CappaA cemetery A lost child An ancient secret Do you believe in ghosts In Old Willow Cemetery Elias Hatch protects the secret power buried inside his cemetery and he knows five year old Henry Brooke has managed to get inside the locked gates Who let him inside Where iThe Dazzling Darkness by Paula CappaA cemetery A lost child An ancient secret Do you believe in ghosts In Old Willow Cemetery Elias Hatch protects the secret power buried inside his cemetery and he knows five year old Henry Brooke has managed to get inside the locked gates Who let him inside W. I started this book and did not put it down until I finished it a couple of hours later after midnight It got me from the first word and did not let go I absolutely loved everything about this book for me the mix of genres in the book was brilliant This is a book that should be highly read than what it is A bit of a hidden gem So glad I got to read it and now share with you all A secret lies buried beneath the haunting statuary in Old Willow Cemetery In Concord Massachusetts the surrounding woods are alive with the spirits of transcendentalists Emerson Thoreau and Alcott Elias Hatch the cemetery keeper is the last of modern day transcendentalists Does he know the secret power buried in Old Willow Cemetery Would he ever reveal itNear the cemetery lives a family one day whilst walking home from school with his sister five year old Henry vanishes goes missing nowhere to be seen A frantic search is undertaken involving a massive police hunt led by Detective Balducci sniffer dogs community groups assisting with the search and eventually the FBIThis cemetery is guarded and tended by old Elias Hatch who lives in a house on the grounds he has visitors that nobody sees he knows things that nobody knows Of the abundant trees hovering in this graveyard there is one long lived silver birch whose branches extend above a row of small headstones where three babies are buried Elias never having had children sits by the babies' graves deep in thought At the back of the yard he has a favorite trembling lilac tree A nervous sort the tree likes to hug the obelisk carved with two hands raised in benediction And sometimes that old wild hearted pine at the corner swipes at the satin moon as if to snatch it down Nature growing conscious Elias might say Do you sense the atmosphere do you think that the trees might be a little alive Something is in the air You can feel it reading the book you know something is coming you get tingles and in my case all my spidey senses were on high alert The book is really clever the first part of the book is a very well written crime book essentially the police are fully engaged a reward is offered for the return of young Henry the pond is dredged in case he drowned It's tense The family are distressed but what of Henry's sister She's made a new friend a new friend a girl who has secrets She likes the way her friend braids her long hair Her friend likes the trees she talks of them The imagery in this book and how atmospheric it is was fantastic I was sucked in to it totally could not turn the pages uick enough Paula Cappa weaves in glimpses of the supernatural ghostly happenings into this modern day crime scene so well it's like nothing I remember ever reading beforeIt gets better dear readers oh yes I cannot share too much as I will totally spill the beans and spoil it for you But this cemetery old Elias and the local Catholic Vicar know things that nobody else knows things of old secrets contained energies buried waiting to burst into life again With brilliant writing the plot develops into something so special as the hunt for Henry begins to cross lines everybody is starting to realise that sometimes what you think is real has other facets to it that just when you think you see all sides to things a prism of secrets breaks through from the other side What they find is spectacular what they stumble upon is jaw dropping good I know I am sounding a big vague it's because the latter half of the book is all spoilers if I tell you what's happening But the aspects of the metaphysical science and the supernatural gets weaved into the plot There is something so powerful it's dangerous in the wrong hands Old Elias is a thanatologist I had to look it up it's a person who studies death and all things related essentially like his family before him On the contrary She died fully conscious of the death process She was a thanatologist just like my father and me Is death the end of us Or is there I loved the way this book is written the crime element the drama of the missing boy the ghostly atmosphere the unusual characters the supernatural the paranormal the religious the hidden and the revealed It's all here and it's fantastic I did NOT expect this book to go where it did I did not expect it to be as good as it is The characters are strong and well written the plot is intricate and paced well the atmosphere is thrilling the ending was beautifully done too Oh the ending Oh my I had a tear in my eye but it was a happysad tear one of those I don't cry many of them when reading but I did reading this bookThe entire journey that crosses realms and genres is essentially all about the hunt to find five year old Henry The hope that he is alive and well and not buried and dead or kidnapped and held hostage Nothing is given away as to where the cookie will crumble in relation to Henry But those that love him and the police that are invested in finding him will stop at nothing to find himLet it take you to another place one full of surprises you won't predict what happens I guarantee it There are some scenes in the second half of the book that have the most incredible imagery and information I felt like I was absorbing new knowledge with my eyes wide open in delight and fear at the same time A book that I highly recommend a review that has been hard to write as I want to share SO much but I will spoil it for you I want to babble and talk with others about what happens But you read it tell me what you think I received a copy of this book from the author Paula Cappa in exchange for a fair and honest review I am delighted that I was able to read this book and share my views