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review The Bone Season 103 õ The year is 2059 Nineteen year old Paige Mahoney is working in the criminal underworld of Scion London based at Seven Dials employed by a man named Jaxon Hall Her job to scout for information by breaking into people’s minds For Paige is a dreamwalker a clairvoyant and in the world of Scion she commits treason simply by breathingIt isReathingIt is raining the day her life changes for ever Attacked drugged and kidnapped Paige is transported to Oxford – a city kept secret for two hundred years controlled by a powerful otherworldly race Paige is assigned to Warden a Rephaite with mysterious motives He is her master Her trainer Her natural enemy But if P. this was recommended to me after i finished reading the grishaverse books as something similar and honestly i cant really agree with that comparison but that doesnt mean this isnt entertaining in its own right i was a little overwhelmed at first there is SO much world building and so uickly that it kind of feels like i was being thrown into the deep end with really no idea about what was going on but eventually the story became easier to get into the world is just so fascinating that i really had no choice lol overall this is a pretty strong debut and solid first book to a series i hope to continue ↠ 35 stars

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Aige wants to regain her freedom she must allow herself to be nurtured in this prison where she is meant to dieThe Bone Season introduces a compelling heroine and also introduces an extraordinary young writer with huge ambition and a teeming imagination Samantha Shannon has created a bold new reality in this riveting debut. ❝Knowledge is dangerous Once you know something you can't get rid of it You have to carry it Always❞ Wellllll This one is a bit tough to rate and review It was a great book BUT it definitely had its huh moments Let me start off by saying that this world is DENSE Holy crap I cannot put a finger on this worldbuilding It's like I get it but I don't You read it and you're like WHAT IS GOING ON but it just flows anyways even with a big uestion mark floating above your head It's really a lot to take in One look at the reference page in the beginning of the book and you can already see how much of a pain it would be to piece together the worldbuilding and how things workedWorldbuilding aside the concepts in this book are also super confusing and hard to grasp I have NO idea what a dreamscape is I don't even really understand what Paige is or does Along with everybody else's abilities I know NOTHING I understand NOTHING But I'm like okay Whatever I'll go with it I'm just hoping that things would make sense or explained better in the the second book Although I was about the concepts and worldbuilding I was still able to enjoy the storyline and how things unfoldedThe pacing overall is pretty slow Even at the end when shit starts to go down I wasn't fully invested in what was going on or blown away sitting at the edge of my seat The story moves slow but it's actually surprisingly interesting Usually the slow pacing plus confusing worldbuilding would kill the whole thing for me and I'll end up DNFing but the storyline really saved this book There were a lot of times when I was like HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO GOODI don't really have much to say about the book mostly because I'm still reeling and wondering what the heck I just read and what EVEN was this worldbuilding But overall this was a pretty good start to what potentially could be one of my all time favorite series I could tell that Samantha Shannon has a lot up her sleeve for her readers And considering how this is a seven book series I'm really curious as to how this story can span that many books I mean I'll almost be 30 by the time this series will be over lolThe Bone Season is a bit slow here and there and the worldbuilding can be a pain to follow but I think many people will really enjoy this series Although sometimes the story moves slowly there was no dull or boring moment I highly recommend sticking through the tedious info dumpy first book because I can already see this series greatly improving with the later books I've heard good things about The Mime Order and many have said that it's a MAJOR step up from The Bone Season so I'm really looking forward to that

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The Bone SeasonThe year is 2059 Nineteen year old Paige Mahoney is working in the criminal underworld of Scion London based at Seven Dials employed by a man named Jaxon Hall Her job to scout for information by breaking into people’s minds For Paige is a dreamwalker a clairvoyant and in the world of Scion she commits treason simply by b. In short the publisher's overblown hype set this book up for judgment and failure but the book itself provided the ropeI hate hype The thing about hype is that it unfairly at times sets the bar up so high that there is really nowhere to go but down This is true especially in the case of such a young author You throw in the name Bloomsbury and the seven book series bit and the JK Rowling comparison surely comes It certainly sets standards extremely high unrealistically high that inevitably one is disappointed with anything less And this book while technically acceptable is in no way comparable to the enjoyment I had from reading the first of the Harry Potter seriesGranted the premise is not the same the audience is not the same One fact remains my enjoyment of the book is just not there Take away the hype take away the expectations and I am only left mildly impressed at this freshman effort of a bookIt is an overly ambitious infodump It was difficult to read I sludged through this as I would a school textbook it was just not an enjoyable book at all for me Action and information takes priority over a a sensible plot and character development The addition of a massive cast serves to only disguise the fact that the plot is a hot mess This is not science fiction It is fantasy it is paranormal there is nothing remotely resembling science in here for a book that purportedly takes place in the futureThe premise This is Gameboard of the Gods with a glossary I oftentimes joke that in sci fi there really needs to be a glossary because oftentimes the terms and concepts are neither well explained enough nor are they explained in a timely manner Well ta da I got my wishand I wish I hadn't It is really bad when there is a glossary of this length It is not a good sign when within the first 20 pages I am confused out of my mind and have to read the book on two mediums my reader and a netbook just so I could have two versions of it open so I could constantly and I mean constantly refer back to the glossary It is one thing to create a new world it is another to immerse the reader so that they feel like they're drowning holding onto the fucking glossary as a flotation device It took me a long long time to read the initial chapters because I kept having to look things up and then memorize what they actually are And there are So Many TermsIt took me awhile to realize that this is an alternate universe of the UK; I didn't know this was so until it was mentioned that Oxford a not so subtle reference to the author's pedigreed university was destroyed in the year 1859 Oh That answers a lot of uestions like why the fuck is the UK not even half a century from now so goddamned different Why are there oxygen bars Isn't oxygen kind of reuired for living Etc Alternate London Well that was easyThe world building is at simultaneously overly detailed and extremely vague Very very very specific information is given only when it pleases the author to do so There is a lot of information information is the word of the day in the context of this book given to us when it's convenient for the author to do so People with clairvoyance are feared and hated and hunted down the reasons is never explained clearly enough for my satisfaction There is little history little background little explanation to why things are this way or that nothing to make us feel like this could be an actual world As uickly as we are dumped into this setting from a 50 foot plank we're immediately plunked into yet another underground world An secret world set in an alternate universe It's so very Inception is it not We've got clairvoyants seers etc in one world and we're dumped into Sheol I in which there are Emims and Rephaites and there's info dumping on them God save us allThe characters The characters and the setting are gloriously sterile They left me emotionless You could easily kill any of the main characters off 90% through and I wouldn't even blink much less shed a microscopic tear The book didn't give any of the characters personality or character development until the author suddenly remembers oh I should probably insert poignant moment in here at appropriate timePaige Mahoney is our special snowflake of the day She is the daughter of an eminent scientist within the Scion scientific research division and has had a very privileged life due to her father's status and importance She doesn't want it I’d always hated school the uniform the dogma Leaving was the high point of my formative years I always hate it when characters act stupidly contrary like this Guess what Paige It's life You are not special School is expected as are following the rules Nobody likes it but we do it because it's the mature thing to do Making a character a special snowflake is a surefire way to guarantee that I will not like her Paige just doesn't feel like she belongs in the average life She's meant for something So instead of settling into a mundane life like the rest of us and therefore saving me from having to read this book Paige joins the clairvoyant version of the MafiaFor a book that is told from a first person narrative I got no sense of Paige's personality or any sort of complexity or development as the book progresses Her narrative is comprised of action than thoughts Take away the plot and you are left with a book of YA PNR tropes and clichés The jealous ueen bee the darkly mysterious guy the girl with special powersThere is a very large cast of characters about whom I could not care less Short of a few main characters the rest of the cast are largely extraneous and utterly forgettableThe romance utterly forced Utterly unnecessary Not well built at all Came out of nowhere To summarize Paige gets rescuedcaptured by the Rephaim as she is about to die so terribly convenient and is told that she is part of Bone Season XX which startsNOWAgain so terribly convenient The Rephaite captures people and save them for every 10 years to compete in this special contest to see who gets to be their special servants a red jacket as opposed to the regular servants who are just performers harlies Shock of all shocks Paige notices one particular Rephaite a very super extra good looking one among the merely really good looking ones One of the Rephaim was looking at meHis gaze cleaved straight to mine as if he’d been waiting for me to look watching for a flicker of dissent His skin was a dark honey gold setting off two heavy lidded yellow eyes He was the tallest of the five males with coarse brown hair clothed in embroidered black Wrapped around him was a strange soft aura overshadowed by the others in the room He was the single most beautiful and terrible thing I’d ever laid eyes on Shockingly he picks Paige to be his Special Girl She gets to be his servant She's soooooooooooo special because guess what “You have attracted the attention of the blood consort Arcturus Warden of the Mesarthim He has decided to be your keeper”“It is rare that he takes interest in a humanYou are very very fortunate” Fuck me Facepalming so hardTheir romance is forced and stretched It is a prison guardmentor type of a relationship onlynot because clearly certainly the author is setting us up for romance somewhere along the way The like the love the gradual building up of the relationship ne