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James Resisting Love #3Ed Sasha now had a new take on romance using dating and men as a way to get over the pain of losing James When their paths cross again and James now has a new woman how will she react? Will she let go of all the hurt and anger and move on? Demand answers? Or lay her cards down and fight to win back the man that was once her everythin ARC provided by the author Chantal Fernando in exchange for an honest review In the first 25 books of the Resisting Love series James was always such a mystery to me Out of the three brothers he is very uiet private and secretive His job reuired him to disappear for various amounts of time and he would return sore and bruised He refused to give anyone any details on what his job entailed; even his brothers didn’t seem to know much So coming into this book I was definitely looking forward to learning about him and what he does for a living And let me tell you waiting to find out his secret was worth the waitSasha and James have a very complicated history At one point in time they were very much in love but one day Sasha found James with another woman and their relationship was left in shambles After seeing each other a handful of times since the break up Sasha decides to take a two year vacation with family in Scotland When she returns James is dating his co worker Tatiana and a situation causes James and Sasha to be in each other’s lives again Will James and Sasha try to work things out? Will James end his relationship with Tatiana? Will the secrets that both James and Sasha are hiding destroy their fragile relationship? All are uestions that are answered in this novelWhy Just 3 Stars?While I definitely enjoyed learning about James’ secret and his history with Sasha I don’t feel like I connected with these two characters as much as I connected with the characters in the previous books James and Sasha both made some pretty big decisions that I never really understood their reasoning for For example James should have been honest with Sasha about his job the first time they dated He didn’t have to give her specific details but he could have at least given her a general idea of what he does This would have prevented a lot of their issues and saved them from a lot of heart break Sasha also hid a huge secret from James as well and I lost a lot of respect for her because of her decision I can’t say she ever fully redeemed herself in my eyes Another reason for my 3 star rating is that I found aspects of this book predictable I saw a lot of the drama coming before it even occurred This isn’t the biggest reason for the lower rating but I just found some of the drama meaning drama caused from women from James' past that occurred in this book very similar to what happened in previous books Overall I did enjoy reading James Resisting Love #3 and would definitely recommend this series to anyone that is considering reading it Memorable uotesJ “I’ll make it up to you tonight okay I’ll be back as soon as I can”S “Good you can go down on me for two hours”J “Is that supposed to be a punishment for me? Cos it sounds like a reward”Tee to the guys “I thought I’d liven the place up a little Besides if I were a man we all know I’d have the biggest penis”

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To make a decision Will he stay with Tatiana a woman he has grown to care for? Or step up with explanations for Sasha the woman he can’t seem to stop wanting?Sasha a foolish romantic had thought she had found the love of her life in the sexy James Steele That was until she saw him in the arms of another woman Heartbroken and betray Omo I don't know where to begin But one thing is for sure this is my favorite book in the series James secret job was a mother fucking mystery I kept thinking so many scenarios maybe he's a secret agent? MMA fighter? James Bond? Well I'm so glad I finally find out because it was killing me since the first book of this series lolFrom the first page it already hooked me All the secrets and revelations was overwhelming but at the same time engaging it kept me turning the pages Tatiana was a bitch and she added up some drama in the story but I wish it has Oh and don't get me started with the OTHER thing he was hiding WOW Sasha is very likeable that by the end of the book I fell in love with her character I like that she didn't make too much unnecessary drama She wasn't annoying or weak but I'm so glad she wasn't too strong too She's probably my favorite heroine in this series It's so fun to see the Steele brothers interactions specially when each of them thinks they are their mom's favorite LOL They are so adorable ^^Oh one thing The blonde twins LOL They keep popping in every freaking book it's hilarious XDOverall 5 stars I had high expectations on this book and it exceeded it Okay I thought Chase was my favorite book because he was so possessive but I was a goner when I read Kade and his massive ding dong but but I gotta hand it to James A good father brother and a great man all bundled into one Seriously this series keeps getting better and better I can't wait for Derek's book and maybe Trey too? and Sax? OMG SO MANY DELICIOUS MEN I CAN'T WAIT

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James Resisting Love #3 doc ´ Kindle Edition read ´ chantal fernando ☆ James Steele leads a complicated life a life that makes it hard to get close to people James’ secrets caused him to lose the woman of his dreams Sasha Crawford James has now moved on with Tatiana a lovely woman whom he works wJames Steele leads a complicated life a life that makes it hard to get close to people James’ secrets caused him to lose the woman of his dreams Sasha Crawford James has now moved on with Tatiana a lovely woman whom he works with someone who understands his reasons for secrecy When Sasha comes back into the picture James will have Reread in February 03 2018Reread in February 2016Read in August 2013 I think James has no backbone to get rid of his exes They stay around causing problems and he does not know what to do He is a weak one who prefers to bury his head in the sand than face the problems head onOur heroine has some reason for being insecure because he's too secretiveAfter all he moved on uickly after they broke up and never really explained what happened between them He also totally cut off contact with our heroine making communication difficult between them His relationship with Tatiana had lasted for a full year Not to mention his other secretsJye is the result of a drunken night James and I spent together after Nikki and Kade’s weddingI called but James didn’t answer his phone I kept trying to get ahold of him for two weeks Once a woman picked up and said James was ‘busy’It’s been two years now and I think it’s time for me to go homeIsn’t it weird how women flock to men with children but men run away from single mothers?I was still a virgin when I met James and looking back I was extremely naïve and filled with fairy tale romances and happily ever aftersWhen a man treats you like a princess you can tell he’s been raised by a ueen“James I haven’t been with anyone since you”There's one thing I need to take care of and now Because if Sasha finds out No She won’t She can’t