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D and treacherousFINAL MOVE Forced to work with a group of ruthless mercenaries Victor will face a choice he would rather not make do the right thing or sacrifice the only thing in the world he truly cares about his own li. DECONSTRUCTION He has survived the CIA SVR a sociopathic SIS officer arms dealers Private Military Contractors and a Kidon Team from Mossad But in “The Game” the third book in Tom Wood’s “Victor The Assassin” series the amoral main character has his work cut out for him in a job that has been specifically designed as a suicide mission for those involved Now to the review what happens when the perfect assassin is forced to play a game where nobody wins The story starts in Algiers Victor is tailing a Dutch contract killer on vacation who recently murdered a CIA NOC Forced to break cover due to a pesky watch vendor giving him away Victor chases his target and uietly shanks him Before dying the target asks Victor to do him a favour but bleeds out before he can explain further Four weeks later Victor undergoes some surgery in regards to an injury he sustained in “The Enemy” and as he leaves notices a surveillance team Performing counter surveillance events escalate to the point when he’s jammed a Glock 19 into the forehead of Janice Muir a CIA officer and one of NCS Associate Director Procter’s staffers Informing him his boss is temporarily indisposed; Muir gives Victor some context on the Algiers job With the client and assassin neutralised she wants him to go after the intermediary who coordinated the killing by impersonating the dead assassin Meeting the intermediary the man offers Victor a job with an unknown target Muir hires Victor to go undercover find out the specifics and deconstruct the job from within before it can be conducted Thus events spiral out of control as Victor travels to Italy is holed up in a farmhouse along with several other bloodthirsty killers who are constantly at each other’s throats and when the specifics of the job are revealed is forced to improvise and kill like never before in order to survive and answer the underlying uestion In a game with no rules who is playing who In terms of plot “The Game” is superb Victor is thrust into a situation which starts simple and gets far complex that for a moment; even he seems to be out of his depth The action is dialled down a few notches compared to the previous books but Mr Wood knows when to make the bullets fly and does so plausibly but with style a particular highlight being a dinner at a Japanese restaurant which turns bloody due to some uninvited guests On the research front “The Game” is very solid The author still knows how to prevent the story from becoming a technical manual while at the same time; sprinkling all those interesting small details that will make the enthusiasts smile such as all the weapons tactics and martial arts which Victor and the opposition use on each other which gives the story that extra bit of plausibility As for character development and interaction “The Game” excels compared to its predecessors and where the story gets most of its tension Let’s start with Victor who once again gets a subtle yet drastic amount of character development being forced to risk his life for others who mean nothing to him Nevertheless he thankfully hasn’t developed a conscience or lost a step at one point making an utter mockery of the female fatale cliché before silencing the woman in uestion But the fun part in Victor’s storyline during “The Game” is to see him outwit and play off the group of killers just like him mercilessly pressing psychological buttons with the skill of Francis Uruhart in order to make them underestimate him until it is too late Next there’s the gang of killers itself It seems Mr Wood decided to deconstruct heist films and that old saying “honour among thieves” because honour is certainly lacking amongst the men Victor meets They could have been boring stock psychopaths but Mr Wood gives them just enough depth and makes their interactions with each other like a dozen flash bang grenades going off in the Sistine Chapel A particular highlight was Mr Leeson the main antagonist Styling himself like the Steve Jobs of contract killings he’s the best villain Mr Wood has produced so far Seemingly living a charmed life Lesson happens to have a graveyard of skeletons in the closet and has a hidden side behind his façade Finally there’s Janice Muir Victor’s interim handler Despite being a rookie officer who gets off on the wrong foot with Victor with near lethal conseuences she learns uickly and at the end comes away having lost some naivety and having won some respect from Victor Now for some criticism I found the writing in this story to be less taut compared to the previous books This may be due to the format undercover operations do not have much shooting till the end but there was less intensity in The Game Finally in the aftermath of the Japanese restaurant scene there is a bit of dialogue which might erode some suspension of disbelief among certain readers who have an understanding of the rudiments of tradecraft Entertaining electrifying and excellent These three words can sum up the series that Tom Wood has built While a little uiet Mr Wood has demonstrated with “The Game” that he can do characterisation like a pro and is not a one trick pony with his mostly plausible but always stylish action scenes The possibilities for Victor are endless with our anti hero still a ghost and his enemies list is growing healthily with every book whatever trouble the author is planning to throw Victor into; it’s definitely going to be interesting WELL EXECUTED

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The GameOPENING MOVE After executing a hit on a fellow assassin in Algiers Victor the world's deadliest hit man is contracted by the CIA for an assignment that will take him across Europe to the blood stained streets of Romeand st. Victor is being watched closely as he strolls the uiet streets of Vienna Completely aware of a team of players following him the group of watchers are about to meet the Assassin With top skills in contract killing he is known to many and many want to hire or terminate him After several tactics to lose the watchers he corners the leader and demands answers Not expecting a reuest for his services Victor is offered a contract unaware the game he about to enter is not all it appears to be This time he will be playing both sides; the CIA and a broker who hires killers The broker is the dangerous of the two as he never reveals the client or the target until all prereuisites have been met to his total satisfaction If the broker is displeased then any or all hired for the job will be eliminated Victor has to prove beyond doubt he is the man for this missionWith first class action intelligent dialogue excellent plot The Game is one not to be missed and is highly recommended

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Summary The Game ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF í OPENING MOVE After executing a hit on a fellow assassin in Algiers Victor—the world's deadliest hit man—is contracted by the CIA for an assignment that will take him across Europe to the blood stained streets of Romeand straight into hellCOUNTER MOVE Victor must pose as his previousRaight into hellCOUNTER MOVE Victor must pose as his previous and very much dead target to figure out who the killer’s next victim was going to be But what was supposed to be a uick operation soon becomes much complicate. Victor has of late been working exclusively for the CIA he works for only one handlerit's the only way for an assassin to operate and survive But someone else has contacted him and they are determined to get Victor for this jobI'll leave up to you to guess whether or not Victor takes said job and if it goes as plannedbut we do have an exciting novel here and I can recommend it for it's action it's plot it's characters and just overall draw you in readabilityThis one is just a little different than the previous adventuressituations we've seen Victor in but that said it doesn't fail to give satisfaction You get a good plot characters painted in bold colors along with gun fire careening cars evil antagonists and possibly allies All we've come to expect from our anti hero VictorRecommended