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Chrome Circle Mobi ´ SERRAted Edge î Mercedes lackey î Fourth in the red hot SERRAted Edge series There are mages out there and some of them are kind of cute like Tannim a young human mage with a taste for hot Celtic rock fast cars and dangerous women Now he thinks he's found Ms Right but there are some small problemAre some small problems Her father is a dragon; she's not human though she's definitely a fox; and she wants to kill hi Vrrooomm Elves and cars

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Ng human mage with a taste for hot Celtic rock fast cars and dangerous women Now he thinks he's found Ms Right but there Interesting mix of Valdimar and modern day folks

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Chrome Circle SERRAted Edge #4Fourth in the red hot SERRAted Edge series There are mages out there and some of them are kind of cute like Tannim a you Fourth in the SERRAted Edge urban fantasy series and revolving around elves sportscar racing and humans The focus is back on Tannim and going home to the farm in OklahomaYou really must read these in order; it's much too confusing otherwiseMy TakeThis one brings back characters from the other three stories so it's nice to catch up a bitIt made me laugh when the authors pulled in a mention of Diana Tregarde from Lackey's Diana Tregarde I keep thinking about that series; I must go back and find It's also cute how LackeyDixon present Tannim's reminiscences of how he came to magic They made it seem uite believable They also make magic sound like a believable science Lol that bit about Tannim not being able to cure his own allergies certainly brought things down to earth It was also believable the tale the authors spun of why the Unseleighe don't come to the real world much any lol Well except for those who have learned to deal with the new possibilities offeredNice bit of catch up on what happened to Joe Jamie and Cindy from Wheels of Fire 2 I love the emphasis LackeyDixon put on getting that high school diploma as well as Frank's genuine concerns for Joe That tidbit about his reception in high school well it simply echoes what real life is in society with people afraid of what they don't understandThat's the beauty of Fairgrove You're supposed to be yourself and no one elseThat homecoming of Tannim's when he drives to Oklahoma to pick up Joe makes you understand better why he goes home so little all physical shortcomings aside but I have a hard time understanding Tannim's anger over Keighvin's helping his parents The reality of this encounter helped make this story feel very real And then Tannim adds in that bit about Joe being a hit with the ladies at Fairgrove and how it'll take some of the pressure off him lolThank god the bad guys adhere to some rules anyway I did love how Tannim thought his way through the meanings behind the artistic manner in which SharMali laid down that challenge The dissection of it along with the myriad possible reasons for itSometimes it's really frustrating to be the bad guy you know? The bad guys never have to think of things like thisLackeyDixon bring in bits and pieces of our world's elf loreA sad bit in here that both men and women should pay heed to that of paying attention to a significant other Chinthliss certainly found this out the hard wayWhew SharMali is playing both ends against the middle and it's fascinating to watch A bit hair raising in some places SharMali has learned a lot in her young life and she learns even now that she's become entangled with Tannim It's Tannim's strategies to prevent the psychic interrogation that will have you laughingIt's a run of encounters and escapes It's also a reminder that bad things happen on both sides of the planes Joe's past with his nutjob father as well as SharMali's experiences with her father and then the Unseleighe with both of them learning many truths It's not that well written not what I've come to expect from Lackey but the message is what gives this a star up The StoryIt's a careful dance of reveal and conceal as Alinor and Bob get a feel for Joe's possibilities as a SERRA mechanic He'll certainly need magick training Training he will get when the mysterious girl who's haunted Tannim's dreams for years lays down a challenge on TannimIt's a conundrum So much depends on the why the reason for the challenge Is it aimed at Tannim or at Keighvin? And how will SharMali balance the scales and salvage her reputation with the kitsune clan?The CharactersTannim is a human mage employed as a driver PR mechanic and troubleshooter for Fairgrove Industries Charlie Tannim is code at Fairgrove Trevor Drake and his mother are his parents who run a uarter horse ranch Chinthliss is a dragon and has been Tannim's mentor for a long time; he's the one who gave Tannim his nameYoung Joe has just graduated from high school with a real diploma and he's doing well at pushing back the memories of life from Wheels of Fire and learning to deal with his own telepathic powers as an upcoming wizard Seems he also has a knack with engines Pawnee County Deputy Sheriff Frank Casey had taken Joe in as a foster sonFairgrove Industries ishas three racing teams one each for GTP SERRA and SCCA Sieur Alinor Peredon Knight Artificer in the service of Elfhame Outremer aka Al Norris is one of the Folk a High Court elven mage and mechanic working for Fairgrove Industries too Andur is his elvensteed; Nineve is Andur's twin He and Bob Ferrel a human and a mechanical genius have been helping Joe learn the basics Lord Sir Keighvin Silverhair is the boss of Fairgrove and ruler of Elfhame Fairgrove Sarge Phil Austin will be Joe's mentor Dottie Conal is another mechanic with some points about the challenge Lidam is a HealerFoxtrot Xray his real name is Saski Berith is a kitsune spirit who befriended Joe and Tannim at different times SharMali Halanyn is half kitsune and half dragon trained by her father Charcoal to be Tannim's rival She too has dreamt of Tannim erotic dreams Adrift from her parents she lives in a pocket of Chaos with her Cold Iron car as protection and is in too deep with the Unseleighe She uses little air elementals as spies; her favorite is Azure The Honorable Lady Ako is a nine tailed kitsune a healer magician and bearer of some of the most noble blood in or out of Underhill as well as SharMali's motherThe Unseleighe and other bad guysMadoc Skean is the chief of SharMali's allies a Lord of Underhill a Magus Major and a traitorous sadistic chauvinistic selfish braggart who was exiled from the Seleighe Court by Oberon himself Charcoal a gray dragon is SharMali's father Chinthliss' enemy and determined to kill Tannim Thomas is a bronze dragon and Chinthliss' older half brother who has been keeping an eye on him The Katschei was a Russian creature half monster and half mage He's dead now and his realm is empty save for that sneak kidnapping of Tannim's Mustang The elves in the Hall of the Mountain King cut themselves off from humanity 1500 years ago Tom Cadge came looking for treasure and lost his eyes as well as his Nancy Now he's doomed to forever cleanFurhold islike a Mexican border bar but a rich neutral place UnderhillDeke Kestrel is working in Austin as a studio musician while honing his own esoteric skills and one of Tannim's few friends from high school; he gets a mention as does Ross Canfield the ghost from Born to Run Granny's Diner Granny's Kitchen in Wheels of Fire also pops in for an appearanceSCCA is the Sports Car Club of America SERRA is the South Eastern Road Racing AssociationThe Cover and TitleThe cover is a bit psychedelic in its purples pinks and blues with that Gate opening through the Chrome Circle that will swallow up Tannim's beloved deep red Mustang It's his dream girl posed on the Mustang's hood The title follows the previous three book covers with its fast looking Circle slanting forward with the wind racing across it The title and series information is black on a white background and white on a black background with both backgrounds looking like the decals found on the sides of race cars The authors' names are in yellow The title is the key the Chrome Circle that will bring them back to our own world