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read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Î Nigel Blackwell Piers Chapman had seen ParisIn pictures In movies In booksWhat he hadn't seen was the mobsterOr the dictatorOr the trained killersOr the diamonds they were chasingBut it was ParisThe city of lightThe city of loveAnd a girl had already stolen his heartWhat could possibly go wrongGetting a taxi in Paris can be hell Piers Chapman expec. Because I have recently been to New York City I can say for sure that I was able to experience what it was like when someone actually stole my taxi Yep it's true And this is what happened in the beginning of Paris Love Match sort of This excerpt is part of my 2013 Contemporary Month Event and is taken from my review on Into the Hall of Books Read here Piers and Sidney are in a bit of a bickering match over exactly who has the right to the taxi they're both sitting in when WHOOP someone jumps in and yells GO to the driver This person is dirty and stinky and has a gun he's being shot at and is actually really mean Eventually the guy ends up getting shot and both Piers and Sidney end up being suspects I'm leaving out a bit of a chase by both police and some really bad guys it's very exciting Apparently this now deceased guy name Auguste was in possession of something that a ton of people wanted for various reasons a famous painting And those bad guys believe that for some reason since Piers and Sidney just happened to be in the same taxi with Auguste they now magically know where this painting is currently being kept Previous to Auguste's departure from this earth he had made a deal with the bad guys about the painting and now they're expecting somebody to pay up in Auguste's place We've all seen these mafia type movies before we know how they work and in this case Piers and Sidney are in the wrong place at the wrong time and get completely caught up in it This my friends is the story of Paris Love MatchThe thing about Piers and Sidney is this before the taxi incident they didn't know each other at all In fact Piers isn't even from Paris He's in town on business Sidney lives there currently but she isn't from there either These two are an unlikely duo and they make for some really funny bantering back and forth which I love and some really funny scenes in the bookwhich is excellent because they spend an awful lot of time in these pages on the run so it's good to have their comedy to break up the chase scenes Sidney is a career woman she's focused and driven She's also concerned a lot with fashion So while everything is going on around her while they're supposed to be watching their backs constantly and staying on the move Sidney is sometimes extremely focused on the fact that she needs to shower and to change clothes and that she smells really bad All of this is well and good because that's how Sidney is but after a while I think it just worked to make Piers look even betterwhich wasn't very necessary because I liked Piers immediately In town on business like I mentioned the guy seemed to be a bit of a fumbling tourist He just wanted to get his job done and go back home When his job was delayed he realized he'd be in town longer so he'd sightsee a bit Good grief it must be a nightmare to get caught up in something like this when you're just trying to get your job done But Piers handles it in stride He keeps a level head even when he gets frustrated He finds his way around this city that is strange to him He deals with Sidney's sometimes ridiculous behavior And in the end the dude is the hero of the day I think he's great There are some secondaries that are really fun and also funny Some of the mob goons are really not mafia types they're just for hires that work on cars for a living I really liked them There's an exiled dictator that is justI don't know but he kind of made me laugh a little bit And there's Piers' mum who seemed to call at all the wrong times and come to all of the wrong conclusions as many mums do Ultimately Paris Love Match is a really fun book It's short and very lite on the romance but heavy on the adventure which is a nice change from what's out there right now I enjoyed it a lot considering that the majority of contemporary that I've read lately has either been heavy on the romance or heavy on the issues Paris Love Match was just plain fun OH And for those of you that love a great Parisian setting or Brit speak this is one that you might want to add to your to read list You get both of these things in this book I recommend Paris Love Match for fans of AdultNew Adult Contemporary with light romance plenty of adventure and a great setting It is a uick read and would be fun for those that love books set in Europe

characters Paris Love Match

characters Paris Love Match 107 õ Piers Chapman had seen ParisIn pictures In movies In booksWhat he hadn't seen was the mobsterOr the dictatorOr the trained killersOr the diamonds they were chasingBut it was ParisThe city of lightThe city of loveAnd a girl had already stolen his heartWhat could possibly go wrongGetting a taxi in Paris can be hell Piers Chapma Involved in a gun fight Or a car chase through the streets of Paris Or for the man to die But they're thrust together when the mob demands they return what the dead man stole Will Piers and Sidney work together Will they find what he had stolen Will they stay alive And will they do the last thing they expected Will they fall in love. My rating 38 stars Genre Contemporary romanceSteamy factors Long hard and soft gentle kissesThe book is a fun I especially recommend this book to those who have just finished a heavy read and want to go through a light but nice read to cool off the hangover from the last bookCharacters Hero Handsome with abs Intelligent Nerd Cute BraveHeroine Talented Sexy Independent Fashionable InfuriatingPlot Once upon a time a man Piers Chapman on a business trip to Paris had just stop and sat on a cab when this gorgeous sexy angel Sidney Roux slides in from the other door The discussion over the taxi is not ended when another man Augustus with muddy clothes and gun in hand enters the cramped space And guess what He is being shot at by the police by the unmarked cars The man dies on the way leaving the two the last person he talked withAugustus was not just a goon but he had stolen a very famous painting and pounds of diamonds from the most dangerous of man The man will now reduce to nothing to recover what had been stolen from himThen starts the chase James Bond gateaway and blossomming love among all the chaos

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Paris Love MatchTed a boring business trip to Paris What he didn't expect was to fight over a cab with a beautiful girl After a bad meeting Sidney Roux just wanted to hail a cab go home and have a glass of wine She didn't expect to fight over a cab with some pompous British tourist Neither of them expected another man to jump in their cab Or to be. I Love Lucy meet the Goonies The cheeky comedy in this book is brilliant This would make a fabulous movieParis Love Match takes us on an outrageous run through Paris with Piers and Sidney in a fight for their lifeSidney I loved her She is an over the top kind of character fast talking arms flailing sassy ditsy kinda girl Lucille Ball Piers is a stiff awkward Brit who wants than anything to get back to his normal life He is brilliant and capable than he gives himself credit for Together these two have no idea where they are going or what they are looking for but their banter is hilarious Half the time they did not know if they were working together or against each other Both of these characters have such a dry sense of humor that adds to the charm of this bookWith an exiled dictator and his goons after Piers and Sidney and a couple of trained killers named Little and Large following their every move this story kept me on my toes and laughing the entire timeI did not know what to expect when I picked up this book I am so glad I gave it a chance because it was such a fun read Finding Paris Love Match was like uncovering a treasure and I would recommend as an entertaining summer read