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An rememberJohnelle begins pulling the memories together eventually recalling the significant events of her life the college years her wedding and the joys of raising her son What she can’t remember are feelings of love for Dwight As her physical injuries heal the depressing return to her marriage is than she can bearespecially since her heart wants Alice. Who is Johnelle Morrissey Is she the successful wife mother and career woman who seems to have everything including the most amazing lesbian BFF Her life seems complete she is happy she has everything she worked and planned forBut when her plane comes down shortly after takeoff she is left in a coma for weeks while her husband son and BFF Alice try to deal with the possibility of loosing her or getting only a part of her backWhen she finally starts to come round Alice is there for her literally 247 until hubby Dwight can get back from a sales trip and son Ian from Italy Alice is as always conscious of her ‘place’ in the family and not wanting to overstep the mark works hard to help Johnelle remember her husband and son as well as their long term friendshipJohnelle and Alice have been best friends since 6th grade inseparable and rock solid for each other Alice knew early that she loved her friend but she uickly realized Johnelle was 100% straight and vowed to always put her friendship first So she wept on Johnelle’s wedding day but kept her pain to herself living in the shadows of the happy family and being the perfect friend the perfect auntAlice knows she is the outsider Tolerated by Johnelle’s parents and useful to her husband as both a substitute parent and reliable resource But her dedication to her friend mean she is the one who continues to visit twice a day over weeks when the rest of the family go back to their lives she is the one who talks to the comatose patient and she is the one who is there when Johnelle wakes upAs Johnelle emerges from the haze of jumbled memories and regains her self and her self will a different woman emerges and the changes will impact all of them Whether it is Alice’s presence her words and tales or the near death experience Johnelle no longer wants the status uo and soon begins to realize she no longer wants her controlling husband to rule her life This is a romance with a twist It certainly fits the “girl meets girl and baggage gets in the way” genre and the “we had it then but life got in the way” genre even the “lonely lesbian loves the hot straight girl” genre but it turns them all on their headsJohnelle and Alice are strong characters well drawn and developed They as well as Alice’s feisty mother Dessie the bewildered ‘man of the house’ Dwight the sensitive son Ian and homophobic father form a cast which will be recognized by most They form the backdrop of many American novels and soaps KG McGregor has coloured them in with love and affection even for those with whom we have little sympathyThe plot is simple the recovery of a air crash victim from brain injury including hospitalization rehabilitation and a gradual coming back into herself as her memories and emotions settle from the jumble caused by disorientationBut on top of this KG has layered a controlling father and husband who think they have the right to manage Johnelle’s life A friendship which supersedes even the best of BFF’s And a gradual realization from Johnelle of why she made the choices which seemed like the only ones available And even important the choices she now has the opportunity to makeExcellent book well written well edited thoroughly enjoyable read

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Etched in ShadowsFor 39 year old Johnelle Morrissey the American Dream is a successful career in medical technology a stately home in historic Charleston SC and happy times with the people she loves most her husband Dwight their teenage son Ian and her oldest friend Alice Choate That dream shatters on a routine business trip when her plane goes down shortly after takeoff le. The main premise of Etched in Shadows hits a bit too close to home for this readerminus the plane crash Those of us who conformed to society's expectations do and don't regret the choices we have made in our livesMy only beef with the book is the age old need to come up with uniue names for the characters Johnelle Dorky name Annoyed me every time I read the name

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Etched in Shadows Summary ¿ 106 ✓ For 39 year old Johnelle Morrissey the American Dream is a successful career in medical technology a stately home in historic Charleston SC and happy times with the people she loves most—her husband Dwight their teenage son Ian and her oldest friend Alice Choate That dream shatters on a routine business trip wheAving her with only clouded memories of her former lifeDevastated by the tragedy Alice teams with the family to help Johnelle recover For hours on end they talk about their lives reminiscing on the moments that formed their friendship over the years with Alice guarding her most closely held secret that she’s been in love with Johnelle for as long as she c. Etched in the shadows by KG MacGregor This book shook me a little bit I love KG MacGregor books but this one has left me thinking about it days after I've finished it The Story follows two strong southern woman Alice owns a real Estate business that she runs with her Mother She a lesbian and has been in love with her best friend Johnelle for all of her life Johnelle seems to have the perfect life She is married to her college sweetheart Dwight They both seem to genuinely love one another and have a son Ian whom they both adore Part of Johnelle's is to travel to other Cities On one such work trip her plane crashes and she sustains some brain injurys One such side effect is her feelings for Dwight have changed and feelings for Alice that she has hidden so deep for most of her life have came to the surface Alice was the star of the book me She's caring honest courageous respectful but above all she knows how to love unconditionally with the no expectation of it being reciprocated If I'm honest everything Alice is fits into the personality of my dream girl My Mum would say she's nice to a fault but she has her devil may care side which completes the dream I felt for Johnelle through her story but if I'm honest my heart went out to Alice and Dwight From the minute I understood what was happening my heart went out to Dwight There is so many points throughout the book you can almost hear his heart breaking He loves Johnelle so much Don't get me wrong there are also instances I thought he was too controlling and condescending but generally felt like Dwight was a good guyThe love between Alice and Johnelle is beautiful It's not rushed it's taken most of their lives to get it together but when it does happen it's a beautiful love Personally I think both women are courageous to choose there relationship over other characters feelings because for most of the book both Woman especially Alice put everyone else before themMy only negative was that there is a little to much religion and church going for me but that's a personal thing I would definitely recommend this book but be prepared for a emotional ride4 stars uote of the book “We’ve done some crazy shit together over the years but this one would totally take the cake Hell it would take the whole fucking bakery Let’s just make sure we get it right And no matter what happens what you decide I’m going to keep loving you like I always have”Check out my blog Les Rêveurhttpslesreveurcom